Birth: July 23, 1981
Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Band: Sum 41, Pain For Pleasure, Treble Charger, Iggy Pop, The Operation M.D.
Genres: Punk Pop, Alternative Rock
Instruments: Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Occupation: Musician, Director


Canadian Stephen Martin Jocz (pronounced 'yotch') is the youthfully exuberant drummer from Canadian pop-punk outfit, Sum 41. Stephen Jocz often goes by the nickname 'Stevo 32' or just 'Stevo.' Born on July 23, 1981, Stephen Jocz was inspired to pick up drumming by prominent rock drummers like Dave Grohl and Keith Moon. Around 1993, Stephen Jocz met future Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, at their high school in Ajax, Ontario. Deryck and Steve became fast friends and started a band called Kaspir, composed of the remnants of two rival high school bands. During a Supernova show, the band changed their name from Kaspir to Sum 41.

Sum 41's lineup went through some slight variations, but Deryck and Steve have always remained. Though sometimes they like to promote themselves as merely pranksters, the band (and Stevo in particular) is actually very political. In early 2004, Stephen Jocz and the band contributed to the first Rock Against Bush album with the song 'Moron.' 

Later that same year, the band traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to document that civil war. A mere seven days after arriving, fighting broke out near the band's hotel in Bakavu. Due to the severe danger of the situation, a U.N. peacekeeper by the name of Charles 'Chuck' Pelletier ordered armored carriers to rescue the hotel's occupants. They titled their next album Chuck to honor the man who saved their lives. The documentary detailing their experience aired on MTV and was released on DVD in November 2005.

The next year, Stevo began to professionally direct music videos. He has also made a few animated shorts, including one entitled The Baby. Additionally, he has acted as the main character in several Sum 41 original films like 1-800-JUSTICE, Public Service Announcements, The ëStache, and Basketball Butcher. He also acted in the full-length movie Dirty Love, in which he appeared as himself for seven minutes.

In 2007, Stephen Jocz and Sum 41 began releasing weekly webisodes of a documentary series about the band called Road to Ruin. Thus far, included footage has featured the band drunk in New Orleans, accidentally setting off a fire alarm in a hotel, and a bit about their first tour manager. The first episode was posted on January 21, 2007, and detailed some of their exploits during their 2003 Singapore tour. Road to Ruin episodes are found on Sum 41's MySpace page, YouTube, and their official website.

In addition to Sum 41, Steve Jocz has also drummed on band mate Cone McCaslin's side project (The Operation M.D.) and Avril Lavigneís album, The Best Damn Thing. Aside from drumming, Steve Jocz plays piano and is the lead vocalist for Sum 41's heavy metal alter ego band, Pain For Pleasure.

As of summer 2008, Sum 41 is recording their next studio album.

Steve directed his first video for 3OH!3's super hot single "Starstrukk" followed by the remix of that song featuring Katy Perry. He also directed videos for rockers Airbourne & Bowling For Soup. In 2013 Steve decided to part ways with Sum 41 and joined Rockhard to pursue his career as a director full time.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1999 Rock Out With Your Cock Out (Demo) Sum 41
2000 Half Hour Of Power Sum 41
2001 All Killer No Filler Sum 41
2001 Introduction To Destruction (DVD) Sum 41
2002 Motivation EP Sum 41
2002 Does This Look Infected? Sum 41
2002 Does This Look Infected, Too? (Bonus live CD- Japan) Sum 41
2002 FUBAR: The Album, Compilation (Rock You) Sum 41
2002 Cross The T's and Gouge Your I's (DVD) Sum 41
2002 Detox Treble Charger
2003 Skull Ring (featured on Little Know It All) Iggy Pop
2004 Chuck Sum 41
2004 Bring The Noize! (DVD) Sum 41
2004 Sake Bombs and Happy Endings (DVD) Sum 41
2004 Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1, Compilation (Moron) Sum 41
2004/2005 ObsCure (videogame) Sum 41
2005 Happy Live Surprise (DVD) Sum 41
2005 Rocked: Sum 41 in Congo (DVD) Sum 41
2005 Chuck Acoustic EP (Japan) Sum 41
2005 Fantastic 4: The Album, Compilation (Noots) Sum 41
2005 Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen (Killer Queen) Sum 41
2005 Do They Know It's Hallowe'en N.A.H.P.I.
2006 Go Chuck Yourself/Happy Live Surprise Sum 41
2007 Underclass Hero Sum 41


  • Stephen Jocz considers the best concert ever to be Iron Maiden at Massey Hall in July, 1999.
  • Stevo is a notorius prankster.
  • His Father is in a Christian rock band called Covenet.
  • He was working in a grocery store when Sum 41 was signed.
  • He is a vegan.
  • Stevo is Pain, the vocalist in Sum 41's alter-ego band, Pain for Pleasure.
  • As a director, Stevo has created the following music videos: "Change For You" (2006) for The Midway State; "Sayonara" (2007) for The Operation M.D.; "The Fear Of A Nation" (2007) for One Second 2 Late; "Underclass Hero" (2007) for Sum 41; and "Someone Like You" (2007) for The Operation M.D.
  • While still attending high school, Steve was on the dive team. His skills were displayed in the music video for "In Too Deep."

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