Basic Background Info

Birth: January 15, 1909 - October 16, 1973
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Band: Joe Bonamassa
Genres: Rock, Blues
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Eugene Bertram Krupa was born on January 15, 1909, in Chicago, Illinois, to Bartley and Ann Krupa. He came from a large family and was the youngest of nine children. Gene’s father passed away when Gene was very young. As a result, all nine children were forced to start working early in their lives.

Gene Krupa’s first job was as an errand boy and window cleaner for Brown Music Company—a situation that turned out very well for Gene.  It was his introduction into the music scene. Gene Krupa inevitably bought a drum set from the company’s wholesale catalogue. It was the cheapest item they offered at only sixteen dollars. This single purchase would lead Gene down the road to stardom.

As a child, Gene Krupa went down to Chicago’s south side to watch popular drummers and learn everything he could from them. Before long, Gene Krupa was focusing on his musical aspirations over his school work—much to the dismay of his mother. Gene Krupa had been raised to be very religious and was groomed to become a priest. Despite his mother’s disapproval, Gene Krupa joined his first band, The Frivolians, while still attending grammar school.

In 1924, Gene Krupa attended St. Joseph’s College, a seminary preparatory school in Rensselaer, Indiana. At St. Joseph’s, Gene Krupa studied under a classically trained professor of music named Father Ildefonse Rapp. However, Gene left after just a short year to pursue a career as a professional drummer.

Immediately after leaving St. Joseph’s, Gene Krupa immersed himself in the Chicago music scene by playing with various local bands, including the Austin High Gang. However, Gene’s career didn’t really lift off until he met Baby Dodds, a famous New Orleans drummer. From Dodds, Gene learned to polish his natural talent and go on to become a drumming legend.

Over the course of Gene Krupa’s life, he played for hundreds of different bands and his career was consistently marked by astounding innovation and personal success. Unfortunately, Gene passed away on October 16, 1973, due to heart failure.

