Basic Background Info

Birth: June 24, 1947
Location: Redruth, Cornwall, England
Band: Fleetwood Mac
Genres: Rock, Blues Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician



Michael John Kells Fleetwood received his first drum kit at the age of thirteen. His father Mike, a Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force, bought the kit for his son. Mick Fleetwood mostly taught himself, playing along with records of The Everly Brothers, The Shadows, and Cliff Richards. While attending King's School in Sherbourn, Mick Fleetwood participated in fencing and theatre, but his primary focus was obsessive drumming. By the age of fifteen, Mick Fleetwood was slipping academically, and decided to move to London with his sister, Sally, to pursue his dream of being a drummer.

The move proved to be a great decision. Though he was fired after briefly working at Liberty's department store in Notting Hill Gate, success soon found Mick Fleetwood. While practicing one day in the garage, neighborhood musician Peter Bardens happened to hear him. Bardens helped Mick get his first gig with a band, The Senders, and then in 1963 invited Mick to join his own band The Cheynes. 

While playing the London club circuit with various bands, Mick Fleetwood met and became friends with bassist John McVie and guitarist Peter Green, who were both playing with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. In 1967 Mayall's drummer Aynsley Dunbar decided to leave theband. Mick Fleetwood was invited to replace him and he agreed. During their brief time together in the Bluesbreaker Mick, McVie, and Green developed the relationship that evolved into Fleetwood Mac.

Through their early years, Fleetwood Mac released numerous albums but struggled with personnel changes; Mick Fleetwood was the only consistant member over the years. Initially, McVie was hesitant to team up with Mick and Green, opting for the established gig with Bluesbreakers rather than the unknown Fleetwood Mac. Mick and Green teamed up with slide player Jeremy Spencer and bassist Bob Brunning, who joined the band with the understanding that if and when McVie decided to join Fleetwood Mac, McVie would replace him.

Mick, Green, Spener, and Brunning debuted Fleetwood Mac at the Windsor Jazz and Blues festival in August of 1967. Two weeks later McVie took a chance and joined the band. The 1977 Fleetwood Mac album Rumors remains one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

Mick Fleetwood's talent is not limited to drumming. He also developed a career acting in television and film. Though usually minor roles, he has performed a wide array of parts, everything from playing an Antedian Dignitary on a 1989 episode of Star Trek: Next Generation to playing the role of Pablo Picasso in 1997's Snide and Prejudice to co-hosting the 1989 BRIT Awards. He also wrote a successful autobiography in 1990, detailing his life and adventures in music.



