Basic Background Info

Birth: May 5, 1899 - 1969
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Band: Louie Armstrong, The Young Tuxedo Brass Band, Luis Russell and His Orchestra, Jelly Roll Morton, Onward Brass Band, Henry "Red" Allen
Genres: Jazz
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Paul Barbarin, born Adolphe Paul Barbarin, was celebrated as one of the best drummers of the pre-big band era. Paul Barbarin's playing was pure, simple, consistent, reliable, and swung rhythmically. Early in his career, Paul Barbarin mastered a basic, straightforward style that was ideal for leading parades and dances.

Before turning twenty, Paul Barbarin split his time between New Orleans and Chicago. Paul Barbarin performed with an array of musicians such as Freddie Keppard, Jimmie Noone, Luis Russell, and Joe 'King' Oliver's Dixie Syncopators. In 1928, Paul ventured to New York to play with Luis Russelís orchestra, which was later fronted by Louis Armstrong. Paul Barbarin returned to New Orleans for a few years before briefly reuniting with Amstrong. Paul Barbarin also played with Red Allen and Sidney Bechet. 

After 1950, Paul Barbarin typically led his own bands in New Orleans and occasionally marched in brass bands. In 1960, Paul Barbarin recreated his father's Onward Brass Band. Nine years later, while leading the Onward Brass Band in a Mardi Gras parade, Paul unexpectedly passed away.


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2008 Paul Barbarin and His New Orleans Jazz Paul Barbarin & His New Orleans Jazz Ban


  • Paul’s nephew, Lucien Barbarin, is an outstanding jazz trumpeter who currently plays with Harry Connick, Jr.

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