Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: Heaven & Earth, The Richie Onori Band
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Occupation: Musician


Richie Onori isn't just a musician, he is an astute businessman. He toured and recorded with musical greats, while simultaneously creating several successful marketing companies.

Richie Onori grew up listening to Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and Deep Purple. As a teenager, Richie Onori played with Los Angeles progressive rock band Satyr. As the band's popularity grew, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith invited Satyr to open for them. This experience opened the door for Richie to perform with other popular acts like Rick Derringer, the Brothers Johnson, Larry Carlton, Robbie Krieger, Richie Sambora, Keith Emerson, and Ronnie James Dio.

During a tour with Bobby Kimball of Toto, Richie Onori teamed up Stuart Smith and, after jamming together at a local Los Angeles club, they created Heaven & Earth. Their first two recordings received acclaim from critics and fans alike, hailed as pieces of solid classic rock. Both musicians continued to perform with other endeavors, but always returned to Heaven & Earth. Richie Onori also created The Richie Onori Band, an eleven-piece ensemble including Eagles members and Eric Clapton.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1999 Heaven and Earth Stuart Smith
2001 Windows to the World Heaven & Earth
2002 Heaven and Earth Stuart Smith
2002 Lorenzo 2002: Il Quinto Mondo Jovanotti
2002 World in Your Eyes Robert Fleischman
2004 Heaven and Earth Various Artists
2005 Crazy in the Head Three Bad Jacks
2006 Bar Napkin Songs Molly Howson
2011 Live: Are You Ready? Sweet
2012 Days of Innocence Richie Onori
2013 Dig Heaven & Earth


  • Richie used his musical knowledge to create a successful business, Onori Accessories.

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Hardware: Drum Workshop

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