Basic Background Info

Birth: July 7, 1940
Location: Liverpool, England
Band: The Beatles, Ringo and His All Starr Band, The Roundheads
Genres: Rock, Country, Blues
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Ringo Starr achieved fame as drummer for The Beatles and maintained a viable solo career in the years following The Beatles’ disintegration. Born Richard Starkey, Ringo knew when he was just thirteen years old that all he ever wanted to be was a drummer. As a teenager, Ringo Starr played with the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Band and the Raving Texans (later called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes). Then on August 18, 1962, Ringo replaced Pete Best as drummer and joined George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon in The Beatles.

Borrowing heavily from Black American blues and rock beats, Ringo Starr provided the pulsing backbone for The Beatles as they spearheaded the so-called British Invasion of the 60s. Ringo Starr occasionally contributed vocals and even wrote a couple songs for the band. Ringo Starr was neither the most prominent member of the band, nor the most contentious. Even after their split, Ringo maintained amicable relationships with all three members.

After The Beatles split up in 1970, Ringo Starr quickly recorded two vastly different solo projects. Sentimental Journey featured covers of oldies, while Beaucoups of Blues was an assortment of country music. Ringo Starr continued to explore his personal musical boundaries and released two independent singles in the early 1970s: “It Don’t Come Easy” and “Back Off Boogaloo.”  They both became top 10 hits.

In 1973, all three former Beatles joined Ringo Starr to record his self-titled album. Ringo Starr yielded three more hit tracks, “Photograph,” “You’re Sixteen,” and “Oh My My.” Encouraged by that success, Ringo was quick to record a follow-up album called Goodnight Vienna.  The release was highlighted by the tracks “Only You” and “No No Song.”

Ringo Starr recorded throughout the rest of the 1970s and the 1980s with little commercial or critical success. In 1989, Ringo Starr created the first version of his All-Starr Band, which included old friends Joe Walsh, Clarence Clemmons, Nils Lofgren, Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Dr. John, Billy Preston, and Jim Keltner. Although led by Ringo, all performers shared responsibility. Ringo Starr occasionally sang and consistently played drums, but others contributed as well. Ringo and His All-Starr Band toured before releasing a live album in 1990.

Ringo Starr then returned to solo performances and released Time Takes Time, which the New York Times acclaimed was “Starr’s best: more consistently pleasing than Ringo, it shows him as an assured performer and songwriter.” Ringo Starr then reincarnated His All-Starr Band with Burton Cummings, Dave Edmunds, Nils Lofgren, Todd Rundgren, Timothy B Schmidt, Joe Walsh, and his son, Zak Starkey. They toured Europe and recorded a live album.

Although Ringo Starr regularly performed as a solo artist, he just as regularly assembled new versions of his All-Starr Band. The third All-Starr Band assembled in 1995 and included Zak Starkey, John Entwistle, Felix Cavaliere, Mark Farner, Billy Preston, Mark Rivera, and Randy Bachman. 1997s fourth incarnation featured Gary Brooker, Jack Bruce, Peter Frampton, Simon Kirke, and Mark River. In 1999, the fifth All-Starr Band included Gary Brooker, Jack Bruce, Timmy Cappello, Simon Kirke, and Todd Rundgren. Ringo created his sixth group in 2000 with Jack Bruce, Eric Carmen, Dave Edmunds, Simon Kirke, and Mark Rivera. The following year, the seventh All-Starr Band convened with Sheila E., Greg Lake, Roger Hodgson, Ian Hunter, Howard Jones, and Mark Rivera. The eighth group featured Paul Carrack, Sheila E., Colin Hay, Mark Rivera, and John Waite. Ringo’s ninth band included Billy Squier, Richard Marx, Edgar Winter, Rod Argent, Hamish Stuart, and Sheila E.

Throughout Ringo Starr’s long and varied career, the All-Starrs have been a source of pride for Ringo. "If you look at all the bands I've put together, it's an incredible array of musicians, all these different people. Everyone has hit records, hit songs. The show consists of me upfront and then I go back behind the kit and support the others. It's just good music and I'm having a lot of fun and that's what it's all about—great music and fun."

Ringo Starr also released albums with The Roundheads—in 2003 they released Ringo Rama. Ringo then went on to record Choose Love and released the solo album in 2005. In early 2008, Ringo Starr released Liverpool 8 in traditional format and also as a pre-loaded USB wristband. Ringo’s personality of candor, wit, and soul was most evident on this recent album. The lyrics and music promoted Ringo’s mantras of peace and love.

His most recent All-Starr Band (the tenth) toured in 2008. Members included Colin Hay, Billy Squier, Hamish Stuart, Edgar Winter, Gary Wright, and Greg Bissonette.




