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Birth: July 6, 1949
Location: San Francisco, California
Band: Santana, The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, David Crosby
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician



When he was sixteen, Michael Shrieve drove to the Filmore and asked Michael Bloomfield, Steven Sils, and Al Kooper if he could join their super-session. To Michael's surprise, they said 'yes.' Michael recalled, "Well, I played but I swear to this day I don't remember one, not one moment of the jam. Thatís how scared I was." After the show, Santana's manager asked Michael for his number and said they were looking for a new drummer. Although they didn't call him, coincidentally Michael was loitering outside of a recording studio a year later when Santana and his drummer had a disagreement. Michael walked in, the manager recognized him, he jammed with the band, and at the end of the night they asked Michael to join their group.

One year later, Santana played at Woodstock. Michael Shrieve played a memorable drum solo and at just twenty years old - he was one of the youngest performers at Woodstock. Santana toured all over the world, riding the wave of Woodstock publicity. Michael Shrieve recalled, "Our little musical street gang had just made a sound heard round the world." Santana and Michael Shrieve's solo appeared on the Woodstock film; at its release their notoriety mushroomed. For ten years, Michael toured with Santana through Mexico and Central and South America, Africa, the Far East, and Europe.

After leaving Santana, Michael Shrieve recorded with various artists including Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Pete Townsend, Steve Winwood, Police guitarist Andy Summers, film composer Mark Isham, John Mclaughlin, Stomu Yamashíta, Klaus Schulze, Freddie Hubbard, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Horvitz, Bill Frisell, Zakir Hussain, Airto Moriera, and Amon Tobin, and on seven solo albums. Michael Shrieve also composes music for television and movies and performs with his band, Tangletown. Michael Shrieve lives in Los Angeles and Seattle and is active in both communities.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1969 Santana Santana
1970 Abraxas Santana
1971 If I Could Only Remember My Name David Crosby
1971 Santana III [Original Version] Santana
1971 Santana III Santana
1972 Caravanserai Santana
1972 Casting Pearls Mill Valley Bunch
1972 For Those Who Chant Luis Gasca
1973 McLaughlin& Santana Mahavishnu John McLaughlin/Carlos Santan
1973 Welcome Santana
1974 Borboletta Santana
1974 Lotus Santana
1976 Automatic Man Automatic Man
1976 Go Live From Paris Stomu Yamash'ta/Steve Winwood/Klaus Schu
1976 Go Stomu Yamash'ta
1977 Go Too Stomu Yamashta
1978 Pleasure Signals Wilding - Bonus
1979 Mickie D's Unicorn Mickie D's Unicorn
1979 Time Actor Richard Wahnfried
1980 Crash and Burn Pat Travers
1980 Emotional Rescue The Rolling Stones
1981 Nova Combo Nova Combo
1981 Radio Active Pat Travers
1981 Tonwelle Richard Wahnfried
1981 Trancefer Klaus Schulze
1982 Animation Generation Novo Combo
1983 Audentity Klaus Schulze
1983 Turn on the Music Machine Mickie D's Unicorn
1984 In the Eye of the Storm Roger Hodgson
1984 Richard Wahnfried Plays Megatone Richard Wahnfried
1984 Through the Fire Hagar Schon Arronson Shrieve
1984 Transfer Station Blue Michael Shrieve
1985 Porky's Revenge! Original Soundtrack
1985 She's the Boss Mick Jagger
1987 Story of Moses Bob Moses
1988 Distant Drums Brian Slawson
1988 History Klaus Schulze
1988 Viva Santana! Santana
1989 Big Picture Michael Shrieve
1989 Leaving Time Michael Shrieve with Steve Roach
1989 Many Bobbing Heads, at Last ... Marty Fogel
1989 Stiletto Michael Shrieve
1989 Times Are Changin' Freddie Hubbard
1990 CMPler Various Artists
1990 Drive Inn, Vol. 2 Rainer Bloss
1990 Things Here Are Different Jill Sobule
1991 Burning Times Rumors of the Big Wave
1992 How Can I Keep From Singing: Gospel Marley's Ghost
1994 All for the Love of Rock 'N' Roll Robert Gordon
1994 Big Bang: In the Beginning Was a Drum Various Artists
