Basic Background Info

Birth: December 25, 1972, Orlando, Florida
Location: Southern California
Band: The Vandals, NIN, Devo, A Perfect Circle, Guns N Roses, Static X, Good Charlotte, The Offspring
Genres: Punk, Metal, Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician



Though he was born in Orlando, Florida, Josh Freese actually grew up in Southern California. His father conducted the Disney World band, but he transferred to Disneyland in California when Josh was just six months old. Some of Joshís earliest memories are of watching his father conduct at Disneyland. The rest of his family was also musically inclined; his mother played classical piano, his paternal grandparents both taught music, and his father also played the tuba.

Josh received his first instrument, a trumpet, for Christmas when he was six years old. He played the trumpet for a few months before growing restless. Then Josh asked his parents if he could play the Yamaha drum set in the attic; Yamaha's brass division endorsed his father and he somehow received a Recording series drum kit. At around the age of seven, he began with just the snare drum and cymbal before he finally convinced his parents to bring down the entire kit. Within a year he began taking lessons with Ron Romano, though this pairing ended when Joshís father got Ron a gig playing at Disney World in Florida. Josh continued to practice on his own, playing along to Devo records. He then studied under Roy Burns, a man who (according to an interview with Modern Drummer magazine) Josh said "was a great teacher."

Josh met drummer Vinnie Colaiuta when he was eleven at a NAMM show. Colaiuta became a tutor of sorts to the young Josh. He would regularly invite both Josh and his father down to the Baked Potato in Los Angeles to watch him play, where Josh occasionally had the opportunity to sit behind him and watch the master work. At this same NAMM show, Josh received an endorsement deal with Simmons electronic drum company after they saw him banging away on one of their kits. The endorsement, while a blessing, unexpectedly typecast Josh as an electronic drummer.

By the age of twelve Josh was playing professionally. He played an electric drum in his first gig with a Top 40 band at Disneyland. Shortly after, Josh began playing with another Disneyland band Polo alongside the bandís set drummer during their featured performances at the Tomorrowland Terrace Stage. But Josh quickly outgrew his Disneyland roots.

After meeting Frank Zappaís sons Ahmet and Dweezil and then being discovered at Disneyland by the established punk band The Vandals, it wasnít long before the still-teenaged Josh was touring and making records. While Josh played in a trio with Dweezil he met Frank Zappaís bassist Scott Tunis, who exposed Josh to punk rock and taught him to keep an open mind.

Aftter his time with Dweezil, Josh made contacts in many new bands. Josh recorded with Infectious Grooves and Suicidal Tendencies and went on his first major tour with Michael Damian. Josh began to receive calls for session work. In 1989, he teamed up with punk band The Vandals. He has played on all of The Vandals' albums since then, with the exception of the album Look What I Almost Stepped InÖ, which was released in 2000 when Josh was already committed to working with the band A Perfect Circle. Josh has been drumming with A Perfect Circle since their inception in 1999.

Josh has also been affiliated with Chris Cornell, Tracy Bonham, Sting, Juliana Hatfield, Indigo Girls, Paul Westerberg, Meredith Brooks, A Puddle Of Mudd, The Offspring, Lostprophets, Nine Inch Nails, Devo, Black Light Burns, Kelly Clarkson, and Avril Lavigne. In 1998 and 2000, he played with hard rock band Guns Ní Roses. He left GNR to return to performing within a wider range of musical genres.

During 2000 Josh released a solo album, The Notorious One Man Army, featured songs he wrote and performed, including vocals, bass, guitar, and keyboard, as well as guest appearances by Stone Gossard, Warren Fitzgerald, Michael Ward, Lyle Workman, and his brother Jason.

Though he consistently appears on the Modern Drummer Readersí Poll lists, Josh remains a humble and easygoing musician. Having already performed on more than two hundred albums, Josh's career is nonetheless just beginning.