Album Year Album Name Album Band
1963 Please Please Me The Beatles
1963 With the Beatles The Beatles
1964 Beatles '65 The Beatles
1964 Beatles for Sale The Beatles
1964 Beatles' Second Album The Beatles
1964 Hard Day's Night The Beatles
1964 Introducing...The Beatles The Beatles
1964 Meet the Beatles! The Beatles
1964 Something New The Beatles
1965 Beatles VI The Beatles
1965 Help! The Beatles
1965 Rubber Soul The Beatles
1966 Collection of Beatles Oldies The Beatles
1966 Revolver The Beatles
1966 Yesterday...and Today The Beatles
1967 Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles
1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles
1968 Beatles [White Album] The Beatles
1968 Lady Madonna/The Inner Light The Beatles
1969 Abbey Road The Beatles
1969 Cold Turkey John Lennon
1969 Is This What You Want? Jackie Lomax
1969 Yellow Submarine The Beatles
1970 All Things Must Pass George Harrison
1970 Basie on the Beatles Count Basie
1970 Beaucoups of Blues Ringo Starr
1970 Doris Troy Doris Troy
1970 Hey Jude The Beatles
1970 John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band John Lennon
1970 Leon Russell Leon Russell
1970 Let It Be The Beatles
1970 Sentimental Journey Ringo Starr
1970 Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band Yoko Ono
1971 Concert for Bangladesh George Harrison
1971 Fly Yoko Ono
1971 In London B.B. King
1971 London Howlin' Wolf Sessions Howlin' Wolf
1972 Bobby Keys Bobby Keys
1972 Slider T. Rex
1972 Tommy - As Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra The London Symphony Orchestra & Chamber
1972 Wind of Change Peter Frampton
1973 1962-1966 The Beatles
1973 1967-1970 The Beatles
1973 Brother Lon & Derrek VanEaton
1973 Living in the Material World George Harrison
1973 Ringo Ringo Starr
1974 Beatles Special Limited Edition The Beatles
1974 Dark Horse George Harrison
1974 Goodnight Vienna Ringo Starr
1974 Land's End Jimmy Webb
1974 Pussy Cats Nilsson
1974 Son of Dracula Harry Nilsson
1975 Blast from Your Past Ringo Starr
1975 Duit on Mon Dei Harry Nilsson
1975 Playing Possum Carly Simon
1975 Stills Stephen Stills
1975 Two Sides of the Moon Keith Moon
1976 Coming Out The Manhattan Transfer
1976 Lasso from El Paso Kinky Friedman
1976 Ringo's Rotogravure Ringo Starr
1976 Rock & Roll Music The Beatles
1977 Good News Attitudes
1977 I'm in You Peter Frampton
1977 Live at the Hollywood Bowl The Beatles
1977 Love Songs The Beatles
1977 Puttin' on the Style Lonnie Donegan
1977 Ringo the 4th Ringo Starr
1977 Spark in the Dark Alpha Band
1978 Bad Boy Ringo Starr
1978 Beatles Collection The Beatles
1978 Last Waltz The Band
1979 Beatles Rarities The Beatles
1979 Troublemaker Ian McLagan
1980 Rarities The Beatles
1980 Rock & Roll Music, Vol. 1 The Beatles
1980 Rock & Roll Music, Vol. 2 The Beatles
1981 Shot of Love Bob Dylan
1981 Somewhere in England George Harrison
1981 Stop and Smell the Roses Ringo Starr
1982 20 Greatest Hits The Beatles
1982 Beatles: The Collection The Beatles
1982 Reel Music The Beatles
1982 Tug of War Paul McCartney
1983 Old Wave Ringo Starr
1983 Pipes of Peace Paul McCartney
1984 Give My Regards to Broad Street Paul McCartney
1984 Platinum Collection The Beatles
1985 Beach Boys The Beach Boys
1985 Malinga J T Kanda Bongo Man
1985 Sun City: Artists United Against Apartheid Various Artists
1985 Willie and the Poor Boys Willie and the Poor Boys
1986 Blue Suede Shoes Carl Perkins
1987 All Our Loving The Beatles
1987 Cloud Nine George Harrison
1987 West Coast Invasion! The Beatles
1988 16 Top Tracks Harry Nilsson
1988 Amour Fou Kanda Bongo Man
1988 Beatles Box Set The Beatles
1988 Imagine: John Lennon John Lennon
1988 Multiselection Box Set [2] The Beatles
1988 Past Masters, Vols. 1 & 2 The Beatles
1988 Steal This Disc, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1989 Best of Dark Horse (1976-1989) George Harrison
1989 Kwassa Kwassa Kanda Bongo Man
1989 Not a Second Time The Beatles
1989 Rock the World Various Artists
1989 Starr Struck: Best of Ringo Starr, Vol. 2 Ringo Starr
1989 Stay Awake: Interpretations of Vintage Disney Films Various Artists
1990 All-Starr Band Ringo Starr
1990 Ballad of John & Yoko/Old Brown Shoe The Beatles