Gene Krupa is widely regarded as the father of modern drumming. Gene Krupa is credited with being the first drum soloist and paving the way for generations of drummers to come. Gene Krupa is undoubtedly one of the most influential musical figures of his time, and his contributions can still be felt to this day.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1922 Oriental Illusions Various Artists
1923 Fats Waller and His Rhythm Fats Waller
1924 Felix the Cat Bix Beiderbecke
1924 I Got Rhythm: The Music of George Gershwin Various Artists
1924 Indispensable Bix Beiderbecke
1925 Ladies Sing Jazz, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1925 Obscure & Neglected Chicagoans Various Artists
1925 Rhythm of the Day Red Nichols & His 5 Pennies
1925 Trumpet Royalty Various Artists
1926 Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo, Vol. 2: Chicago Various Artists
1926 Piano Anthology Various Artists
1926 Riverboat Shuffle Various Artists
1927 Classic Jazz Piano Various Artists
1927 Fats Waller and His Buddies Fats Waller
1927 Windy City Jazz Eddie Condon
1929 Complete Early Band Works (1927-1929) Fats Waller
1929 1929 Fats Waller
1929 Art Deco: Sophisticated Ladies Various Artists
1929 B.G. & Big Tea in NYC Benny Goodman with Jack Teargarden
1929 Benny Goodman and the Giants of Swing Benny Goodman
1929 Early Hamp Lionel Hampton
1929 Halloween Stomp Various Artists
1929 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues Jack Teagarden
1929 Swing That Music Various Artists
1929 Swinging the Blues Various Artists
1930 1930's: The Small Combos Various Artists
1931 Complete Brunswick, Parlophone and Vocalion Bunny Berigan Sessions Bunny Berigan
1932 Henry Allen Collection, Vol. 1 (1932) Henry Allen
1932 Portrait of Bunny Berigan Bunny Berigan
1932 Reefer Songs: Original Jazz & Blues Vocals Various Artists
1934 Jazz in History, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1935 Artie Shaw & His New Music/Benny Goodman & His Orchestra Artie Shaw/Benny Goodman
1935 Benny Goodman 1935, Vol. 1 Benny Goodman
1935 Birth of Swing Benny Goodman
1935 Bunny Berigan: Leader & Sideman Bunny Berigan
1935 Complete Benny Goodman, Vol. 1 (1935) Benny Goodman
1935 Complete Small Group Recordings Benny Goodman
1935 Drummer Gene Krupa
1935 Minor Jive Roy Eldridge
1935 Original Benny Goodman Trio and Quartet Sessions, Vol. 1 Benny Goodman
1935 Pied Piper Bunny Berigan
1935 Sing, Sing, Sing† Benny Goodman
1935 Stompin' at the Savoy† Benny Goodman
1935 Streamin' & Beamin' Benny Goodman & Edmond Hall
1935 Swing Classics† Various Artists
1935 Swing Is Here Various Artists
1935 Teddy Wilson, Vol. 2: Warmin' Up Teddy Wilson
1936 1936, Vol. 2 Benny Goodman & His Orchestra
1936 1936-1937 Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra
1936 Air Play Benny Goodman
1936 Chu Berry Story Chu Berry
1936 Of Thee I Swing Teddy Wilson
1936 Quintessential Billie Holiday, Vol. 2 (1936) Billie Holiday
1937 Billie Holiday (1933-1937) Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra
1937 Complete Benny Goodman, Vol. 4 (1936-1937) Benny Goodman
1937 Quintessential Billie Holiday, Vol. 3 (1936-1937) Billie Holiday
1937 1937-1938 Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
1937 1937 Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra
1937 Complete 1937 Madhattan Room Broadcasts, Vol. 2 Benny Goodman
1937 Complete 1937 Madhattan Room Broadcasts, Vol. 5 Benny Goodman
1937 Complete 1937 Madhattan Room Broadcasts, Vol. 6 Benny Goodman
1937 Complete Lionel Hampton Lionel Hampton
1937 Fine & Dandy Teddy Wilson
1937 Harry James Years, Vol. 1 Benny Goodman & His Orchestra
1937 Masters of Jazz, Vol. 5: Female Vocal Classics Various Artists
1937 Roll 'Em, Vol. 1 Benny Goodman
1937 Saturday Night Swing Club Various Artists
1938 1938 Bill Dodge All-Star Recordings Complete Benny Goodman
1938 1938 Gene Krupa
1938 Bolero at the Savoy Gene Krupa
1938 Complete Camel Caravan Shows† Benny Goodman
1938 Drummin' Man† Gene Krupa & His Orchestra
1938 Live at Carnegie Hall (1938) Benny Goodman
1938 To Be or Not to Bop Gene Krupa
1938 Wire Brush Stomp Gene Krupa
1939 Complete Small Combinations, Vols. 1-2 (1935-1937) Benny Goodman
1939 1939 Gene Krupa & His Orchestra
1939 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concerts† Benny Goodman
1940 1940, Vol. 1 Gene Krupa
1940 1940, Vol. 2 Gene Krupa & His Orchestra
1940 1940, Vol. 3 Gene Krupa
1940 Best of Big Bands: Drum Boogie Gene Krupa
1941 Uptown Roy Eldridge with Gene Krupa and Anita O
1941 Uptown Gene Krupa
1942 Complete Signature & London Recordings Anita O'Day
1942 Billie's Blues† Billie Holiday
1943 Ace Drummer Man Gene Krupa
1943 Original V-Disc Collection Various Artists
1943 Well Git It! Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
1944 Carnegie Hall V-Disc Session (April 1944) Tommy Dorsey
