Basic Background Info

Birth: August 22, 1955
Location: New York City, New York
Band: Etc., Lan Xang
Genres: Jazz
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Raised on Long Island, Jeff Hirshfield began drumming in elementary school and studied under Ed Soph and Frankie Malabe. In high school Jeff Hirshfield had the opportunity to work with the likes of Zoot Sims, Ray Nance, Charlie McPhearson, and Clark Terry. Jeff Hirshfield worked for the Joffrey Ballet from 1976 to 1977. Beginning with Mose Allison in 1977, Hirshfield spent a decade on the road. The 80s found Jeff Hirshfield playing with Red Rodney and Ira Sullivan for four years and with Toshiko Akiyoshi and Bennie Wallace for three years a piece.

In 1988, Jeff Hirshfield became a member of the trio Etc. He also played in another trio with Fred Hersh and Michael Formanek. In the early 1990s, he was part of a quartet that also featured John Abercrombie and Andy LaVerne. Jeff Hirshfield went on to round out trios with both Marc Copland and Dieter Ilg and with Formanek and Tim Berne. In 1995, Hirshfield joined Lan Xang. Throughout the decade, Jeff Hirshfield also played with Harold Danko, Formanek's Wide Open Spaces project, and Steve LaSpina's quartet.

Jeff Hirshfield has additionally performed with artists such as Woody Herman, Randy Brecker, Jim Hall, Elaine Elias, John Zorn, Vic Juris, Steve Slagle, John Taylor, Kenny Wheeler, Bob Brookmeyer, and Dr. John. Hirshfield also conducts drum clinics and workshops on musicality and listening.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1982 Sprint Red Rodney
1986 In Passing Jerome Harris
1986 Wishing Peace Toshiko Akiyoshi
1986 Brilliant Corners Bennie Wallace
1988 Denon Jazz Sampler, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1988 E.T.C. Fred Hersch
1988 My Foolish Heart Marc Copland
1989 Exact Science Walt Weiskopf
1989 Treasure Island Bob Belden
1989 Kaleidoscope Bill Mays
1989 Straight to My Heart: The Music of Sting Bob Belden
1989 Heartsongs Fred Hersch
1990 Wide Open Spaces Michael Formanek
1990 Storm Rising Jim Snidero
1991 Dancing Voices Judy Silvano
1991 ETC Plus One Jerry Bergonzi
1991 Radio Waves Rob Schneiderman
1991 Urban Tales Jim Snidero
1991 Extended Animation Michael Formanek
1991 Reflections Warren Bernhardt
1992 New Horizon Steve LaSpina
1992 Next Exit Jay Anderson
1992 Big City Magic Bruce Williamson
1992 Mythology Daniel Schnyder
1992 Dial & Oatts Play Cole Porter Dial & Oatts
1992 Red Square Blue: Jazz Impressions of Russian Composers Fred Hersch
1992 Loose Cannon Michael Formanek
1993 Guitar Artistry of Billy Billy Rogers
1993 The Steve Slagle Quartet Steve Slagle
1993 To Start Again Rich Perry
1993 Next Age Harold Danko
1994 What We're Hearing Joe Fonda
1994 Local Color Jay Anderson
1994 What's Goin' On Dieter Ilg
1994 Bite of the Apple Peter Delano
1994 Knitting Factory at the Whitney Museum Various Artists
1994 Roots David Tronzo
1994 Night Tripper Vic Juris
1994 Blue Degrees Dave Stryker
1994 Nomad Dave Stryker
1994 Sunburst Ron McClure
1994 Eclipse Steve LaSpina
1994 Reincarnation Steve Slagle
1995 Color and Light: Jazz Sketches of Sondheim Various Artists
1995 Beware of Spring! Meredith d'Ambrosio
1995 Spread the Word Steve Slagle