1990 Get Back The Beatles
1990 It Don't Come Easy Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band
1990 Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal Various Artists
1990 Non Stop Non Stop Kanda Bongo Man
1990 Raw Energy The Beatles
1990 Rhythm of the Saints Paul Simon
1990 Sessions The Beatles
1990 Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 4 The Beatles
1991 All You Need Is Love/Baby, You're a Rich Man The Beatles
1991 Can't Buy Me Love/You Can't Do That The Beatles
1991 Celluloid Rock The Beatles
1991 Documents, Vol. 3 The Beatles
1991 Documents, Vol. 5 The Beatles
1991 Documents, Vol. 6 The Beatles
1991 From Me to You/Thank You Girl The Beatles
1991 Get Back and 22 Other Songs The Beatles
1991 Hard Day's Night/Things We Said Today The Beatles
1991 Hello Goodbye/I Am the Walrus The Beatles
1991 Help/I'm Down The Beatles
1991 Hey Jude/Revolution The Beatles
1991 I Feel Fine/She's a Woman The Beatles
1991 I Want to Hold Your Hand/This Boy The Beatles
1991 Let It Be/You Know My Name The Beatles
1991 Love Me Do/PS I Love You The Beatles
1991 Original Decca Tapes The Beatles
1991 Paperback Writer/Rain The Beatles
1991 Please Please Me/Ask Me Why The Beatles
1991 She Loves You/I'll Get You The Beatles
1991 Silver Lining Nils Lofgren
1991 Something/Come Together The Beatles
1991 Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane The Beatles
1991 Ticket to Ride/Yes It Is The Beatles
1991 Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 5 The Beatles
1991 Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 7 The Beatles
1991 We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper The Beatles
1991 Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby The Beatles
1992 Anthology: Down in Birdland The Manhattan Transfer
1992 Beatles Box Set The Beatles
1992 Beatles Compact Disc The Beatles
1992 Buck Owens Collection (1959-1990) Buck Owens
1992 King of the Blues B.B. King
1992 Onobox Yoko Ono
1992 Shine On: A Collection Peter Frampton
1992 Time Takes Time Ringo Starr
1992 Weight of the World Ringo Starr
1993 Artifacts, 1958-1970 The Beatles
1993 Compact Disc Singles Collection The Beatles
1993 Paul Simon 1964-1993 Paul Simon
1993 Unsurpassed Demos The Beatles
1993 World's Most Dangerous Party Paul Shaffer
1994 Max Weinberg Presents: Let There Be Drums, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1994 Artifacts II 1960-1969 The Beatles
1994 Beatles & Tony Sheridan The Beatles/Tony Sheridan
1994 Complete BBC Sessions The Beatles
1994 Complete Christmas Collection 1963-1969 The Beatles
1994 Getting Even with Dad Original Soundtrack
1994 In Case You Don't Know The Beatles
1994 Live at the BBC The Beatles
1994 Live from Montreux, Vol. 2 Ringo Starr
1994 Lost Pepperland Reel and Other Rarities The Beatles
1994 5-Mar-63 The Beatles
1994 Oldies The Beatles
1994 Revolution The Beatles
1994 Shea!/Candlestick Park The Beatles
1994 Whistling in the Wind Leon Redbone
1994 Wildflowers Tom Petty
1995 Anthology 1 The Beatles
1995 Baby It's You The Beatles
1995 For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson Various Artists
1995 Free as a Bird The Beatles
1995 In Celebration Ravi Shankar
1995 In My Life The Beatles
1995 Inside Interviews The Beatles
1995 Live from the Pound The Beatles
1995 Quote Unquote: The Sixties Interviews The Beatles
1995 Ultimate Box Set The Beatles
1996 Anthology 2 The Beatles
1996 Anthology 3 The Beatles
1996 Beatles Tapes The Beatles
1996 Go Cat Go Carl Perkins
1996 Half a Buck: Buck Owens' Greatest Duets Buck Owens
1996 Real Love The Beatles
1996 Songs and Music From "She's the One" Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
1997 Cocktail Explosif Biram King
1997 Divine Divas: A World of Women's Voices Various Artists
1997 Flaming Pie Paul McCartney
1997 Good Time Country Various Artists
1997 Metal Guru Marc Bolan & T. Rex
1997 Retrospective Leon Russell
1997 World Tonight Paul McCartney
1998 Africa: Music of the World Various Artists
1998 Anthology John Lennon
1998 John Lennon Anthology Yoko Ono Interview John Lennon
1998 Live in Japan The Beatles
1998 Player: Retrospective David Bromberg
1998 Pop/Rock Hits, Vol. 42 Karaoke