Album Year Album Name Album Band
1989 Gumby Various Artists
1990 Fear of a Punk Planet The Vandals
1991 Sweatin' to the Oldies: The Vandals Live The Vandals
1992 Art of Rebellion Suicidal Tendencies
1992 Now I Eat Them Xtra Large
1993 14 Songs Paul Westerberg
1993 Sarsippius' Ark Infectious Grooves
1993 Welcome to Our Nightmare: A Tribute to Alice Cooper Various Artists
1994 Gravel Pit Paul Westerberg
1994 Hairpick Blues Saraceno
1995 Dumb and Uncomfortable Fugitive Pope
1995 Fremont Slider
1995 Hard Stuff Wayne Kramer
1995 Only Everything Juliana Hatfield
1995 Stacey Q's Greatest Hits Stacey Q
1996 Boneheads Dana Legg Stage Band
1996 Burdens of Being Upright Tracy Bonham
1996 Christmas with the Vandals: Oi to the World! The Vandals
1996 Eventually Paul Westerberg
1996 Howard Boxing Gandhis
1996 Monkey on Rico Thermadore
1996 Nobody Likes a Quitter All Day
1996 Quickening The Vandals
1996 Romance Is a Slow Dance Crumb
1996 Rubbing Doesn't Help Magnapop
1996 Short Style Lazlo Bane
1996 Star Maps Possum Dixon
1997 Angelica Angelica
1997 Blurring the Edges Meredith Brooks
1997 Flyin' Traps Various Artists
1997 Generations, Vol. 1: A Punk Look at Human Rights Various Artists
1997 Jamie Blake Jamie Blake
1997 Martian Saints [EP] Mary Lou Lord
1997 Product Maypole
1997 Rules of Thumb for the Molested Cruel Timothy
1997 Shaming of the Sun Indigo Girls
1997 Wilsons The Wilsons
1998 Broke in L.A. Various Artists
1998 Chef Aid: The South Park Album South Park
1998 Closer I Get Hayden
1998 Drive Bic Runga
1998 Drive Bic Runga
1998 Got No Shadow Mary Lou Lord
1998 Hitler Bad, Vandals Good The Vandals
1998 People Watching Khaleel
1998 Psychedelic Souls The Wailing Souls
1998 Seconds, Minutes, Hours Crumb
1999 Cheating at Solitaire Mike Ness
1999 Euphoria Morning Chris Cornell
1999 First Ten Years Shawn Mullins
1999 Have You Got a Name for It Splendid
1999 Suicaine Gratifaction Paul Westerberg
1999 Sweatin' to the Oldies: The Vandals Live The Vandals
2000 Best of Blues Saraceno Blues Saraceno
2000 Comatised Leona Naess
2000 Come Home Smelly F.Y.P
2000 Enemy Liars Inc.
2000 Freedom Is... The John Doe Thing
2000 Hoku Hoku
2000 Kung Fu Sampler, Vol. 2: The Gone with the Wind of Punk Various Artists
2000 Look What I Almost Stepped In... The Vandals
2000 Mas Borracho Infectious Grooves
2000 Mer de Noms A Perfect Circle
2000 Notorious One Man Orgy Josh Freese
2000 Paloalto Paloalto
2000 Toys That Kill F.Y.P
2001 3 Libras, Pt. 2 A Perfect Circle
2001 Believer Laura Dawn
2001 Come Clean Puddle of Mudd
2001 How Was Tomorrow? The Cash Brothers
2001 Humanistic Abandoned Pools
2001 Roots Music: An American Journey Various Artists
2001 Sinister Urge Rob Zombie
2001 That Darn Punk Original Soundtrack
2001 There Is Something Wrong with You Jonny Polonsky
2001 Up All Night Unwritten Law
2002 2 O-Town
2002 Ape of the Kings Stickfigure
2002 Away from the Sun 3 Doors Down
2002 Before the Beginning Aja Daashuur
2002 Country Bears Original Soundtrack
2002 Disclaimer Seether
2002 Elva Unwritten Law
2002 Fast Custom
2002 Freedom Is... [Twah!] The John Doe Thing
2002 Gold Stars 1992-2002: The Juliana Hatfield Collection Juliana Hatfield
2002 Hard Stuff+ Wayne Kramer
2002 Instigator Rhett Miller
2002 Internet Dating Superstuds The Vandals
2002 Leap of Faith David Charvet
2002 Let Go Avril Lavigne
2002 Limited Lifetime Guarantee Marc Copely
2002 OK Go OK Go
2002 Place to Land Dakota Moon
2002 Viva Death Viva Death
2002 Young and the Hopeless Good Charlotte
2003 Away from the Sun [Bonus Tracks] 3 Doors Down
2003 Day I Forgot Pete Yorn
2003 Desert Sessions, Vols. 9 & 10 Desert Sessions
2003 Drug Problem That Never Existed Mondo Generator
