Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: Peter Green & The Splinter Group
Genres: Blues
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


As a young musician, Larry Tolfree didn’t care what style of music he played, as long as he could drum. He reflected, “Being self-taught, every experience was important to me and I regret none of it.” Those experiences include touring and performing live with Tracey Ullman, Madness, Patrice Rushen, Chris Rea, Junior, T Bone Burnett, Difford and Tilbrook, Lynx, Ben E King, Edwin Starr, David Essex, Otis Grand, Bob Hall & Colin, Colin Hodgkinson, Princess Stephanie of Monacco, and Belouis.

Larry Tolfree's self-asserted claim to fame is playing with Joe Jackson on the albums Jumpin’ Jive, Night and Day, and Mike’s Murder.

Larry Tolfree joined Peter Green & Splinter Group on the European blues circuit and assumed the drum seat of Cozy Powell. Although he previously viewed his drumming role as merely supportive, his position in the Splinter Group allowed for him to contribute like never before. Larry Tolfree was comfortable performing Fleetwood Mac songs from Peter’s days with the band because he grew up listening to Mick Fleetwood, and the music was “pretty much second nature to [him].” The Splinter Group disbanded in 2004.  They cancelled a planned tour and an upcoming album. 


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1980 Spot The Planets
1980 Big Boy Mark Andrews & The Gents
1981 Jumpin' Jive Joe Jackson
1982 Night And Day Joe Jackson
1983 Mike's Murder Joe Jackson
1984 Difford & Tilbrook Difford & Tilbrook
1988 Live 1980/86 Joe Jackson
1998 Robert Johnson Songbook Peter Green Splinter Group
1999 Destiny Road Peter Green Splinter Group
2000 Hot Foot Powder Peter Green & Nigel Watson
2001 Time Traders Peter Green Splinter Group
2001 Me And The Devil Peter Green & Robert Johnson
2003 Reaching The Cold 100 Peter Green Splinter Group
2006 Blues Don't Change Peter Green
2007 Time Traders/Reaching the Cold Peter Green
2012 Live at Rockplast Joe Jackson



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