1944 One Night Stand Boyd Raeburn
1944 Rare 1944-46 Broadcast Performances Boyd Raeburn
1944 Town Hall Concerts, Vol. 2 Eddie Condon
1944 Town Hall Concerts, Vol. 3 Eddie Condon
1944 Town Hall Concerts, Vol. 4 Eddie Condon
1944 Town Hall Concerts, Vol. 5 Eddie Condon
1945 Leave Us Leap Gene Krupa
1945 Timme Rosenkrantz' 1945 Concert, Vol. 3 Gene Krupa
1945 Town Hall Concert Various Artists
1946 Way Down Yonder (1943-1944) Benny Goodman
1946 Charlie Boy Charlie Ventura
1946 Gene Krupa: Transcribed Gene Krupa
1946 Hop, Skip & Jump 1946, Vol. 3 Gene Krupa
1946 Mullenium Gerry Mulligan
1946 Trio at JATP Gene Krupa
1949 Let Me Off Uptown† Gene Krupa
1949 Lionel Hampton / Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1950 Gems of Jazz, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1952 Great Trumpet Artists Various Artists
1952 Original Drum Battle Gene Krupa
1953 Compact Jazz: Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1953 Exciting Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1953 Hartford, 1953 Jazz at the Philharmonic
1953 J.A.T.P. in Tokyo Jazz at the Philharmonic
1954 Compact Jazz: Lionel Hampton Lionel Hampton
1954 Driving Gene Krupa
1954 Gene Krupa, Vol. 1 Gene Krupa
1954 Gene Krupa, Vol. 2 Gene Krupa
1954 Sing, Sing, Sing Gene Krupa
1955 Benny Goodman Story† Benny Goodman
1955 Benny Goodman Story, Vols. 1-2† Benny Goodman
1955 Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich: Compact Jazz Gene Krupa with Buddy Rich
1955 Gene Krupa Quartet Gene Krupa
1955 Jazz Rhythms of Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1955 Krupa & Rich Gene Krupa
1955 Krupa & Rich Various Artists
1956 Drummer Man Gene Krupa with Anita O'Day and Roy Eldr
1956 King of Swing, Vol. 2 Benny Goodman
1956 Trio Quartet Quintet Benny Goodman
1957 Hey...Here's Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1957 Krupa Rocks Gene Krupa
1958 Best of the Big Name Bands Various Artists
1958 Essential Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1958 Gene Krupa Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements Gene Krupa
1958 Jivin' the Vibes† Lionel Hampton
1959 Big Noise from Winnetka Gene Krupa
1959 Billie Holiday Story, Vol. 1† Billie Holiday
1959 Gene Krupa Story† Gene Krupa
1961 Percussion King Gene Krupa
1962 Burnin' Beat Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich
1963 Classics in Percussion Gene Krupa
1963 Portrait of Coleman Hawkins Coleman Hawkins
1963 Together Again! The Benny Goodman Quartet Benny Goodman/Lionel Hampton/Gene Krupa/
1964 Featuring Charlie Ventura Gene Krupa
1964 Great New Gene Krupa Quartet Gene Krupa
1965 Gene Krupa† Gene Krupa
1972 Jazz at the New School Eddie Condon
1972 Live at the New School 1972 Eddie Condon
1974 Gene Krupa, His Orchestra and Anita O'Day Gene Krupa
1976 One Night Stand Gene Krupa
1978 All Fly Home Al Jarreau
1978 Legend Gene Krupa
1981 Hollywood Hotel Original Soundtrack
1983 Big Band Jazz, Vol. 1: From the Beginning to the Fifties Various Artists
1985 Best of Gene Krupa: His Drums and His Orchestra Gene Krupa
1985 Drum Battle: Jazz at the Philharmonic Gene Krupa
1985 Gene Krupa† Gene Krupa
1985 Gene Krupa's Sidekicks Gene Krupa
1985 That Drummer's Band† Gene Krupa
1986 1924-1930 Bix Beiderbecke
1986 Remember† Benny Goodman and His Orchestras
1987 All Star Jazz Show #4: Rockin' in Rhythm† Various Artists
1987 Compact Jazz: Best of the Big Bands Various Artists
1987 Revised Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz Various Artists
1989 Best of the Big Bands† Benny Goodman
1989 Big Band Era† Various Artists
1989 Fabulous Baker Boys Dave Grusin
1989 Jazz Club: Drums Various Artists
1989 Laughter from the Hip: 24 Jazz Comedy Classics Various Artists
1990 Big Band, Vol. 1: Let's Dance Various Artists
1990 Bluebird Sampler 1990 Various Artists
1990 Handful of Keys: 13 Great Jazz Pianists Various Artists
1990 Kings of Swing† Various Artists
1990 Legendary Big Bands Gene Krupa with Count BasieÖ
1990 Big Bands' Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1991 At the Jazz Band Ball Bix Beiderbecke
1991 Be Bop Era† Various Artists
1991 Big Big Big Big Bands: Vol. 12 Various Artists
1991 Cream of Benny Goodman Benny Goodman
1991 Genius of Bix Beiderbecke Bix Beiderbecke
1991 Jazz Collector Edition, Vol. 6-10 Various Artists
1991 Jazz-Club Mainstream: Big Bands Various Artists
1991 Jazz-Club Mainstream: Dixieland Various Artists
1991 Jazz-Club Mainstream: Trombone Various Artists
1991 Jazz-Club Mainstream: Trumpet Various Artists
1991 Nipper's Greatest Hits: The 30's, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1991 Rare Recordings 1935-1936 Benny Goodman & Lionel Hampton
1991 Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1991 Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1991 Swing Back with Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1991 Viper Mad Blues: 25 Songs of Dope and Depravity Various Artists
