Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Band: Pete Yorn, Every Single Saturday, Lucky Bishops, Hilary Duff, Adam Cohen
Genres: Pop/Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Engineer, Vocalist, Designer, Photographer


Luke Adams, a native of New Brunswick New Jersey, is a professional musician and composer who currently resides in the Los Angeles area. Before relocating, Luke Adams attended North Texas State University in Dallas, Texas, where he obtained a B.A. in Jazz Studies Performance.

In 2001, Luke Adams got the opportunity to tour with Pete Yorn. Luke Adams worked with Yorn for two and a half years and even recorded a live album with him in 2004, entitled Live From New Jersey. 

Following Luke Adams's experience with Pete Yorn, Adams went on to work with groups like Lucky Bishops and Low Millions. Luke Adams also toured with producer/Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart and Hilary Duff, for whom he learned the entire tour set within two days.

Luke Adams's other talents include engineering, designing, and photography. Adams is credited for the photographs on Pete Yorn's 2003 album, Day I Forgot. Adams also writes music for TV and Film.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1995 Succour: The Terrascope Benefit Album Various Artists
1999 It's the Big One Various Artists
2000 Acid Jam, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2000 Lucky Bishops (Various Instruments) Lucky Bishops
2000 Rubric Records 01 Compilation (Drums, Vocals) Various Artists
2001 Building (Drums, Vocals, Engineer) Every Single Saturday
2001 Musicforthemorningafter Pete Yorn
2002 Musicforthemorningafter [Bonus Disc] Pete Yorn
2002 Musicforthemorningafter [Bonus Tracks] Pete Yorn
2002 Still (Percussion, Guest Appearance) The Bitter Little Cider Apples
2003 Bad Girl Rehab (Artwork, Design) Resistant Me
2003 Day I Forgot [Japan Bonus Tracks] (Photography) Pete Yorn
2003 Day I Forgot (Photography) Pete Yorn
2004 Live from New Jersey Pete Yorn
2005 Ever Changing Picture Brad Byrd
2005 Everything Is Older Karen Abrams
2005 Give It All Away (Engineer) Billie Burke Estate
2005 Kill All Humans Schnauser
2006 Sinister Barrier (Mixing Assistant) The Green and Yellow TV
2007 Big World Josh Kramon
2007 Pancho Fantastico (Drums, Engineer) John Hoskinson


  • Luke Adam's TV Credits include placements in shows such as Veronica Mars, The Simple Life, The Real World, and Road Rules.
  • His commercial credits include a national spot for Applebees, as well as numerous demos for companies such as Buick, Miller-Lite, Allstate, Carl’s Jr., Honda, Home Depot, Saturn, and Toyota.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop

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