Basic Background Info

Birth: April 26, 1975
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Band: Slipknot
Genres: Rock, Metal
Instruments: Drums, Guitar
Occupation: Musician


Joey Jordison, born Nathan Jonas Jordison in Des Moines, Iowa, is one of the heaviest, hardest metal drummers in modern music history. Like so many professionals, Joey Jordison played drums in his high school drum line and jazz band. However, Joey Jordison’s first interest was really guitar.  In fact, he still plays guitar today. As a young musician, Joey Jordison listened to Slayer, Kiss, and Metallica, paying especially close attention to drummers Peter Criss (Kiss) and Lars Ulrich (Metallica).

Joey Jordison played with an array of extreme metal bands in and around Des Moines, including Modifidious and Anal Blast, before creating Slipknot in 1995. Original members of the band included Jordison, Shawn Crahan, Anders Colsefini, Paul Gray, Donnie Steele, Quan “Meld” Nong, and Josh “Gnar” Brainard. After some tweaking, Joey Jordison played drums and Crahan and Colsefini played other percussion. They first performed under the name Meld, before changing the band’s name to Slipknot. During the band’s early days, the members experimented with their images and wore makeup and masks.

Slipknot self-released their first album, Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat, on Halloween in 1996. Their first major label release, Slipknot, debuted three years later after many personnel changes. Critics hailed the album as seriously heavy, and in early 2000 Slipknot was certified platinum. Slipknot developed a huge fan following and their second major label album, Iowa, was once again hard, heavy, and well received.

Regardless of the success and demands of Slipknot, Joey Jordison found time to work with several other metal bands as well such as Korn, Metallica, Ministry, American Head Charge, Satyricon, the Murderdolls, and 3 Inches of Blood. During the Download Festival in 2004, Joey stepped in for Lars Ulrich of Metallica and played the set with the powerhouse band. While Korn’s drummer was on hiatus, Joey toured with Korn for almost half of a year. That same year, Joey released his first album as producer, Fire up the Blades, with 3 Inches of Blood.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1996 Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat Slipknot
1999 Slipknot Slipknot
2000 All Talk: The Unauthorized Biography & Interview Slipknot
2000 MTV The Return of the Rock Various Artists
2000 Spit It Out Slipknot
2000 Wait and Bleed Slipknot
2001 Fight Song, Pt. 2 Marilyn Manson
2001 Iowa Slipknot
2002 Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls Murderdolls
2002 Left Behind You Slipknot
2002 Resident Evil: Music From and Inspired By the Motion Various Artists
2003 Best of Deicide Deicide
2003 Freddy vs. Jason Original Soundtrack
2003 Heart of Roadrunner Records Various Artists
2003 MTV2 Headbangers Ball Various Artists
2005 9.0: Live Slipknot
2005 Harvest Ritual, Vol. 1 Necrophagia
2005 Nobodies: 2005 Against All Gods Mix Marilyn Manson
2005 Roadrunner United: The All Star Sessions Various Artists
2007 Fire Up the Blades Three Inches of Blood
2008 V Is for Viagra: The Remixes Puscifer
2008 All Hope Is Gone Slipknot
2010 Women and Children Last Murderdolls
2010 Hellbilly Deluxe 2 Rob Zombie
2013 Scar the Martyr Scar the Martyr


  • Joey’s fans, called Maggots, refer to him as the Maggot King.
  • Joey performed at the Download Festival five times with four different bands--Korn, Metallica, Murderdolls, and Slipknot.
  • During Slipknot performances, Joey always wears a Japanese kabuki mask. His masks evolved with the band and the music: from an emotionless blank white mask to a mask cut with claw marks and blood.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Pearl
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Pearl
Heads: Remo
Electronics: ddrums
Sticks: Ahead

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