Basic Background Info

Birth: December 27, 1950
Location: San Francisco, California
Band: Frank Zappa, Missing Persons
Genres: Rock, Progressive, Fusion, Chamber
Instruments: Drums, Percussion
Occupation: Musician



As a young boy in San Francisco, California, Terry John Bozzio pounded beats on coffee cans and crumpled high voltage signs, playing along with Tito Puente, Sandy Nelson, and The Ventures. Terry Bozzio begged his father for drum lessons after he saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. Then he began taking lessons and playing in garage bands.

After graduating from Sir Francis Drake High School, Terry Bozzio attended the College of Marin and studied under Chuck Brown, Lloyd Davis, and Roland Kohloff. He played in several chamber ensembles with the Marin and Napa County Symphonies at that time. Terry Bozzio then played in local jazz groups with Mark Isham, Eddie Henderson, and Woody Shaw. Terry recorded his first album with Latin trumpeter Luis Gasca, drumming great Jack DeJohnette, prolific pianist/vocalist George Duke, and jazz saxophonist Joe Henderson.

After auditioning for the position, Terry Bozzio joined Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention in 1975. In three years with Zappa, Terry Bozzio recorded more than ten albums, performed in three world tours, starred in the film Babysnakes, and appeared on Saturday Night Live. Zappa's infamous Black Page was composed solely for Terry Bozzio to perform. After parting ways with Zappa, Terry Bozzio went on to play with The Brecker Brothers and Group 87. Following an audition for an opening, Terry was turned down for a gig with Thin Lizzy.

In 1979, Terry Bozzio cut all obligations and committed himself to Missing Persons with former Zappa guitarist Warren Cuccurullo and vocalist Dale Bozzio (Terry and Dale married after working together with Frank Zappa). Missing Persons led the new wave movement with a space age look and sound. Their debut album, Spring Session M, went gold with the popularity of the singles, "Words" and "Destination Unknown." However, Missing Persons' subsequent releases, Rhyme & Reason and Color in Your Life, failed to match the initial success. The band (as well as Terry and Dale) split up in 1985.

In the late 1980s, Terry Bozzio recorded and performed with Duran Duran's Andy Taylor while he worked on several solo pop projects. Terry Bozzio also recorded with Robbie Robertson, Gary Wright, Don Dokken, XYZ, Paul Hyde, Herbie Hancock, Dweezil Zappa, and Richard Marx. After recording Solo Drums, an instructional video, Terry Bozzio began an enduring instructional career and toured the world as a clinician. In the early 1990s, Terry recorded a series of instructional videos that featured ostinato-based solo drum compositions.

In 1989 Terry Bozzio and keyboardist Tony Hymas joined guitar legend Jeff Beck, recording the powerful and unforgettable album, Guitar Shop. The blues and hard-rock album won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental in 1990. While on the road supporting Guitar Shop, Beck, Bozzio, and Hymas performed with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble. Terry Bozzio again toured with Jeff Beck in 1999, 2001, and again in 2003; in the mid-90s Terry joined Beck on a tour with legendary Carlos Santana. Terry Bozzio also later worked with Hymas in the progressive fusion group The Lonely Bears between 1990 and 2000. With guitarist Hugh Burns and saxophonist Tony Coe, The Lonely Bears recorded a self-titled debut, The Bears Are Running, and Injustice.

Also in the 1990s, Terry Bozzio created the power trio BLS with Steve Stevens and Tony Levin. BLS generated a unique blend of rock, fusion, jazz, and classical music; they recorded two albums, Black Light Syndrome and Situation Dangerous.

After several years living in Los Angeles, Terry Bozzio, wife Ev Kvamme, and son Raanen moved to Austin, Texas, in 1994. Now based in Austin, Terry toured throughout the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Europe as a solo artist. He also recorded solo albums and duets with both Chad Wackerman and Pat Mastelotto. Terry premiered "Five Movements for Drums, Strings, and Winds" from his Chamberworks compositions at the Vienna Jazz Festival. He also toured solo throughout Holland and played with clarinetist, saxophonist, and composer Michael Riessler.

