Basic Background Info

Birth: June 29, 1948
Location: Nottingham, England
Band: Deep Purple, Whitesnake, The Maze
Genres: Rock, Metal
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Ian Anderson Paice was born on June 29, 1948, in Nottingham, England. Ian Paice was born into a musically talented family, his father was a pianist. Ian Paice's natural knack for music was evident as he began playing the violin at an early age. Ian Paice became inspired to play the drums when he watched old movies, which featured popular drummers such as Gene Krupa. Ian Paice made his first set of drums using tins and knitting needles. It was not until the age of fifteen that Ian received his first true drum set from his father.

With only two years under his belt, Ian Paice turned professional when he began playing with the band The MI 5, also known as The Maze. Ian Paice released three singles and an EP with The Maze. However, his big break would not come until he joined the band Roundabout, who would later change their name to Deep Purple. The original band had early success, but garnered world renown after releasing the album In Rock with vocalist Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover.

At the peak of their popularity in 1973, Deep Purple controversially ousted Glover and Gillan. Despite setbacks, Deep Purple was able to recuperate thanks to Ian Paice's leadership. Although Ian Paice gained most of his popularity as Deep Purple's drummer, he has performed with numerous other bands including Whitesnake and the Gary Moore Band.

Deep Purple reunited in 1984 under Ian's direction. They continue to record and release live albums. In addition to working with Deep Purple, Ian Paice teaches clinics and records with various other rock & roll acts.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1965 One Little Letter/What You Gonna Do The Shindings
1965 A Little While Back/Why Say Goodbye The Shindings
1966 You'll Never Stop Me Loving You/Only Time Will Tell The Maze
1966 Hello Stranger/Telephone The Maze
1967 Aria Del Sud/Non Fatemio Odiare The Maze
1967 Harlem Shuffle/What Now/The Trap/I'm So Glad The Maze
1967 Catteri, Catteri/Easy Street The Maze
1967 Do Your Own Thing/Goodbye Baby Goodbye Soul Brothers
1968 Shades of Deep Purple Deep Purple
1968 The Book of Taliesyn Deep Purple
1968 I Shall Be Released/Down In The Flood Boz Burrell
1968 I Feel Fine/Let Me Love You Tony Wilson
1969 Deep Purple Deep Purple
1969 Concerto for Group and Orchestra Deep Purple
1970 Deep Purple in Rock Deep Purple
1971 Fireball Deep Purple
1971 Natural Magic Green Bullfrog
1971 In My Time Mike Hurst
1972 Machine Head Deep Purple
1972 Made in Japan Deep Purple
1972 Gemini Suite Jon Lord
1972 Home is Where You Find It Eddie Hardin
1972 The Pete York Percussion Band The Pete York Percussion Band
1972 Squeeze Velvet Underground
1973 Who Do We Think We Are Deep Purple
1973 Bump & Grind Jackson Heights
1974 Burn Deep Purple
1974 Stormbringer Deep Purple
1974 E.H. in the UK ñ The Eddie Harrin London Sessions Eddie Hardin
1974 First of the Big Bands Tony Ashton & Jon Lord
1975 Come Taste the Band Deep Purple
1975 Funkist Bobby Harrison
1976 Made in Europe Deep Purple
1977 Last Concert in Japan Deep Purple
1977 You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks Eddie Hardin
1978 Composition Kirby
1980 Ready An' Willing Whitesnake
1980 Live ... in the Heart of the City Whitesnake
1980 And About Time Too Bernie Marsden
1981 Come An' Get It Whitesnake
1981 Look At Me Now Bernie Marsden
1981 Free Spirit Ken Hensley
1982 Saints & Sinners Whitesnake
1982 Corridors of Power Gary Moore Band
1982 Live at the Marquee Gary Moore Band
1982 Before I Forget Jon Lord
1983 Falling in Love with You Gary Moore Band
1983 Rocking Every Night Gary Moore Band
1983 Victims of the Future Gary Moore Band
1983 Arrested The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Friends Tribute to Police
1984 Perfect Strangers Deep Purple
1984 We Want Moore! Gary Moore Band
1987 The House of Blue Light Deep Purple
1987 Super Drumming Pete York & Friends
1989 Best of Dark Horse 1976-89 George Harrison
1990 Slaves & Masters Deep Purple
1993 The Battle Rages On Deep Purple
1993 BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert '74 Tony Ashton & Jon Lord
1994 From Time To Time Ken Hensley
1996 Purpendicular Deep Purple
1998 Abandon Deep Purple
1999 Jump the Gun Pretty Maids
1999 Run Devil Run Paul McCartney
1999 Live at the Cavern Paul McCartney
2001 Living on the Outside Jim Capaldi
2001 Twister Max Magagni
2003 Bananas Deep Purple
2003 E-Think Mario Fasciano
2003 Dal Vero Tolo Marton
2004 The Early Years Whitesnake
2005 Rapture of the Deep Deep Purple
2006 Gillan's Inn Ian Gillan
2006 Time To Take A Stand Moonstone Project
2006 Deep Purple & Friends Deep Purple
2006 Anthology (Angel Air) Ian Gillan
2007 This Time Around Glenn Hughes
2007 The Singles + The Promo Videos Ian Gillan
2007 The Fall Box Set The Fall
2007 Real to Reel Tesla
2007 Love Paice, Ashton & Lord
2007 Live in Montreux 2006 Deep Purple
2008 On the Drums Ian Paice
2008 Hidden In Time Moonstone Project
2009 Space Truckin' Round the World 1968-76 Deep Purple
2009 Rebel on the Run Moonstone Project
2009 Only the Best of Eddie Harris Vol. 1 Eddie Harris
2009 Deepest Trilogy Box Deep Purple
2011 Seeking Major Rapture William Shattner
2011 Live at Montreux 2011 Deep Purple
2011 Box of Snakes: The Sunburst Years 1978-82 Whitesnake
2012 Who Cares? Tony Iommi
2012 Who Are You: An All-Star Tribute to the Who Various Artists
2012 A Spoonful of Time Nektar
2013 Perfect Strangers Live Deep Purple
2013 Live in Birmingham 1993 Deep Purple
2014 Live in California 74 Deep Purple


  • Ian Paice was greatly influenced by Ringo Starr. His first drum set was almost identical to Ringo's.
  • Ian participated on two albums with Paul McCartney, the most notable being Run Devil Run. He has travelled and performed with Paul while promoting the album.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Pearl
Cymbals: Paiste
Heads: Remo
Sticks: Promark 

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