Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Milan, Italy
Band: Eric Sardinas, Guitar Shorty, Andy Vargas
Genres: Blues, Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Young Patrick Caccia, unlike most kids his age, used his meager allowance exclusively on the jukebox in the bar beneath his family’s apartment. Listening to records over and over, Patrick Caccia carefully memorized every beat while playing along with knives, forks, and spoons. Though Patrick Caccia was only nine years old, he already knew that he wanted to be a professional musician.  His dedication and passion laid the foundation for a successful career.  

While in his teens, Patrick Caccia played the snare drum in the Italian military. After practicing all day, everyday, Patrick Caccia was promoted from the marching band’s substitute drummer to head drummer. He also toured Europe with a thirty-piece orchestra that played everything from big band and pop to Dixieland.

After completing his mandatory stint in the military, Patrick Caccia continued to pursue his musical career. Patrick Caccia graduated from the Professional Center of Music in Milan, where he studied with Sergio Pescara and occasionally taught lessons. Patrick Caccia confidently performed many different genres of music, including pop, progressive rock, R&B, and reggae.

Further pursuing his musical passions, Patrick Caccia moved to Los Angeles in 2000. He attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, but soon left to pursue his own path. Patrick Caccia's wide range of tastes and genres led him on tour with Guitar Shorty. In every city that Patrick Caccia performed in, he spent his free days researching music, learning about traditional jazz, big band, and the blues. This informal education, only available while on the road, helped Caccia form his own hybrid approach to drumminng. Patrick Caccia combines improvisation with solid technique.  

Patrick Caccia studied Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian music with Richie Gajate-Garcia in 2003. He learned conga fundamentals and took a master class in salsa and timba with Joey Heredia. Caccia’s dedication and hard work paid off when Andy Vargas invited Patrick to play with his solo band in 2004. At the same time, Patrick Caccia worked in the recording studio with Joey Heredia as an engineer and co-producer on several projects.

The following year Patrick Caccia toured internationally with Steve Vai and drumming for Eric Sardinas.  Recently, Patrick worked on various projects and tours in Australia and Thailand.


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  • "It's a pleasure and privilege working with Patrick on tour and in various recording situations. Patrick is a dedicated, talented, and passionate musician." -Steve Vai

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Percussion: Factory Metal, Gon Bops, Rhythm Tech
Sticks: Vater

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