Basic Background Info

Birth: March 10, 1957
Location: Hammersmith, West London, England
Band: Roger Waters, Tina Turner, The Beach Boys, Jeff Beck, Van Morrison, Bryan Adams, Bill Wyman, Wham!, Culture Club
Genres: Pop, Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


After attending the Royal College of Music in Kensington, London, Graham Broad began playing the drums professionally at the age of fifteen. Since then, Graham Broad has played with a wide variety of groups. One of Graham Broad's first recordings was with the Polecats on their 1976 album entitled Money Talks. During the late 70s, Graham Broad played and recorded with Commander Cody, Alexis Korner, Noel McCalla, and Grand Hotel.

The early 1980s held more studio work for Graham Broad. He recorded with popular 1980s artists and bands such as Wham!, Culture Club, Tina Turner, The Beach Boys, John Parr, Charlie, and Modern English.  Graham Broad recorded ten albums between 1986 and 1987. 

Keeping this pace, Graham Broad continued to work with a wide array of artists. Graham Broad began working with former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters in the late 80s. In 1990, Graham Broad performed with Roger and his Bleeding Heart Band at The Wall Concert in Berlin. The 1990s also saw Graham Broad working with Tony Banks, Peter Cetera, Bonnie Tyler, and Willie and the Poor Boys.  Graham Broad also had his drumming featured on the Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack.

In 1999, Roger Waters invited Graham Broad to join his band for the In The Flesh tour. Graham Broad accepted and toured with them for three years. Graham Broad still works with Roger and participated on The Dark Side of The Moon tour. He’s also a member of Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1976 Money Talks Polecats
1977 Rock 'n Roll Again Commander Cody
1978 Just Easy Alexis Korner
1979 Do Not Disturb Grand Hotel
1979 Night Time Emotion Noel McCalla
1982 Five Miles Out Mike Oldfield
1982 Grand Passion Doll by Doll
1983 Colour by Numbers Culture Club
1983 Fantastic! Wham!
1983 Pure Wild Girls Can't Help It
1984 John Parr John Parr
1984 Private Dancer Tina Turner
1984 Riot in Color Al Corley
1985 Bangs & Crashes Go West
1985 Beach Boys The Beach Boys
1985 Go West Go West
1985 On the Beam Space Monkey
1986 In Pursuit of Romance Charlie
1986 No More Jinx Wild Blue
1986 Running the Endless Mile John Parr
1986 Stop Start Modern English
1986 Tom Cochrane & Red Rider Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
1987 Alphabet City ABC
1987 Dancin' on the Couch Go West
1987 Heart Over Mind Jennifer Rush
1987 Radio K.A.O.S. Roger Waters
1987 Water Under the Bridge Deniece Williams
1987 When the Wind Blows Roger Waters
1990 Wall: Live in Berlin (Video) Roger Waters
1990 Wall: Live in Berlin Roger Waters
1991 Keep the Music Playing Shirley Bassey
1991 Simply the Best Tina Turner
1992 1972-1983 Alexis Korner
1992 Amused to Death Roger Waters
1992 Angel Heart Bonnie Tyler
1992 Still Tony Banks
1992 World Falling Down Peter Cetera
1994 Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome Maurice Jarre
1994 Platinum/QE2/Five Miles Out Mike Oldfield
1994 Tear It Up: Live Willie and the Poor Boys
1995 One Clear Voice Peter Cetera
1996 Free Spirit Bonnie Tyler
1996 Lost Album Alexis Korner
1996 Simply the Best Tina Turner
1996 Wildest Dreams Tina Turner
1997 Storm Vanessa-Mae
1997 You're the Inspiration: A Collection Peter Cetera
1998 David Summers David Summers
1998 Musically Rich...and Famous: Anthology 1967-1982 Alexis Korner
1998 One Clear Voice (Japan) Peter Cetera
1998 Private Dancer: Centenary Tina Turner
1998 Struttin' Our Stuff Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings
1998 Turn Unstoned? Roger Chapman
1998 Wildest Dreams Tina Turner
1999 Anyway the Wind Blows Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings
1999 Five Miles Out/Crisis/Heaven's Open Mike Oldfield
2000 Groovin' Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
2000 In the Flesh Live Roger Waters
2001 Double Bill Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
2001 In the Flesh Live (Video/DVD) Rogers Waters
2002 Elements: Mike Oldfield 1973-1991 (Remastered) Mike Oldfield
2002 Flickering Flame: The Solo Years, Vol. 1 Roger Waters
2003 Colour by Numbers Culture Club
2003 Simply the Best (CD & DVD) Tina Turner
2003 Songs from the Material World: A Tribute to George Various Artists
2003 Wall: Live in Berlin, 1990 (Remastered) Roger Waters
2004 Are You Ready (Bonus Tracks) Bucks Fizz
2004 Belle-Issima!: Sweet Memories... Belle Stars
2004 Bucks Fizz (Bonus Tracks) Bucks Fizz
2004 Hand Cut (Bonus Tracks) Bucks Fizz
2004 I Hear Talk (Bonus Tracks) Bucks Fizz
2004 Let the Good Times Roll Bill Wyman
2004 Struttin' Our Stuff Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
2004 You're the Inspiration: A Collection Peter Cetera
2004 Stronger Together D-Side
2005 Alphabet City (Bonus Tracks) ABC
2005 Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Live Bill Wyman
2005 Faithfully Peter Cetera
2005 Greatest Hits Shirley Bassey
2005 Just for a Thrill Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
2005 Rhythm Kings Live Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
2005 Ronan Keating Ronan Keating
2005 That's What Friends Are For Shirley Bassey
2006 Intersections 1985-2005 Bruce Hornsby
2006 Poor Boy Boogie Willie and the Poor Boys
2007 10 Years of Hits (DVD) Ronan Keating
2007 Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis Various Artists
2007 Stuff (Bonus Tracks) Bill Wyman


  • The Royal College of Music has been home to some of the most distinguished and influential figures in the history of British music.

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