2003 Essential Shawn Mullins Shawn Mullins
2003 Fallen Evanescence
2003 Freak of Nature [Australia Bonus Disc] Anastacia
2003 Imaginate/Garage Mahal Taxiride
2003 Interventions and Lullabies The Format
2003 Losing Grip [Australia CD] Avril Lavigne
2003 Low [Australia CD] Kelly Clarkson
2003 Measure of a Man Clay Aiken
2003 Pleasure to Burn Systematic
2003 Quebec Ween
2003 Same Man Rachel Loy
2003 Shadow Zone [CD & DVD] Static-X
2003 Splinter The Offspring
2003 Streetcore Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
2003 Stripsearch Stripsearch
2003 Thankful Kelly Clarkson
2003 Thirteenth Step A Perfect Circle
2003 Thirteen Various Artists
2003 Underworld [Original Soundtrack] Various Artists
2003 Untucked Katrina Carlson
2003 We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to the Ramones Various Artists
2004 AMotion A Perfect Circle
2004 Anastacia Anastacia
2004 Beneath... Between... Beyond Static-X
2004 Born Free Humble Gods
2004 Breakaway Kelly Clarkson
2004 Disclaimer II [Bonus DVD] Seether
2004 Don't Tell Me [Australia CD] Avril Lavigne
2004 Drum Nation, Vol. 1 Various Artists
2004 Emotive A Perfect Circle
2004 Every Solution Has Its Problem Start Trouble
2004 Fallen [Import Bonus Track] Evanescence
2004 Fire It Up Kottonmouth Kings
2004 Grammy Nominees 2004 Various Artists
2004 Haunted [Bonus Track] Poe
2004 Hollywood Potato Chip The Vandals
2004 Monolithic Baby! [Bonus DVD] Monster Magnet
2004 Power of Sound Jonny Polonsky
2004 Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Original Soundtrack] Original Soundtrack
2004 Sleepwalker Radford
2004 Smitten The Martinis
2004 Songs for a Rainy Day Cyndi Vellmure
2004 Things Will Go My Way [EP] The Calling
2004 Tracks of Tyler Hilton Tyler Hilton
2004 Two The Calling
2004 Under My Skin [Bonus Track] Avril Lavigne
2004 Under My Skin Avril Lavigne
2004 Village Gorilla Head Tommy Stinson
2004 Young and the Hopeless [DualDisc] Good Charlotte
2005 Archives, Vol. 4 Steve Vai
2005 Away from the Sun [DualDisc] 3 Doors Down
2005 Besterberg: Best of Paul Westerberg Paul Westerberg
2005 Breakaway [Bonus CD] Kelly Clarkson
2005 Christmas Album Michael Damian and Family
2005 Complete Truth About De-Evolution/DEV-O Live Devo
2005 Distort Yourself Institute
2005 Drawing of a Memory of a Photograph of You Space Mtn
2005 Drum Nation, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2005 Grammy Nominees 2005 Various Artists
2005 Greatest Hits The Offspring
2005 It's Me Again Tweet
2005 Japanese Remix Album The Vandals
2005 Pieces of a Dream [Deluxe Edition] Anastacia
2005 Rarities Indigo Girls
2005 Seventeen Days [Bonus Tracks] 3 Doors Down
2005 Storm Laura Bradley
2005 Times of Romance The Lovemakers
2005 Traveling Light Courtney Jaye
2005 Under My Skin [Bonus Tracks & DVD] Avril Lavigne
2006 Bleeding Heart Graffiti Nina Gordon
2006 Darling Buds of May Faulter
2006 Daughtry Daughtry
2006 Day Has Come Cheyenne Kimball
2006 Dev2.0 Devo 2.0
2006 Educated Horses Rob Zombie
2006 Greatest Hits [Bonus Track] The Offspring
2006 Mine Is Not a Holy War Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers
2006 One Percent Panic Viva Death
2006 Rock Star Supernova Rock Star Supernova
2006 Secret Life Of... The Veronicas
2006 Swim Emma Burgess
2006 This Is Where You Belong The Summer Obsession
2007 Angels & Devils Fuel
2007 Best Damn Thing Avril Lavigne
2007 Butterfly Pinned Monster in the Machine
2007 Call Me Irresponsible Michael BublÈ
2007 Cruel Melody Black Light Burns
2007 Disturbia [Original Score] Original Score
2007 Elliott Yamin Elliott Yamin
2007 Famous [Clean] Puddle of Mudd
2007 Hannah Montana, 2: Meet Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana
2007 Licker's Last Leg Goon Moon
2007 Moondance Alexander Original Soundtrack
2007 Queen of the 80's Stacey Q
2007 When You're Gone, Pt. 1 Avril Lavigne
2007 When You're Gone, Pt. 2 Avril Lavigne
2007 Year Zero Nine Inch Nails
2008 Keep Telling Myself It's Alright Ashes Divide
2008 White Birds Sarah Fimm
2008 Waves & the Both of Us Charlotte Sometimes
2008 Wanderlust Gavin Rossdale
2008 The Slip Nine Inch Nails
2008 The Best Damned Thing Avril Lavigne
2008 Swan Songs Hollywood Undead
2008 Start All Over Miley Cyrus
2008 Breakout Miley Cyrus
2008 Somewhere in the Real World Vanessa Amorosi
2008 Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace The Offspring
2008 Love Is Dead Kerli
2008 Light It Up Rev Theory
2008 Greatest Hits Enrique Iglesias
2008 Electron Libre Nadiya
2008 Chinese Democracy Guns N' Roses
2008 Any Port in a Storm Dirty Heads
2008 Anthems for the Damned Filter
2008 A Taste of Buble Michael Buble
2008 Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate Puddle of Mudd
2009 Since 1972 Josh Freese
2009 Rock On Michael Damian
2009 Ratitude Weezer
2009 Naturally Selena Gomez
2009 Kiss & Tell Selena Gomez
2009 Just Like You Allison Iraheta
2009 Filter: The Very Best Things (1995-2008) Filter
2009 Crazy Love Michael Buble
2009 Believe Orianthi
2009 All I Ever Wanted Kelly Clarkson
2010 The Dawrves are Born Again The Dwarves
2010 Teenage Dream Katy Perry
2010 Something for Everybody Devo
2010 Slash Slash
2010 Paper Tongues Paper Tongues
2010 Out of Our Minds Melissa Auf der Maur
2010 Hollywood: The Deluxe EP Michael Buble
2010 Hard Knocks Joe Cocker
2010 Get Him to the Greek Infant Sorrow
2010 Foxy Shazam Foxy Shazam
2010 Chocalbeck Zucchero
2010 Burlesque (Movie Soundtrack) Burlesque
2010 Believe (II) Orianthi
2010 A Thousand Different Ways/Measure of a Man Clay Aiken
2010 11:59 Ryan Star
2011 The Best of 25 Years Sting
2011 Stronger Kelly Clarkson
2011 One Day David Burnham
2011 One  Edita
2011 My New Friends Josh Freese
2011 Memories of a Beautiful Disaster James Durbin
2011 Lost Days Ringside
2011 Long Player Late Blommer Ron Sexsmith
2011 Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes Social Distortion
2011 Goodbye Lullaby Avril Lavigne
2011 Ghost on the Canvas Glen Campbell
2011 Damage Emphatic
2011 Christmas Michael Buble
2011 25 Years Sting
2012 Turn on the Lights Daniel Powter
2012 The Spirit Indestructible Nelly Furtado
2012 Super Hot Dance Party Various Artists
2012 Strings of My Soul Tak Matsumoto
2012 Somos Eros Ramazzotti
2012 Rock of Ages (Movie Soundtrack) Rock of Ages
2012 Men In Black 3 (Movie Soundtrack Danny Elfman
2012 Greatest Hits Chapter 1 Kelly Clarkson
2012 Days Go By  The Offspring
2013 Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor Rob Zombie
2013 To Be Loved Michael Buble
2013 Three Sixty A Perfect Circle
2013 Sons of the Sea Sons of the Sea
2013 Seether (2002-2013) Seether
2013 Proof of Life Scott Stapp
2013 Man of Steel (Movie Soundtrack) Hans Zimmer
2013 G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Movie Soundtrack)  Henry Jackman
2013 Complete Collection A Perfect Circle
2013 Closer to the Truth Cher
2013 Classic Album Collection Rob Zombie
2014 Something Else For Everybody: Unreleased Demos and Focus Group Rejects 2006-2009 Devo
2014 Rewind Rascal Flatts
2014 High Hopes  Bruce Springsteen
2014 Elypse Camila 


  • Josh can be seen on The Vandals' Live at the House of Blues DVD, notably in the additional content section in an old Simmons electronic drum commercial.
  • He has been the drummer in DEVO since 1995, with the exception of their Japan shows in 2003.

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