1998 Vertical Man Ringo Starr
1998 VH1 Storytellers Ringo Starr
1998 Wonsaponatime John Lennon
1999 CD Singles Collection The Beatles
1999 EP Boxset The Beatles
1999 Exotic Beatles, Pt. 3 Various Artists
1999 I Wanna Be Santa Claus Ringo Starr
1999 Last Night in Hamburg The Beatles
1999 Legend Begins The Beatles & Tony Sheridan
1999 Soul Sessions The Beatles
1999 This Is the Savage Young Beatles The Beatles
1999 Turn Me on Dead Man: The John Barrett Tapes The Beatles
2000 Anthology B.B. King
2000 Beatles 1 The Beatles
2000 East Coast Invasion/West Coast Invasion The Beatles
2000 From Hamburg to Here Various Artists
2000 Steal This Movie Various Artists
2001 Anthology...So Far Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band
2001 Zoom Electric Light Orchestra
2002 Capitol Records 1942-2002 Various Artists
2002 Greatest Hits Harry Nilsson
2002 King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Ringo Starr Ringo Starr & His New All-Star Band
2002 Ringo and His All-Starr Band Ringo Starr
2003 Fake Songs Liam Lynch
2003 Ringorama Ringo Starr
2003 Talkology, Vol. 1 The Beatles
2003 Turnin' Back the Pages Stephen Stills
2004 Anthology: Sound+Vision B.B. King
2004 Capitol Albums, Vol. 1 The Beatles
2004 Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 George Harrison
2004 Moon's a Harsh Mistress: Jimmy Webb in the Seventies Jimmy Webb
2004 Studio Recordings 1972-2000 Paul Simon
2004 Tour 2003 Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
2005 Arista Albums Alpha Band
2005 Born to Boogie T. Rex
2005 Choose Love Ringo Starr
2005 Favorites 1990-2005 Nils Lofgren
2005 Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now Various Artists
2005 They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore Kinky Friedman
2006 Bill Haley & Friends, Vol. 3 Bill Haley & Friends
2006 Blue Suede Shoes: A Rockabilly Session Carl Perkins
2006 Capitol Albums, Vol. 2 The Beatles
2006 Gold B.B. King
2006 Last Man Standing Jerry Lee Lewis
2006 LOVE The Beatles
2006 Make Believe Platinum Weird
2006 One Night Only Live [DVD] Band du Lac
2006 Troublemaker/Bump in the Night Ian McLagan
2006 Twenty Twenty: The Essential T Bone Burnett T Bone Burnett
2007 Live at Soundstage Ringo Starr
2007 Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Starr Ringo Starr
2008 5.1: The Surround Sound Collection Ringo Starr
2008 Liverpool 8 Ringo Starr
2008 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band Live 2006 Ringo Starr
2008 Wind of Change/Frampton's Camel Peter Frampton
2009 The Beatles in Mono The Beatles
2009 The Beatles: Stereo Box Set The Beatles
2009 Moondust Various Artists
2009 A Sideman's Journey Klaus Voorman
2010 Y Not Ringo Starr
2010 With a Little Help from My Friends: The Anthology...So Far Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
2010 Signature Box John Lennon
2010 Mean Old Man Jerry Lee Lewis
2010 Live at the Greek Theatre Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
2010 Connected Gary Wright
2010 Songwriter Paul Simon
2011 Give Till It's Gone Ben Harper
2011 Ceremony (Movie Soundtrack) Eric D. Johnson
2012 The Grifter's Hymnal Ray Wylie Hubbard
2012 Ringo and the Roundheads Ringo Starr
2012 Ringo 2012 Ringo Starr
2012 Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. B.B. King B.B. King
2012 Analog Man Joe Walsh
2013 The RCA Albums Collection Harry Nilsson
2013 The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1 Bob Dylan
2013 On Air, Live at the BBC Vol. 2 The Beatles
2013 Made In California The Beach Boys
2013 Live at the BBC: The Collection The Beatles
2013 Carry On Stephen Stills
2014 You Should Be So Lucky Benmont Tench
2014 The US Albums The Beatles
2014 The Japan Box The Beatles
2014 The Original Albums Classics Vol. 3 Bob Dylan
2014 Icon Ringo Starr
2014 Goin' Home Kenny Wayne Shepherd
2014 Face the Music Nils Lofgren


  • Ringo's son, Zak Starkey, is also an accomplished drummer. He has performed with Oasis and The Who.

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Drums: Ludwig
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Ludwig
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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