Album Year Album Name Album Band
1967 Live At The Marquee Fleetwood Mac
1968 Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
1968 Mr. Wonderful Fleetwood Mac
1968 Super Duper Blues Various Artists
1968 7936 South Rhodes Eddie Boyd
1968 Long Overdue Gordon Smith
1968 Smiling Like I'm Happy Duster Bennett
1969 English Rose Fleetwood Mac
1969 Fleetwood Mac In Chicago Fleetwood Mac
1969 The Pious Bird Of Good Omen Fleetwood Mac
1969 Then Play On Fleetwood Mac
1969 English Rose Fleetwood Mac
1969 Madison Blues Fleetwood Mac
1969 Bright Lights Duster Bennett
1969 Looking Back John Mayall
1969 So Many Roads John Mayall
1969 Tramp Tramp
1970 Kiln House Fleetwood Mac
1970 Merely A Portmanteau Fleetwood Mac
1970 Jeremy Spencer Jeremy Spencer
1971 Future Games Fleetwood Mac
1971 Greatest Hits Fleetwood Mac
1971 The Original Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
1971 Black Magic Woman Fleetwood Mac
1971 Vintage Years Fleetwood Mac
1972 Bare Trees Fleetwood Mac
1972 The Golden Era Of Pop Music Various Artists
1973 Penguin Fleetwood Mac
1973 Mystery To Me Fleetwood Mac
1973 History Of British Blues Various Artists
1973 Offhand Fleetwood Mac
1973 Will The Real Fleetwood Mac Please Stand Up Fleetwood Mac
1973 On The Road To Freedom Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre
1974 Heroes Are Hard To Find Fleetwood Mac
1974 British Blues Giants Tramp
1974 Put A Record On Tramp
1975 Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
1975 Don't You Let Me Down Again Fleetwood Mac
1975 Get Off II Various Artists
1977 Rumours Fleetwood Mac
1977 Sin City '77 Fleetwood Mac
1977 Albatross Fleetwood Mac
1977 Not Shy Walter Egan
1977 French Kiss Bob Welch
1978 Albatross - But Not Around My Neck Please Fleetwood Mac
1978 Man Of The World Fleetwood Mac
1978 The Rockhoppers Live '76 Fleetwood Mac
1978 Excitable Boy Warren Zevon
1979 Tusk Fleetwood Mac
1979 Almanac Fleetwood Mac
1979 Tusk Special Radio Sampler Fleetwood Mac
1979 Live Ivory Fleetwood Mac
1979 Gimme Some Neck Ron Wood
1979 Night Eyes Danny Douma
1979 Three Hearts Bob Welch
1979 Uprooted Rob Grill
1980 Live Fleetwood Mac
1980 Black Magic Woman Fleetwood Mac
1980 Therfu Turley Richards
1981 The Visitor Mick Fleetwood
1981 Law And Order Lindsey Buckingham
1981 Studio Picks Bob Weston
1982 Mirage Fleetwood Mac
1982 Power Pop Various Artists
1982 The Source NBC Radio Show
1983 The History Of Rock Volume Twelve: B.B. King - The Yardbirds - Alexis Korner - Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
1983 I'm Not Me Mick Fleetwood's Zoo
1983 The Wild Heart Stevie Nicks
1984 Westwood One Radio Networks Show - 6/16/84 Fleetwood Mac
1984 Revenge Of The Killer B's Volume 2 Various Artists
1984 Christine McVie Christine McVie
1985 Jumping At Shadows Fleetwood Mac
1985 Live In Boston Fleetwood Mac
1985 Cerulean Fleetwood Mac
1985 Rattlesnake Shake Fleetwood Mac
1985 For The Working Class Man Jimmy Barnes
1985 Jimmy Barnes Jimmy Barnes
1985 Try Me Billy Burnette
1986 London Live '68 Fleetwood Mac
1986 A Fine Mess Soundtrack Various
1986 A Quiet Normal Life: The Best Of Warren Zevon Warren Zevon
1987 Tango In The Night Fleetwood Mac
1987 Family Man Fleetwood Mac
1987 Superstars In Digital Various Artists
1987 WEA Star Galerie Various Artists
1987 The Collection Fleetwood Mac
1988 Greatest Hits Fleetwood Mac
1988 Fleetwood Mac Live Fleetwood Mac
1988 Fleetwood Mac Live - Greatest Hits Fleetwood Mac
1988 Roots - The Original Live In Concert Fleetwood Mac
1988 The Early Years Fleetwood Mac
1988 Live USA Fleetwood Mac
1988 Startrak Profiles Fleetwood Mac
1988 WEA¥re In Love With Good Music Various Artists
1988 Brother To Brother Billy Burnette
1988 Speed Of Light Peter Bardens
1989 Bermuda Triangle Fleetwood Mac
1989 Blues With A Feeling Fleetwood Mac
1989 In The Studio Fleetwood Mac
1989 Masters Of Rock Fleetwood Mac
1989 Rock Stars Fleetwood Mac
1989 Sounds Of The Seventies - 1976 Various Artists
1989 The BBC Sessions Fleetwood Mac
1989 The Blues Collection Fleetwood Mac
1989 Looking Back On Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
1989 Oh Well Fleetwood Mac
1989 Blues With A Feeling Fleetwood Mac
1989 Coast To Coast Paul Shaffer
1989 Homer And Eddie Various
1989 King Of The Blues : 1989 B.B. King
1989 Rock, Rhythm & Blues Various
1990 Behind The Mask Fleetwood Mac
1990 Collection Gold Fleetwood Mac
1990 In The Back Of My Mind Fleetwood Mac
1990 Live In Passaic 1975 Fleetwood Mac
1990 Roughage '69 Fleetwood Mac
1990 The Best Of British Rock Various Artists
1990 Then Play On - BBC Broadcast Fleetwood Mac
1990 Up Close Fleetwood Mac
1990 Off The Record Fleetwood Mac
1990 Sounds Of The Seventies - 1977 Various Artists
1991 Like It This Way Fleetwood Mac
1991 Next Stop : Main Road Fleetwood Mac
1991 New Jersey 1975 Fleetwood Mac
1991 The Blues Years Fleetwood Mac
1992 25 Years - The Chain Fleetwood Mac
1992 In The Studio Fleetwood Mac