1995 Now It Can Be Played John Abercrombie
1995 When I'm Alone Steve LaSpina
1995 New Autumn Harold Danko
1995 High Drama John Hart
1995 Loooking Glass River Theo Bleckmann
1996 Big Band Renaissance Various Artists
1996 The Gift Gordon Brisker
1996 The Feeling of Jazz Harold Danko
1996 Slide Crazy! Various Artists
1996 Blues Suite Ed Strauman
1996 Moonscape Vic Juris
1996 Music of Alec Wilder Vic Juris
1996 Story Time Steve LaSpina
1997 Burner Various Artists
1997 Tidal Breeze Harold Danko
1997 Lan Xang Lan Xang
1997 First Look Mark Shilansky
1997 Blue Porpoise Avenue Glenn Wilson
1997 Still Dreaming Hakan Brostrom
1997 Sight Unheard Jamie Baum
1997 When Children Smile Steve LaSpina
1997 Road Ahead Steve LaSpina
1998 Free to Dream David Binney
1998 Portable Universe Scott Colley
1998 Compositions Coast to Coast Chuck Bergeron
1998 Images Alex Sipiagin
1998 Trio Art Jack Wilkins
1998 Notes on Ornette Paul Bley
1999 Legacy, Vol. 3: Why Shouldn't You Cry Chet Baker
1999 With Ease Scott Lee
1999 Savannah Samurai Charlie Mariano
1999 Ram Records Jazz Sampler Various Artists
2000 Three of Four Harold Danko
2000 Stable Mates Harold Danko
2000 True Stories Andrew Rathbun
2000 Scatter Some Stones Andrew Rathbun
2000 Jazz Sampler, Vol. 1 (Double Time) Various Artists
2000 Let's Get Lost Annette Sanders
2001 4tets Jon Ballantyne
2001 Songbook Vic Juris
2001 Nightscapes Harold Danko
2001 Dedicated Ed Strauman
2001 The Bounce Steve LaSpina
2001 Prestigioius: A Tribute to Eric Dolphy Harold Danko
2002 Quartet Music Michael Cochrane
2002 Songbook 2 Vic Juris
2002 Sculptures Andrew Rathbun
2002 Fantasy Exit Harold Danko
2003 Surrealist Table Ken Hatfield
2003 How Sweet It Is Loren Stillman
2003 Pathways Michael Cochran
2004 Abacus John O'Gallagher
2004 Trilix Harold Danko
2004 Louisville Louis Smith
2004 East of the Sun and West of 2nd Avenue Rich Perry
2004 Moving Forward, Standing Still Jamie Baum
2005 East of Broadway: A Benefit for Fourth Arts Block Various Artists
2005 Blue Note Plays Sting Various Artists
2005 Hinesight Harold Danko
2005 You're My Everything Rich Perry
2006 Play Room Steve LaSpina
2006 Shadow Forms Andrew Rathbun
2006 At the Kitano, Vol. 1 Rich Perry
2006 Trio Alto, Vol. 1 Loren Stillman
2007 Minor Prophets Johannes Wallmann
2007 Times Remembered Harold Danko
2007 For the Music Vic Juris
2007 E. Motion Rich Perry
2007 Right Now Michael Cochrane
2007 Music from There Steve Lampert
2007 A Small Madness David Binney
2008 Solace Jamie Baum
2008 Sacred Machines Glenn White
2008 One Thought Scott Lee
2008 At the Kitano Vol. 2 Rich Perry
2009 National Pastime David Glenn
2009 Gone Rich Perry
2010 Oatts & Perry Vol. 2 Harold Danko Quintet
2010 American Dream David Haskins
2011 For Which It Stands Cloning Americana
2012 H3 Heines, Hirshfield, Holzman
2013 Shadow Forms II Jeff Hirshfield, Scott Lee, Andrew Rathbun
2013 In This Life Jamie Baum
2014 Fuzzy Logic Taylor Haskins


  • said of Jeff, "Hirshfield is an uncannily precise drummer with a wide dynamic range and a reliable sense of when to hit hard and when to hit soft."
  • Jeff Hirshfield has said, "Music is all about listening."

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Aquarian
Sticks: Zildjian

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