Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Clinton, Mississippi
Band: Rudder, Steely Dan
Genres: Rock, Jazz
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician



Keith Carlock was born and raised in Clinton, Mississippi. At the age of five, Keith Carlock was given his first drum set and began playing. Keith Carlock's high school life revolved around music; he was a member of jazz band, choir, and drum corps. He constantly practiced on the drums attempting to play alongside his favorite childhood artists such as John Scofield and The Meters.

After high school, Keith Carlock turned down music scholarships to the University of Miami and Berklee School of Music. Instead, he decided to go to North Texas State University to study with world renowned jazz drummer Ed Soph. Although a difficult decision, Keith Carlock claimed that he had no regrets as Soph was able to completely change his approach to drumming. Through Soph, Keith Carlock asserted that he was able to 'loosen up' and develop a better flow.

Keith Carlock played a few professional stints in Dallas before moving to New York City, where he finally found fame. In New York, Keith Carlock joined guitar great Wayne Krantz's band. Carlock toured the United States with Krantz's Band, gaining recognition as one of the great drummers of the world.

Keith Carlock got his major break when Steely Dan's Donald Fagen and Walter Becker came to see Carlock and Krantz's band play. Fagen eventually offered Carlock an opportunity to play with Steely Dan for their upcoming album Two Against Nature. Keith Carlock later received an offer to play in Sting's tour which he accepted. He has also toured with John Mayer.

When not on tour with Steely Dan or other various artists, Keith Carlock offers drum clinics around the world.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1995 Head over Heels Paula Abdul
1995 Lonesome Question Jack Ingram
1996 Ego Decimation Profile Michael Harris
1998 Live at the Berks Jazz Fest Heads Up Super Band
1999 Greenwich Mean Wayne Krantz
1999 Betty 3 Betty
2000 Carnival Betty
2000 Heart of a Champion Carman
2000 Two Against Nature Steely Dan
2000 Kindness of Strangers Leni Stern
2001 Octaves Beyond Silence Project: A Benefit Album Various Artists
2001 Live at Manny's Car Wash Rhett Tyler & Early Warning
2002 Secret Ellington Various Artists
2002 Shallow Breath Wolf
2002 Shaker David Johansen & The Harry Smiths
2002 Finally the Rain Has Come Leni Stern
2003 In the Name of Love Freddy Cole
2003 Everything Must Go Steely Dan
2003 Your Basic Live Wayne Krantz
2003 Oz Live Oz Noy
2004 When Evening Falls Leni Stern
2004 See Jane Run Jane Getter
2004 iTunes Originals Sting
2005 Drum Nation, Volume 2 Various Artists
2005 Ha! Oz Noy
2005 Piano Jazz Marian McPartland
2006 Jammed! Phil Keaggy
2006 Definitive Collection Steely Dan
2006 Morph The Cat Donald Fagen
2006 Love Comes Quietly Leni Stern
2006 I Love You Diana Ross
2007 Fuzzy Oz Noy
2007 Rudder Rudder
2007 TBA Walter Becker
2007 Your Basic Live '06 Wayne Krantz
2007 Transformation Tal Wilkenfeld
2007 Dan In Real Life: Soundtrack Dan In Real Life
2008 On My Way Here Clay Aiken
2008 Circus Money Walter Becker
2008 Joy to the World Faith Hill
2008 Blackjack Adam Kipple & Drive By Leslie
2008 Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Rascal Flatts
2008 Pistachio Sean Wayland
2009 Krantz/Carlock/Lefebvre Wayne Krantz
2009 Schizophrenic Oz Noy
2009 Matorning Rudder
2009 Pistachio 2 Sean Wayland
2011 Let Me Introduce You Joe Robinson
2011 Live at Rockwood Music Hall (DVD) Rudder
2011 Stop, Look & Listen Jimmy Stinson
2012 Dragonfly Bill Evans
2012 Up and Up Tim Gordon
2012 Howie 61 Wayne Krantz
2012 All Over the Place Mike Stern
2012 Once and For All Lynne Timmes-Carlock
2012 Click Track Jazz Vol. 1 Sean Wayland
2012 Southern Exposure Mike Whittaker
2013 Barrenjoy Sean Wayland


  • In 2007, Keith Carlock was named #3 Best All-Around Drummer and #2 Best Pop Drummer by Modern Drummer magazine's poll.
  • Carlock was featured in Steely Dan's album, Two Against Nature, which won 4 Grammy Awards including the 2001 Album of the Year award.
  • Keith Carlock has done shows with Paula Abdul, Diana Ross, and Harry Belafonte.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Gretsch
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Percussion: Latin Percussion
Sticks: Vic Firth

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