Basic Background Info

Birth: November 12, 1968
Location: California
Band: Spock's Beard, Genesis, Tears for Fears, Big Big Train, Peter Gabriel, Sheryl Crow, Manhattan Transfer
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Nick D’Virgilio started playing drums when he was three and immediately lost interest in everything else. When he was seven, Nick D’Virgilio's brother taught him how to play guitar. Just as with the drums, Nick D’Virgilio tried to copy what he heard on records, except instead of listening to the Osmonds, he played along to Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and Genesis records at his brother's suggestion.

Following years of self-teaching, Nick D’Virgilio attended the Dick Grove School of Music when he was seventeen. Since then, he has trained with Richard Wilson, Chad Wackerman, Chuck Silverman, Roy Burns, and David Garibaldi.

Nick D’Virgilio is probably best known as the drummer for prog-rock outfit, Spock’s Beard. However, Nick has also done extensive session work with Tears for Fears. In addition he and Nir Zidkyahu replaced Phil Collins for Genesis’s Calling All Stations album in 1997.

When Kevin Gilbert died unexpectedly in the process of recording his second solo album, his estate asked Nick D’Virgilio to complete it. Nick D’Virgilio contributed drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, guitar, and backing vocals. The Shaming of the True was released in 2000 and was pieced together using extant tapes and Gilbert’s own notes.

In 2001, Nick D’Virgilio used Kevin Gilbert’s old Pasadena studio, Lawnmower and Garden Supplies Studio, to record his first solo album called Karma. Bryan Beller and Mike Keneally both performed on the album.

A year later, Nick D’Virgilio took over vocalist duties for Spock’s Beard after Neal Morse left the band. With Spock’s Beard, Nick recorded Feel Euphoria, Octane, and a self-titled album.

Back at Lawnmower and Garden Supplies Studio, Nick D’Virgilio also served as the chief engineer on View, Bryan Beller’s solo album. From 2001 to 2004, Nick D’Virgilio was the full-time drummer for the Mike Keneally Band. He went on tour with the band following the release of 2000’s Dancing. Nick laid the drum tracks for 2004’s Dog, but split the band before the Guitar Therapy tour.   

In 2003, Nick D’Virgilio played with Fate’s Warning on their summer tour with Dream Theater and Queensryche. Fate’s Warning’s previous drummer, Mark Zonder, quit performing with the band in 2005 due to a lack of interest in touring. Nick stepped in repeatedly to drum for Fate’s Warning and gigged in support of 2005’s FWX. He also appeared on the 2006 Live in Athens DVD.

As if his dance card wasn’t full enough, Nick D’Virgilio also has been drumming for The Rubinoos, a power pop group out of California, since 2003.

In 2007, Nick D’Virgilio performed on both Jordan Rudess’s The Road Home and Big Big Train’s The Difference Machine.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1994 Light Spock's Beard
1995 Tales from Yesterday: Yes Tribute Various Artists
1996 Beware of Darkness Spock's Beard
1996 Supper's Ready Various Artists
1997 Calling All Stations Genesis
1998 From the Vaults Spock's Beard
1998 Kindness of Strangers Spock's Beard
1998 Progfest 1997 Various Artists
1999 Day for Night Spock's Beard
1999 Live at the Whisky & NEARfest Spock's Beard
1999 Tribute to the Titans Various Artists
2000 A Cappella Doo Wop The Mighty Echoes
2000 Don't Try This at Home: Live Spock's Beard
2000 Graveyard Classics Six Feet Under
2000 Pronounced Four Uh Duncan Faure
2000 Wow & Flutter Kyle Vincent
2001 Karma NDV
2001 Progfest 2000 Various Artists
2001 Tomcats Screaming Outside Roland Orzabal
2001 Wow & Flutter [Varese] Kyle Vincent
2002 Crimes Against Music The Rubinoos
2002 It's Not Too Late Neal Morse
2002 Right to Chews Various Artists
2002 Snow Spock's Beard
2003 Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd Various Artists
2003 Feel Euphoria [Germany Bonus Tracks] Spock's Beard
2003 Feel Euphoria Spock's Beard
2003 Issues + Options Phil Roy
2003 Return to Fantasy: A Tribute to Uriah Heep Various Artists
2003 Solitary Road Kyle Vincent
2003 View Bryan Beller
2004 Beware of Darkness [Bonus Tracks] Spock's Beard
2004 Dog Mike Keneally Band
2004 Kindness of Strangers [UK Bonus Tracks] Spock's Beard
2004 Light [Bonus Tracks] Spock's Beard
2004 Live in Japan The Rubinoos
2005 Don't You Know Kyle Vincent
2005 Octane [Bonus Disc] Spock's Beard
2005 Octane Spock's Beard
2005 Twist Pop Sin The Rubinoos
2006 Gold Tears for Fears
2006 Secret World Tears for Fears
2006 Spock's Beard Spock's Beard
2006 Sweet Forgiveness Lisa Hayes
2007 1983-1998 [5CD/5DVD] Genesis
2007 Calling All Stations [Bonus DVD] Genesis
2007 Calling All Stations [CD/DVD] Genesis
2007 Day for Night [Bonus Tracks] Spock's Beard
2007 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Rubinoos
2007 Four O'Clock and Hysteria Alan Morse
2007 Genesis 1983-1998 Genesis
2007 Road Home Jordan Rudess
2007 Snow [Bonus Tracks] Spock's Beard
2007 V [Bonus Track] Spock's Beard
2007 Voice in the Light Amaran's Plight
2008 Live [DVD] Spock's Beard
2008 Live Spock's Beard
2008 Wine and Pickles Mike Keneally
2008 Leticia Wolf Leticia Wolf
2008 A Tribute to the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Rewiring Genesis
2009 Progfest '97: The International Progressive Music Festival Various Artists
2010 X Spock's Beard
2011 Totem Cirque du Soleil
2011 Testimony Two Neal Morse
2012 Wing Beat Fantastic Mike Keneally
2012 The X-Tour Live Spock's Beard
2012 Remember Micky Dolenz
2013 The Del Shannon Tribute: Songwriter Vol. 1 Various Artists


  • Nick D'Virgilio sometimes goes simply by NDV.
  • He wanted to be Donny Osmond when he was much younger.
  • Nick D'Virgilio received a set of 1965 Ludwig drums for Christmas when he was four--quite a gift from Santa.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Mapex Orion Series
Cymbals: Meinl Byzance
Hardware: Mapex
Heads: Aquarian
Sticks: Vic Firth

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