In 2003, Terry Bozzio recorded and performed Chamberworks with the Metropole Orchestra in Holland. Terry Bozzio toured with Fantomas in Europe and Brazil in 2005 and recorded with Viv Campbell, Billy Gibbons, and Warren Cuccurullo. The following year Terry Bozzio, Zakir Hussain, Giovanni Hidalgo, and Abbos Kasimov toured throughout India, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

Terry Bozzio returned to his Zappa roots in 2006, more than thirty years after he first played with Frank Zappa. He joined Dweezil Zappa for a Zappa Plays Zappa tour through Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Iceland, and the U.S. Most recently, Bozzio recorded with Korn in 2007 for their untitled album.

Although Terry Bozzio wasn't endorsed by Drum Workshop until 1995, he worked closely with the company developing hardware and drums in the late 1970s. When Terry Bozzio commissioned a double pedal, created from Camco strap pedals, he shared the universal joint idea with Drum Workshop. The idea was eventually developed into their popular double pedal technology.

Terry Bozzio has not only been innovating pedal technology, but also drum technology in general for years. Terry Bozzio built his first electronic drum kit in 1983, and he received three patents for the design. Bozzio also popularized stacking cymbals on top of each other. Terry later developed a ground-breaking overhead cymbal rack, a gong-beater, and a roto tom mounting system. Terry also developed the Radia line of cymbals, bells, and gongs for Sabian.

