Basic Background Info

Birth: September 27, 1947
Location: Cologne, Germany
Band: BAP
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Producer


Jürgen Zöller was born in Cologne, Germany, and grew up in the little village of Hillscheid, near Koblenz and the Rhine River. After moving to Frankfurt in 1962, Jürgen thoroughly immersed himself in music. He saved his money and bought his first record, Kai Winding’s Comin’ Home. He also saw The Shaking Twisters in concert covering the Shadows, the Ventures, Joey Dee, and Chubby Checker.

After another British concert, Johnny and Mike and the Shades, Jürgen started a band of his own, The Gears. In 1965 Jürgen started playing semi-professionally with The King-Beats. The band won a recording contract in a contest and recorded their first single, a cover of Archibald the 2nd by American band Dipsy & The Doodles. Jürgen played with The King-Beats at clubs, schools, and town halls throughout Frankfurt and recorded two more singles. He also recorded a pseudo-live album with The Ad-Libs (the band recorded in a studio and added applause from a live gig to create the live album).

In 1968, The King-Beats disbanded and Jürgen, unsuccessfully, tried his hand at stardom in London. His attempt was interrupted by a six month stint in the army. After that, he sat in for the drummer of an all-girl band for a few months. In the early 1970s, Jürgen played with a handful of jazz-rock bands that didn’t make it very far. Then he got a gig with a professional band playing clubs and hotels around St. Moritz. They performed every variety of music imaginable and, after two years of playing every day, Jürgen finally considered himself a drummer.

In 1976 Jürgen did his first recording as a studio drummer with Wolfgang Ambros, which began a long career as a studio musician. In the late 1970s Jürgen toured with international band Supermax around the world. In the 1980s Jürgen began working as a producer as well, and his first credit was with The Rodgau Monotones.

In 1987 Jürgen joined BAP and concluded, "and that’s where I still am, and probably will be, until my bones and/or muscles force me to stop." While touring and recording with BAP, Jürgen continued performing with other musicians, such as Tony Carey, Gerd Kister, All Colours, and The Seán Treacy Band.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1965 Archibald II The Kingbeats
1966 Best Party in Stereo, Vol. 1 Ad-Libs
1966 Best Party in Stereo, Vol. 2 Ad-Libs
1966 Lisbeth Malepartus II
1967 I Know You Need Me The Kingbeats
1976 Schifoan Wolfgang Ambros
1976 What Ya Gonna Do? Julie Parsons
1977 Hoffnunglos Wolfgang Ambros
1977 Die Blume aus dem Gemeinebau Wolfgang Ambros
1977 Don't Stop the Music Supermax
1977 World of Today Supermax
1978 What a Night Schonherz
1978 For Your Love Chilly
1978 Wild, Wild Land Waterloo & Robinson
1979 Fly with Me Supermax
1979 Nie und nimmer Wolfgang Ambros
1979 Money Talks! Jeff Harrison
1979 Ride, mama, ride Thanx
1979 Bamboo Bamboo
1979 Fly with me Supermax
1980 Types of Skin Supermax
1980 Same Topas
1981 Meets the almighty Supermax
1981 Glenn Glenn
1982 Tony Carey Tony Carey
1982 Zwischen eins und vier Rainhard Fendrich
1982 Michael Wynn Michael Wynn
1982 Tony Carey Tony Carey
1982 Deserteure Wolf Maahn
1983 I Won't Be Home Tonight Tony Carey
1983 Bisse und kusse Wolf Maahn
1983 Auf und davon Rainhard Fendrich
1983 Open Air Ambros/Fendrich
1983 Maria Bill Maria Bill
1983 Sieger sehen anders aus Morak
1984 Irgendo in Deutschland Wolf Maahn
1984 Let there be drums Route Sixty Sticks
1984 Sei mal 'n bissi lieb Flatsch!
1984 Volle Lotte Rodgau Monotones
1985 Ganz nah dran Hob Goblin
1985 Wien bei nacht Rainhard Fendrich
1985 Rainer Barensprung Band Rainer Barensprung Band
1986 Sehnsucht der herzen Rainer Barensprung Band
1986 Kleine Helden Wolf Maahn
1987 Rosen in Aspalt Wolf Maahn & die Deserteure
1988 Schon, reich, und beruhmt Rodgau Monotones
1988 Da capo BAP
1990 X fur 'e U BAP
1990 Denk positiv! Seni
1991 Prinz aus Schnee Seni
1991 Affrockel! BAP
1992 Arsch huh, Zang ussenander Arsch huh, Zang ussenander
1993 Pik Sibbe BAP
1993 Die vier Balladen BAP
1993 Mit offenen Karten BAP
1994 Supermax Supermax
1994 Hommage an Udo Lindenberg Hut ab!
1994 Panz un Bands un Rock'n'Roll Panz un Bands un Rock'n'Roll
1994 Steinbecker Gert Steinbecker
1994 un ab demit FFM 1200
1995 Wahsinn - die Hits von 79-95 BAP
1996 CD mit der Maus CD mit der Maus
1996 Amerika BAP
1997 Wahnsinn - Bestof BAP BAP
1997 Stationen Gert Steinbecker
1999 Comics & Pinups BAP
1999 Tonfilm BAP
2000 Waiting for the Big Rain Yara
2000 FC, jeff Jas! BAP
2001 Aff un zo BAP
2001 The King-Beats The King-beats
2002 Ovverall BAP
2002 Heimatklange Heimatklange
2002 Homage an Reinhard Mey Homage an Reinhard Mey
2003 Viel passiert BAP


  • The first concert Juergen attended was The Max Greger Orchestra in Cologne in 1959.
  • Juergen played drums with Chuck Berry in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2005.
  • Juergen became friends with Joe Porcaro, his "all-time favorite drummer."

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Electronics: Audio-Technica
Sticks: Vater

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