1994 Eye of the World Brothers of the Baladi
1994 Miserere Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari
1994 World Without Gravity: The Best of the Jim Carroll Band Jim Carroll
1995 All Day Thumbsucker Revisited Various Artists
1995 Big Bang Various Artists
1995 Dance of the Rainbow Serpent Carlos Santana
1995 Evolution: Original Recordings Santana
1995 Octave of the Holy Innocents Jonas Hellborg/Buckethead/Michael Shriev
1996 New Spirits in Jazz Various Artists
1996 Two Doors Michael Shrieve
1997 Abraxas Pool Abraxas Pool
1997 New Spirits in Jazz, Pt. 2 Various Artists
1997 Santana/Abraxas/Santana III Santana
1998 Abraxas [Bonus Tracks] Santana
1998 Big Top Shop Talk McKinley
1998 Collection David Torn
1998 Dodging the Dream Killers F-5
1998 Guitar Zone Various Artists
1998 Heart of the Beast Brothers of the Baladi
1998 Latin Tropical Carlos Santana
1998 Santana III [Japan Bonus Tracks] Santana
1998 Santana [Bonus Tracks] Santana
1998 Santana [Japan Bonus Tracks] Santana
1998 Santana/Abraxas/Santana III [1998 Bonus Tracks] Santana
1998 Ten Bulls Douglas September
1998 World of Drums& Percussion Various Artists
1999 Acapulco Sunrise Santana
1999 Hot Tamales: The Neal Schon Auditions Santana
1999 Presumed Guilty Various Artists
1999 Rock: Train Kept a Rollin' Various Artists
1999 Trancefer/Dig It Klaus Schulze
1999 Unconditionally Guaranteed, Vol. 8 Various Artists
2000 Best of Santana, Vol. 2 Santana
2000 Miniatures, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2000 Nuclei Santana
2000 World of Drums And Percussion, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2001 Acapulco Sunrise/Odyssey Santana
2001 Fascination Michael Shrieve
2001 Merrilly Christmas Alan Merrill
2001 Nuclei, Vol. 2 Santana
2001 Persuasion/Latin Tropical Santana
2001 Viva la Bodega Various Artists
2001 With Dave Holland and Elvin Jones Bill Frisell/Elvin Jones/Dave Holland
2002 Essential Santana Santana
2002 Ritmo de la Noche/Rhythm of the Night: The Very Best of Latin Jazz Various Artists
2002 Shaman Santana
2003 Love Devotion Surrender Santana
2003 Shaman Santana
2003 Story of the Blues Various Artists
2004 Crawl Pistol Star
2004 DK DK
2004 Increase the Dosage Revolution Void
2004 Mojo Presents... An Introduction to Santana Santana
2004 Porky's Revenge! Original Soundtrack
2004 Santana Santana
2004 Santana: The Collection - Santana/Abraxas/Santana III Santana
2004 Soul to Soul [DVD& CD] Various Artists
2005 Audentity Klaus Schulze
2005 Blue Note Plays Sting Various Artists
2005 Collection: Santana/Abraxas/Santana III Santana
2005 Playin' with Carlos Various Artists
2005 Sound New Monsoon
2005 You're Only as Pretty as You Feel Caroleen Beatty
2006 Anthology Santana
2006 Early Years: An Anthology Santana
2006 North of Bakersfield Ruby Dee& the Snakehandlers
2006 Santana III Santana
2006 Trancefer Klaus Schulze
2006 Voyage David Crosby
2007 Essential John McLaughlin John McLaughlin
2007 Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 Various Artists
2007 Rhythm of Life Emilia Sosa
2007 Ultimate Santana Santana
2008 Santana/Santana III Santana
2008 Fretworx Brian Tarquin
2008 Discover Santana Santana
2009 The Woodstock Experience Santana
2011 Afrodiaspora Susana Baca
2012 The Anthology '68-'69: The Early San Fransisco Years Santana
2012 Richard Wahnfried's Townelle Klaus Schulze


  • In 1998, Michael was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2005 he received Guitar Center's first Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • "I owe Michael a lot; he's the one who turned me onto John Coltrane and Miles Davis. I just wanted to play blues until Michael came. He opened my eyes and my ears and my heart to a lot of things. Some drummers only have chops, but Michael Shrieve has vision. Michael is like a box of crayons; he has all the colors." -Carlos Santana
  • "Nothing has compared to my experience of playing in Santana." - Michael Shrieve
  • Michael discovered the drums while walking past the band room after being sent to the principal's office in eighth grade.

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