Basic Background Info

Birth: June 18, 1909 - January 8, 1988
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Band: Crosby Orchestra
Genres: Swing
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Ray Bauduc raised the bar for traditional jazz drummers of his time. Ray Bauduc's disciplined and fiery rhythm helped jazz drumming evolve into swing while his upbeat enthusiastic playing brought joy to his audiences.

As a young boy, Ray Bauducs older brother Jules Jr. taught Ray to play the drums. Then Jules and Ray performed in local clubs while still in school. After playing with Johnny Bayersdorffer for two years, Ray Bauduc went with the Scranton Sirens to New York City, where he played under Joe Venuti and Fred Rich. Ray Bauduc left New York for a while and toured Britain with Fred Rich; during the tour he sometimes performed as a dancer as well.

Upon returning to New York, Ray Bauduc joined Ben Pollack's band after Ben decided he wanted to lead rather than drum. Ray Bauduc performed under Pollack until he and several other members of the band left to join Bob Crosby's group. Ray's unique drumming enlivened the band. Perhaps Ray's most famous performance, "Big Noise From Winnetka," was a duo with bassist Bob Haggart originally performed as an encore. During the performance Haggart whistled and Ray Bauduc drummed on the strings of Haggart's bass. Ray excelled in this band and drove its rhythm until he was drafted in 1942.

After his discharge from the Army (he served in the U.S. Army Artillery Band until November of 1944), Ray Bauduc worked with Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey and Jack Teagarden before teaming up with Nappy Lamare in 1955. Ray and Lamare's new group toured around the country and recorded several albums before parting ways in 1959.

For a few years, Ray Bauduc did freelance work on the West Coast, and then he retired to Bellaire, Texas. After retirement, he occasionally appeared at Crosby reunions and recorded very sporadically. Ray passed away in 1988.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
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1929 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues Jack Teagarden
1929 Swinging the Blues Various Artists
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1930 1930-1934 Jack Teagarden
1931 Anthology of Big Band Swing (1930-1955) Various Artists
1931 Complete Brunswick, Parlophone and Vocalion Bunny Ber Bunny Berigan
1932 Portrait of Bunny Berigan Bunny Berigan
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1934 Wingy Manone Collection, Vol. 3 (1934-1935) Wingy Manone
1935 1935-1936 Mound City Blue Blowers
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1935 Bing Crosby and Some Jazz Friends Bing Crosby
1935 Pied Piper Bunny Berigan
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1935 Swing Is Here Various Artists
1935 Wingy Manone Collection, Vol. 4 (1935-36) Wingy Manone
1936 1936 Wingy Manone
1936 South Rampart Street Parade Bob Crosby & His Orchestra
1937 Great Original Performances (1937-1938) Bob Crosby & His Orchestra
1937 March of the Bobcats Bob Crosby
1937 Turn on That Red Hot Heat Teddy Grace
1938 Bob Crosby & His Orchestra -- 1938 Bob Crosby & His Orchestra
1939 Princess of Africa: The Best of Yvonne Chaka Chaka Bob Crosby
1940 On the Air Bob Crosby & His Orchestra
1940 So Far So Good Bob Crosby
1941 I Remember You Bob Crosby & His Orchestra
1942 Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions Various Artists
1945 Sunset Swing Various Artists
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1950 Sounds of New Orleans, Vol. 2 Johnny Wiggs
1954 Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Bob Crosby's Bobcats
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1957 Riverboat Dandies Ray Bauduc
1958 Two-Beat Generation Ray Bauduc
1959 Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? Pete Fountain
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2008 Complete Bob Cats, Vol. 2: Jazz Me Blues Bob Cats
2008 Complete Bob Cats, Vol. 3: It's All Over Now Bob Cats
2008 Story Of Stewart Pletcher Stew Pletcher


  • In 1985, Ray reunited with the Crosby band for an enthusiastic performance at the Mid-America Jazz Festival in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Drums: Ludwig
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Ludwig

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