Basic Background Info

Birth: March 12th 1969
Location: Unknown
Band: Mudvayne
Genres: Heavy Metal
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


In 1996 Matt McDonough met several young musicians in Peoria, Illinois, with similar tastes in serious heavy metal. Matt, Chad Gray, Greg Tribbett, and Ryan Martinie joined forces and created Mudvayne. Although locals applauded their first EP (Kill, I Oughta), Mudvayne did not receive significant national attention until they opened for Slipknot on tour. Mudvayne released their debut album, L.D. 50, in 2000. Appearing on the second stage of the Tattoo the Earth Art and Music Festival tour in 2000, Mudvayne earned even more mainstream fans. The record climbed the Billboard charts and peaked at #85, and eventually the single "Dig" won the MTV2 Award at the VMAs in 2001.

After creating a solid fan base, Mudvayne re-released an extended version of their first EP in 2001 and renamed it The Beginning of All Things to End. The band toured frequently, working hard to earn every fans' loyalty. Matt took up the moniker sPaG, and the band donned outrageous costumes and makeup to create a visual component to their performances. After releasing The End of All Things to Come in 2002, the band changed course and performed as aliens with new names. As a result, sPaG became Spüg. However, following the release of their single "World So Cold," Mudvayne deserted the makeup during performances and music videos.

Subsequently, Mudvayne's third album (2005's Lost and Found) presents all of the members makeup-free and with their real names. Nonetheless, during Ozzfest 2005, the band performed on the main stage in costume once again. Mudvayne successfully released several singles from Lost and Found throughout 2005. Tracks from Lost and Found have been used on the soundtrack for the video game Need For Speed: Underground 2, as the theme music for WWE, in the soundtrack for Saw II, and in an episode of the Sopranos.

In 2007, Mudvayne released a compilation (entitled By the People, For the People) which included unique versions of previously released tracks, some B-sides, and new songs. During late 2007 and early 2008, Mudvayne returned to the studio to record their fourth album.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
2000 L.D. 50 Mudvayne
2000 Tattoo the Earth: The First Crusade Various Artists
2001 Beginning of All Things to End Mudvayne
2001 Kerrang: Life Is Loud Various Artists
2001 Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium Various Artists
2001 WWF Tough Enough Various Artists
2002 End of All Things to Come Mudvayne
2002 Pledge of Allegiance Tour: Live Concert Recording Various Artists
2002 Resident Evil: Music From and Inspired By the Motion Various Artists
2003 End of All Things to Come Mudvayne
2003 MTV2 Headbangers Ball Various Artists
2005 Lost and Found Mudvayne
2007 By the People, For the People Mudvayne
2008 The New Game Mudvayne
2009 Mudvayne Mudvayne
2011 L.D. 50/Beginning of All Things to End  Mudvayne


  • "I've always said David Lynch could make a film out of anything, and it would still look like a Lynch film. At one point while we were writing this album, I felt like we could do the same thing with music; we could play anything and it would sound like Mudvayne. Looking back I realize that what happened was after eighteen months on the road we'd finally come to a realization of who we are as a band." -Matt McDonough
  • The alchemic symbol tattooed on Matt's chest symbolizes a Hermetic order.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Pearl
Cymbals: Alchemy
Hardware: Pearl
Sticks: Ahead

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