Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: As I Lay Dying, Sworn Enemy
Genres: Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Jordan Mancino is the drummer for the Metalcore band As I Lay Dying. Though the band has gone through a number of different configurations, Jordan Mancino and the vocalist (Tim Lambesis) have remained consistent members since its founding in 2001. Jordan Mancino claims bands such as Madball, Pantera, No Innocent Victim, Strife, In Flames, At the Gates, Cannibal Corpse, as well as many others as major influences.

As a child, Jordan Mancino begged his parents for a drum kit. When he finally received the treasured gift, Jordan Mancino dropped absolutely everything else and turned his obsessive focus onto the instrument. Anyone who listens to him today can hear how well his focus has paid off. Jordan Mancino is highly respected for his quick, yet sharply precise double bass drumming style as best displayed in AILD songs like '94 Hours,' 'Comfort Betrays,' and 'Nothing Left.' 

Though vocalist Tim Lambesis gives Jordan Mancino writing credit in the official band biography, Jordan admits in several interviews that he feels uncomfortable talking about lyrics because, 'it's something [Tim] wrote,' and Jordan does not want to misrepresent his singer.

Jordan Mancino is a practicing Christian, as are the rest of the members of As I Lay Dying, though they do not consider their music to be spiritual. As I Lay Dying and Jordan Mancino cite several decidedly non-Christian bands as influences and have toured with satanic band Behemoth (who thanked As I Lay Dying in their liner notes). In regards to this unlikely band friendship, Jordan says, 'as a band and as Christians, it doesn't matter to us. They're a band, whether they're a Christian band or a satanic band, it doesnít matter to us. We want to play with those bands; we want to become friends with those bands. If we happen to create a friendship, thatís awesome!' 

Jordan Mancino also drummed for Sworn Enemy on their 2008 release, Maniacal.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
2002 As I Lay Dying/American Tragedy As I Lay Dying/American Tragedy
2005 Shadows Are Security As I Lay Dying
2006 Drum Nation, Vol. 3 Various Artists
2007 Ocean Between Us As I Lay Dying
2008 Alive from the Apocalypse Unearth
2008 Maniacal Sworn Enemy
2010 The Powerless Rise As I Lay Dying
2012 Awakened As I Lay Dying


  • Jordan is a “huge Disney fan.”  He has a custom Truth Drum set with a Mickey Mouse head vent cut out of the snare drum--complete with little ears.
  • His favorite ride at Disneyland is Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • It has been said that he has Ashlee Simpson albums on his iPod. 
  • In the summer of 2002, Jordan obsessively played Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.
  • He is not against the consumption of alcohol, but he tries to maintain a two beer maximum when he parties.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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