After a long relationship with Don Lombardi through Drum Workshop, Lombardi invited Terry to serve as the resident artist for his new project, Drum Channel. Terry has relocated to Southern California to help Drum Channel come into existence and has been working with other artists, including Peter Erskine, Danny Seraphine, Gregg Bissonette, Doane Perry and many more, to build a powerful education and entertainment community.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1974 Born To Love Luis Gasca
1975 Bongo Fury Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart
1975 Brecker Bros. Collection, Vol. 1 Brecker Bros.
1975 Brecker Bros. Collection, Vol. 2 Brecker Bros.
1976 Zoot Allures Frank Zappa
1977 Deceptive Bends 10cc
1977 Eye of the Beholder Ray Baretto
1977 Titties and Beer Frank Zappa
1977 Zappa in New York Frank Zappa
1978 Heavy Metal Be-Bop The Brecker Brothers
1978 Studio Tan Frank Zappa
1978 Wax Flags Frank Zappa
1979 Danger Money UK
1979 Danger Money U.K.
1979 Joe's Garage Frank Zappa
1979 Joe's Garage: Acts II & III Frank Zappa
1979 Night After Night U.K.
1979 Orchestral Favorites Frank Zappa
1979 Sheik Yerbouti Frank Zappa
1979 Sleep Dirt Frank Zappa
1979 Tiny Nightmares Frank Zappa
1980 Group 87 Group 87
1981 Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Frank Zappa
1981 Untitled Picture Disc Frank Zappa
1982 Destination Unknown Missing Persons
1982 Spring Session Missing Persons
1983 Baby Snakes Frank Zappa
1983 Let's Drink Some Beer and Hear Frank Zappa Frank Zappa
1983 Words Missing Persons
1984 Rhyme & Reason Missing Persons
1984 Thing-Fish Frank Zappa
1986 Color In Your Life Missing Persons
1987 Back to the Beach Soundtrack
1987 Best of Missing Persons Missing Persons
1987 King's Road, 1972-1980 John Wetton
1987 Robbie Robertson Robbie Robertson
1988 Castalia Mark Isham
1988 My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama Dweezil Zappa
1988 Rivers Gonna Rise Patrick O'Hearn
1988 Who I Am Gary Wright
1988 You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 1 Frank Zappa
1989 Def, Dumb & Blonde Debbie Harry
1989 How Long Michael Thompson Band
1989 Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop Jeff Beck with Terry Bozzio & Tony Hymas
1989 Twins Soundtrack
1989 You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 3 Frank Zappa
1990 Girlfriend From Hell Soundtrack
1990 Mark Isham Mark Isham
1990 Supplement Tape Frank Zappa
1990 Up From the Ashes Don Dokken
1991 Beckology Jeff Beck
1991 In Your Face Earl Slick
1991 Rush Street Richard Marx
1991 You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 4 Frank Zappa
1992 Conceptual Continuity Frank Zappa
1992 Cool World [Score] Munich Symphony Orchestra/Allan Wilson
1992 Guitars That Rule the World Various Artists
1992 Retrograde Planet Zazen
1992 Vol. Pour Sydney Lonely Bears
1992 White Sands Original Soundtrack
1992 You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 6 Frank Zappa
1993 Sex & Religion Steve Vai
1994 Big Bang: In the Beginning Was a Drum Various Artists
1994 Hide Your Face Hide
1994 Polytown Mick Karn/David Torn/Terry Bozzio
1994 Shampoohorn Z
1995 Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin Various Artists
1995 First Signs of Life Gary Wright
1995 Strictly Commercial: The Best of Frank Zappa Frank Zappa
1995 Thank You Duran Duran
1995 Trust Patrick O'Hearn
1996 Fender 50th Anniversary Guitar Legends Various Artists
1996 Frank Zappa Plays the Music of Frank Zappa Frank Zappa
1996 Läther Frank Zappa
1996 Lost Episodes Frank Zappa
1996 The Lost Episodes Frank Zappa
1997 Black Light Syndrome Bozzio Levin Stevens
1997 Collector's Edition Mick Karn
1997 RCA Victor 80th Anniversary Various Artists
1997 Something with a Pulse Mark Craney & Friends
1998 Age of Impact Explorers Club
1998 Best of the Dream Weaver Gary Wright
1998 Best of the Lonely Bears The Lonely Bears
1998 Cheap Thrills Frank Zappa
1998 Collection David Torn
1998 Drawing the Circle Terry Bozzio
1998 Roadrage Warren Cuccurullo
1998 Very Best of the Knack The Knack
1998 World of Drums & Percussion Various Artists
1998 Zoom The Knack
1999 Dust Blows Forward: An Anthology Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
1999 Late Nights Early Days Missing Persons
1999 Lonely Bears The Lonely Bears
2000 7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies - Archive Steve Vai
2000 Automatic Dweezil Zappa
2000 Bears Are Running The Lonely Bears
2000 Injustice The Lonely Bears
2000 Situation Dangerous Bozzio Levin Stevens
2000 SRV Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
2000 †The Bears Are Running Lonely Bears
2001 Compression Billy Sheehan
2001 Delete & Roll Bozzio/Preinfalk/Machacek
2001 Feeding the Wheel Jordan Rudess
2001 XYZ XYZ
2002 Big Delta Omar & the Howlers
2002 FZ: OZ Frank Zappa
2002 Lost Tracks Missing Persons
2002 Nine Short Films Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan
2002 Queen of the Damned Soundtrack
2002 Raising the Mammoth Explorers Club
2002 Zappa Picks Frank Zappa
2003 Bozzio-Mastelotto Bozzio-Mastelotto
2003 Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology Steve Vai
2003 Re-Zoom The Knack
2004 Alamo Carter Burwell
2004 Boogie Man Omar & The Howlers
2004 Drum Nation, Vol. 1 Various Artists
2004 Quaudiophiliac Frank Zappa
2005 Chamber Works Terry Bozzio
2005 Drum Nation, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2005 Prime Cuts Terry Bozzio
2005 Solos & Duets Vol.2 Terry Bozzio/Chad Wackerman
2005 Two Sides of If Vivian Campbell
2006 Go with What You Know Dweezil Zappa
2006 Sneakin' Up Behind You: The Very Best of the Brecker Brothers Brecker Brothers
2006 Trance-Fusion Frank Zappa
2006 Walking in L.A.: The Dance Mixes Missing Persons
2007 Magna Carta Guitar Greats, Vol. 1 Various Artists
2007 Untitled Korn
2008 Zappa Plays Zappa Zappa Plays Zappa
2008 Prime Cuts James LaBrie
2008 Out Trio Terry Bozzio
2008 Original Album Classics Steve Vai
2008 One Shot Deal Frank Zappa
2008 Live with Tosca Strings Terry Bozzio
2008 Joe's Menage Frank Zappa
2009 Playing In Tongues Warren Cuccurullo
2009 Philly '76 Frank Zappa
2009 Koo Koo/Deaf, Dumb & Blonde Debbie Harry
2011 The Essential Steve Vai Steve Vai
2011 Hammersmith Odeon Frank Zappa
2011 The Complete Arista Albums Collection The Brecker Brothers
2012 Essential Collection Omar & the Howlers
2012 Big Circle Michael Riessler


  • For the 2002 album Nine Short Films with Billy Sheehan, Terry played the keyboards and sang his own poetry.
  • Throughout his travels, Terry has accumulated quite the collection of world percussion instruments, including

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Attack
Electronics: AKG
Sticks: Vic Firth

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