1992 My Twenty-Five Years In Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
1992 Selections From 25 Years The Chain Fleetwood Mac
1992 Sounds Of The Seventies: FM Rock II Various Artists
1992 The Chain Sampler Fleetwood Mac
1992 The Early Years Fleetwood Mac
1992 London Blues 1964 - 1969 John Mayall
1992 Shakin' The Cage The Zoo
1993 King Biscuit Flower Hour Fleetwood Mac
1993 Please, Stand Up ? Fleetwood Mac
1993 The Blues Years Fleetwood Mac
1993 Altered Beast Matthew Sweet
1993 Robin Zander Robin Zander
1994 Mean Old World Fleetwood Mac
1994 Fleetwood Mac Live Fleetwood Mac
1994 Harvest Fleetwood Mac
1994 In Conversation Fleetwood Mac
1994 Only Rock'N Roll 1975- 1979 Various Artists
1994 Madison Blues Live Fleetwood Mac
1994 Soccer Rocks The Globe Fleetwood Mac
1994 Sounds Of The Eighties - The Rockin' Eighties Fleetwood Mac
1994 The Original Fleetwood Mac Blues Band Fleetwood Mac
1994 Superstar Concert Series Fleetwood Mac
1994 The Ultimate 80's Ballads Fleetwood Mac
1994 Hold On Alan Frew
1994 Big Sky Pete Bardens
1994 Yellow Pills, Volume Two Various Artists
1995 Time Fleetwood Mac
1995 Casino Fleetwood Mac
1995 Live At The BBC Fleetwood Mac
1995 The Magic Collection Fleetwood Mac
1995 Sounds Of The Eighties - 1980 Various Artists
1995 Sounds Of The Eighties: 1980 - 1982 Various Artists
1995 Sounds Of The Eighties - 1987 Various Artists
1995 The Best Rock Ballads in the World ... Ever! Various Artists
1995 The Rolling Stone Collection: Sounds Of The Eighties: 1986-1987 Various Artists
1996 Lullabies For Little Dreamers Various Artists
1996 Sounds Of The Eighties - The Late '80's: Take Two Various Artists
1996 The Best Of Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
1996 The Fleetwood Mac Family Album Fleetwood Mac
1996 Time Life Guitar Music Rock 1970-71 - Various Fleetwood Mac
1996 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead An Anthology Warren Zevon
1996 Twister Soundtrack Various
1996 Susanna Hoffs Susanna Hoffs
1996 Unchained Johnny Cash
1997 The Dance Fleetwood Mac
1997 Daytrippers Fleetwood Mac
1997 The Blue Horizon Story 1965-1970 Vol. 1 Various Artists
1997 Mellow Rock Hits of the '70s: Summer Breeze Various Artists
1997 Superstar Concert Series Fleetwood Mac
1997 The Best Rock Ballads in the World ... Ever! II Various Artists
1997 Originals Box Set Fleetwood Mac
1997 Best Buy Tour 97 Fleetwood Mac
1997 The All Time Greatest Rock Songs Of The 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s Various Artists
1998 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1998: The Thirteenth Annual Induction Dinner Various Artists
1998 Double Decker Triple Tracker Various Artists
1998 Grammy Nominees '98 Various Artists
1998 Fleetwood Mac "Dancing Again" Fleetwood Mac
1998 The All Time Greatest Love Songs Of The 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, Volume III Various Artists
1998 The All Time Greatest Rock Songs Of The 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, Volume II Various Artists
1998 The Female Touch Fleetwood Mac
1998 Live At The Boston Tea Party, Part One Fleetwood Mac
1998 Live At The Boston Tea Party, Part Two Fleetwood Mac
1998 Best Of The Original Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
1998 The Vaudeville Years Of Fleetwood Mac: 1968 - 1970 Fleetwood Mac
1998 French Kiss / Three Hearts Bob Welch
1999 Live Early Recordings Fleetwood Mac
1999 Millennium - Classic Rock Party Fleetwood Mac
1999 Super Saver - Greatest Hits Various Artists
1999 The Female Touch 2 Fleetwood Mac
1999 Lifetime of Music, Love In The 80'S, Vol. 1 Fleetwood Mac
1999 Lifetime of Music, Pop In The 90'S, Vol. 3 Fleetwood Mac
1999 Respect: A Century Of Women In Music Various Artists
1999 Live - Shrine '69 Fleetwood Mac
1999 The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions - 1967 - 1969 Fleetwood Mac
1999 Live Fleetwood Mac
1999 Soundtrack For A Century: Rock-Train Kept A Rollin' Various Artists
1999 The Boston Box Fleetwood Mac
2000 Live At The Boston Tea Party, Part Three Fleetwood Mac
2000 Alone With The Blues Fleetwood Mac
2000 The Original Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
2000 The First Five Years John Mayall
2000 Evan And Jaron Evan And Jaron
2001 Rumours DVD-Audio Fleetwood Mac
2001 Show Biz Blues Fleetwood Mac
2001 Along For The Ride John Mayall
2002 The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac
2002 Jumping At Shadows Fleetwood Mac
2002 The Art of Levitation Pete Bardens


  • Mick founded his own wine label Mick Fleetwood Private Cellar in 2001
  • Mick suspends a pair of wooden balls from his belt during performances. The balls are a good luck charm and are actually toilet chain balls from a club where Fleetwood Mac played in their early days.
  • Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998
  • Mick is the only drummer in the semi-fictional band Spinal Tap to survive in the story.

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