Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Band: Cameo, The Jacksons, Madonna, Diana Ross, Elton John
Genres: R&B, Funk, Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Drummer, Songwriter, Producer


A native of New Orleans, Jonathan Moffett was born into a very gifted and musically talented family which led him to start playing music at a very early age. Only six years old, Jonathan Moffett began playing on his first Ludwig marching snare. Jonathan Moffett's natural talent shone bright even at the age eight—he was already playing at school dances, parties, and talent shows. By the time he was nine, Jonathan Moffett performed in local night clubs. Jonathan Moffett managed to pull in good money playing in his brother’s band, The Cavaliers.

While playing for various local popular bands around his hometown, Jonathan Moffett reached local celebrity status, which kick-started his professional career. In 1979, during his rise to fame, a tape of Jonathan Moffett playing slipped out to Jermaine Jackson’s band, The Jacksons. Jermaine personally requested that Jonathan Moffett come out to Los Angeles and join The Jacksons. Jonathan agreed to join, and his professional career took off.

Jonathan Moffett joined The Jacksons on tour for the first time in the spring of 1979, and then toured again in the winter of 1979. After touring with The Jacksons, Jonathan Moffett’s popularity skyrocketed. Jonathan Moffett went on tour with funk group Cameo, and in 1982 Jonathan joined Lionel Ritchie on tour. Two years later, Jonathan Moffett played with The Jacksons on their famous Victory Tour, and in 1985, he played on Madonna’s Virgin Tour.

Since then, Jonathan Moffett has been constantly touring and playing for various bands, including Elton John, Madonna, and George Michael. To this day, Jonathan Moffett has performed on over 20 major tours. Jonathan Moffett also wrote, arranged, produced, and performed the backup vocals on a song for the film Coming to America. Jonathan Moffett continued writing, arranging, and producing, and performing on television, tours, and in studio sessions. Who's Who in America, Who's Who in The West, and Who's Who in The World all inducted Jonahtan into their journal.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1981 Jacksons Live The Jacksons
1982 Diana's Duets Diana Ross
1982 Silk Electric Diana Ross
1984 Ciao Italia: Live in Italy [Video] Madonna
1984 Dream Street Janet Jackson
1984 Jermaine Jackson Jermaine Jackson
1984 Victory The Jacksons
1986 True Blue Madonna
1987 La Cocina Caliente Luis Conte
1988 Back to Avalon Kenny Loggins
1988 Coming to America Original Soundtrack
1988 One More Story Peter Cetera
1988 This Is Serious Marilyn Martin
1988 Us Nick Kamen
1989 Mr. Jordan Julian Lennon
1989 Sleeping With the Past Elton John
1990 I'm Breathless Madonna
1990 To Be Continued... Elton John
1991 Rush Street Richard Marx
1992 Fractal Zoom Brian Eno
1993 Duets Elton John
1993 Five Live George Michael & Queen
1994 Paid Vacation Richard Marx
1995 Another Life Barry Manilow
1995 Time Was Curtis Stigers
1996 Kissing Rain Roch Voisine
1996 Real Deal Edgar Winter
1997 Flesh & Bone Richard Marx
1998 Starkid Nicholas Pike
1999 Three for One Box Set Madonna
2000 Come Play with Me Amanda Shelby
2000 Sexy Sweet Thing Cameo
2001 Mood Shifts Steely
2002 Something Beautiful Color Theory
2003 Tracks Vasco Rossi
2003 Universo Fortis Alberto Fortis
2005 Complete Collection and Then Some... [2005 Reissue] Barry Manilow
2006 Standing on the One Jon Gibson


  • Jonathan is a fan of many different types of music including jazz, hip hop, and even some country.
  • He earned the nickname "Sugarfoot" at the age of twelve because of his fast and pronounced bass drum work. He became so well-known by his nickname that people often didn't know his real name.
  • Jonathan actively speaks out against the genocide in Darfur, poverty, and global warming.
  • In addition to music, Jonathan's interests include art, architecture, motorcycles, poetry, space, lost civilizations, aquatic life, martial arts, and literature.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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