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Birth: Unknown
Location: Camaguey, Cuba
Band: Rita Coolidge, Angela Bofill, Klymaxx, El Chicano, Emmanuel, Peach, Trini Lopez, Barry White, Nel Carter, Johnny Paycheck
Genres: Latin
Instruments: Drummer
Occupation: Musician, Author, Educator


A Cuban native raised in New Orleans, Maria Martinez is an esteemed drummer and educator.

Recently, Maria Martinez primarily devoted her time to educating aspiring drummers of all skill-levels. Maria Martinez served as an instructor at the reputable Percussion Institute of Technology. In her Brazilian Coordination book and CD combo, Maria Martinez used her Latin roots to tutor students. In her follow-up instructional project, Afro-Cuban Coordination for Drumset, Maria Martinez demonstrates mambo, nanigo, congo, and Mozambique rhythms in this text/audio combo.

Several of her colleagues praise Maria Martinez's work as a musical educator. Vinnie Colaiuta said, "Maria has the gift of communicating her ideas clearly and in a way that everyone can understand. This is a rare and welcome faculty which makes learning fun. I really enjoyed this video; she played and explained it great." Joe Porcaro added, "Maria opens up a vast vocabulary of drumset grooves and solos [and] her playing demonstrates what the Afro-Cuban drumming concept is all about."

In addition to her primary work as an educator and writer, Maria Martinez performed free-lance with Rita Coolidge, Angela Bofill, Klymaxx, El Chicano, Emmanuel, Peach, Trini Lopez, Barry White, Nel Carter, and Johnny Paycheck. Maria Martinez performances in television include The Drew Carey Show, Dukes of Hazzard, Soul Train, The Late Show, and Desde Hollywood.


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  • Maria regularly contributes to Modern Drummer magazine. She also contributes to Percussive Notes, DRUM! Magazine, Latin Percussion Music Group Education, and Drum Instructors Only Newsletters.

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Electronics: E Pad
Percussion: Latin Percussion
Sticks: Regal Tip

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