Basic Background Info

Birth: February 15, 1944
Location: East Molesy, Surrey, England
Band: The Kinks, The Kast Off Kinks, The Class of 64, The Legends of the Sixties
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Before Mick Avory settled in with The Kinks for nearly twenty years, he rehearsed with The Rolling Stones. However, the Stones were looking for a permanent drummer and Mick worked during the day; Mick Avory wasn't interested in joining a band at the time and he preferred to freelance. In hindsight, Mick Avory says, "Well, it probably wouldn't have worked out anyhow. 'Cause I was REALLY into jazz at the time and didn't know what rock and roll was then."

Nonetheless, in 1964 Mick Avory joined The Kinks with David and Ray Davies and Peter Quaife, although he doesn't appear on many recordings that year because their producer frequently hired session drummers. Mick Avory's first album with The Kinks was Kinda Kinks. The Kinks' music defied convention at the time and they were pioneers of style. They were exceedingly popular in the U.K. during the 1960s and as their popularity waned there, it grew in the U.S. with A Rock n' Roll Fantasy. Through the tumultuous dynamics among band members were often tumultuous and Mick was known as the quiet and easy-going member who was usually able to avoid conflict. Nevertheless, Mick Avory and Dave Davies occasionally fought, even onstage.

In 1984 Mick Avory left the band because he was tired of touring and he and Dave weren't getting along. However, he accepted a position with the Kinks studio company, Konks, where he worked for years. In 1987 Mick Avory performed one track with The Kinks on Think Visual, but he never rejoined the band.

After The Kinks ceased performing in the mid-1990s, Mick began playing in The Kast Off Kinks with Jon Dalton, Dave Clarke, and John Gosling. The Kinks were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 and into the U.K. Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

In 2004 Mick Avory joined the beat supergroup The Class of 64, who toured and recorded an album of their former bandsí most popular songs. After three years, Mick Avory left The Class of 64 and joined some former Class members in The Legends of the Sixties.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1965 Kinda Kinks The Kinks
1965 Four by Four The Kinks
1965 Kink Kontroversy The Kinks
1965 Kinks-Size The Kinks
1965 Kwietkinks The Kinks
1965 You Really Got Me The Kinks
1966 Dedicated Kinks The Kinks
1966 Face to Face The Kinks
1966 Kinks The Kinks
1966 Kinks' Greatest Hits The Kinks
1966 Kinksize Session The Kinks
1966 Well Respected Kinks The Kinks
1966 Greatest Hits The Kinks
1967 Something Else by the Kinks The Kinks
1967 Sunny Afternoon The Kinks
1968 Live at Kelvin Hall The Kinks
1968 Village Green Preservation Society The Kinks
1969 Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire...) The Kinks
1970 Lola vs. the Powerman & the Money-Go-Round, Pt. 1 The Kinks
1971 Golden Hour The Kinks
1971 Muswell Hillbillies The Kinks
1971 Percy The Kinks
1972 Everybody's in Show-Biz The Kinks
1972 Kink Kronikles The Kinks
1973 All the Good Times The Kinks
1973 Golden Hour, Vol. 2 The Kinks
1973 Great Lost Kinks Album The Kinks
1973 Preservation: Act 1 The Kinks
1974 Preservation: Act 2 The Kinks
1975 Kinks Present a Soap Opera The Kinks
1975 Kinks Present Schoolboys in Disgrace The Kinks
1976 Kinks' Greatest: Celluloid Heroes The Kinks
1977 Kinks The Kinks
1977 Sleepwalker The Kinks
1977 World at Minds End Skywhale
1978 20 Golden Greats The Kinks
1978 Misfits The Kinks
1978 Misfits The Kinks
1979 All Day & All of the Night The Kinks
1979 Low Budget The Kinks
1980 Kinks Collection The Kinks
1980 One for the Road The Kinks
1980 Second Time Around The Kinks
1981 Give the People What They Want The Kinks
1981 Spotlight The Kinks
1982 100 Minutes The Kinks
1983 Candy from Mr. Dandy The Kinks
1983 Dead End Street Greatest Hits The Kinks
1983 Shape of Things to Come The Kinks
1983 State of Confusion The Kinks
1984 Compleat Collection The Kinks
1984 Kinks Box Set The Kinks
1984 Kollectables The Kinks
1984 Word of Mouth The Kinks
1985 Anthology of British Rock: Pye Years Various Artists
1985 Backtrackin the Definitive Double The Kinks
1985 Collection The Kinks
1985 Return to Waterloo Ray Davies
1986 Come Dancing with the Kinks: The Best of the Kinks The Kinks
1986 I Ain't Drunk Geoff Muldaur
1986 Think Visual The Kinks
1987 Hit Singles Collection The Kinks
1987 Kovers The Kinks
1989 Best of the Kinks The Kinks
1989 C90 Collector The Kinks
1989 Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 The Kinks
1989 One for the Road The Kinks
1990 Kinda Kinks The Kinks
1992 Rock of the 70's, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1998 Live at Kelvin Hall [Bonus Tracks] The Kinks
1998 Storyteller Ray Davies
1999 Unfinished Business: Dave Davies Kronikles 1963-1998 Dave Davies
2000 Something Else by the Kinks The Kinks
2001 Kink Kontroversy The Kinks
2001 Marble Arch Years The Kinks
2001 Songs We Sang for Auntie: BBC Sessions 1964-1977 The Kinks
2001 Well Respected Kinks The Kinks
2002 Ultimate Collection The Kinks
2003 Lola vs. the Powerman & the Money-Go-Round, Pt. 1 The Kinks
2004 Face to Face The Kinks
2004 Kinks The Kinks
2004 Village Green Preservation Society The Kinks
2005 Kinks Present a Soap Opera The Kinks
2005 Sleepwalker The Kinks
2006 Arista Years The Kinks
2006 RCA Years The Kinks
2007 Family Tree: Birds of a Feather The Yardbirds
2007 Kinks Greatest 1970-1986 The Kinks
2007 Yardbirds Family Tree: Birds of a Feather The Yardbirds
2008 Working Man's CafÈ Ray Davies


  • "When I was in America in 1965 I met Joe Morello. I went with Larry Page to see Dave Brubeck. He said, 'Come on, we'll go and meet them,' and Joe said, 'What are you doing here?' And I said 'Well, we're doing a show here in The Bowl tomorrow night,' and he said, 'That's too bad, I'll be out of town and I'd have liked to have seen you.' And I said, 'Well, don't bother, you won't learn anything!' So that was my meeting with him. And I met Shelly Mann, I went down The Mannhole - a club in Los Angeles, with a note from the record company 'cos he had the same record company as us. The note told him not to charge me and to give me a good seat. I went in there and watched him and it was really great at the time."

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Drums: Ludwig
Hardware: Ludwig

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