1992 RCA Victor Jazz: The First Half-Century - The 20's - 60's Various Artists
1992 Big Band Instrumentals: 16 Most Requested Songs Various Artists
1992 Big Band's Greatest Hits Various Artists
1992 Brother Can You Spare a Dime...† Various Artists
1992 Early Years Benny Goodman
1992 Essential Big Bands Various Artists
1992 Giants of the Big Band Era: Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1992 Golden Years in Digital Stereo: Swing Big Bands (1929-36) Various Artists
1992 Golden Years in Digital Stereo: Swing Groups (1931-36) Various Artists
1992 Greatest Swing Instrumentals Various Artists
1992 Harlem Lullaby Mildred Bailey
1992 I'm in the Mood for Swing Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
1992 Jack Teagarden, Vol. 1 Jack Teagarden
1992 Jazz 'Round Midnight: The Big Band Various Artists
1992 Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo: Red Nichols & Miff Mole Red Nichols with Miff Mole
1992 Jazz Collector Edition Benny Goodman Orchestra
1992 Jazz-Club Mainstream: Drums Various Artists
1992 Jazz-Club Mainstream: Guitar & Bass Various Artists
1992 Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra Lionel Hampton
1992 Masters of Jazz, Vols. 6-10 Various Artists
1992 Pure Gold Benny Goodman
1992 Small Groups Various Artists
1992 Stompin' at the Savoy† Benny Goodman
1992 Swinging Big Band Christmas Various Artists
1992 When Buddha Smiles Benny Goodman
1992 You're the Top: Cole Porter in the 1930's Various Artists
1992 Zip-a-dee Doo-dah Various Artists
1993 Swing Time! The Fabulous Big Band Era 1925-1955 Various Artists
1993 Finest Vintage Jazz (1917-1941) Various Artists
1993 16 Most Requested Songs Benny Goodman
1993 16 Most Requested Songs Billie Holiday
1993 1931-1934 Ethel Waters
1993 Best of the Big Bands† Various Artists
1993 Best of the Big Bands† Various Artists
1993 Best of the Big Bands† Various Artists
1993 Boogie Woogie Stomp† Various Artists
1993 Can't Help Lovin' That Man Various Artists
1993 Compact Jazz: Anita O'Day Anita O'Day
1993 Hot Drums Gene Krupa & His Orchestra
1993 Jack Teagarden with Wolfe Kahn Jack Teagarden/Wolfe KahnÖ
1993 Muggshot Muggsy Spanier
1993 Yes Indeed Harry James
1994 Clarinet Marmalade: 25 Great Jazz Clarinettists Various Artists
1994 Complete Lionel Hampton, Vol. 1-2 (1937-1938) Lionel Hampton
1994 Gene's Solo Flight Gene Krupa
1994 Golden Days Teddy Wilson
1994 Hallelujah Benny Goodman
1994 His Piano and His Orchestra† Teddy Wilson with Billie Holiday
1994 In the Mood: 20 Original Big Band Hits Various Artists
1994 Indispensable Benny Goodman, Vol. 3-4 (1936-1937) Benny Goodman
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1994 Jazz from the Windy City Various Artists
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1994 Masterpieces, Vol. 10 Lionel Hampton
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1995 1939-1940, Vol. 3 Charlie Christian
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1995 Anthology of Scat Singing, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1995 Beginning Jazz at the Philharmonic
1995 Benny Goodman and His Great Vocalists Benny Goodman
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1995 Best of Gene Krupa Gene Krupa
1995 Best of the Big Bands† Various Artists
1995 Best of the Big Bands Gene Krupa/Woody Herman
1995 Big Band Jump: Swing Anthology Various Artists
1995 Blue & Sentimental Various Artists
1995 Body and Soul† Coleman Hawkins
1995 Ec-Stacy: 25 Great Piano Performances 1935-1945 Jess Stacy
1995 Ec-Stacy Jess Stacy
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1995 His Best Recordings: 1935-1939 Bunny Berigan
1995 Hollywood Palladium† Gene Krupa
1995 Indispensable Benny Goodman, Vol. 5-6 Benny Goodman
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1995 It's Up to You: 1946, Vol. 2 Gene Krupa
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1995 Little Jazz† Roy Eldridge
1995 Lullaby of Broadway: The Best of Busby Berkeley at Warner Bros. Soundtrack
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1995 Piano Rolls & Organ 1923-1934 Vol.1&2 Fats Waller
1995 Plays Fletcher Henderson Benny Goodman
1995 Plays Jimmy Mundy Benny Goodman
1995 Radio Years, 1940 Gene Krupa
1995 Retrospective (1929-1963) Coleman Hawkins
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1995 Swingin' High Bunny Berigan
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1995 Vol. 1: 1933-1936 Billie Holiday
1995 Vol. 2: 1936-1937† Billie Holiday
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1996 1931-1933 Benny Goodman
1996 1934-1935 Benny Goodman & His Orchestra
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1996 Drummer Man† Gene Krupa & His Orchestra
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1996 His Best Recordings:1939-1941 Charlie Christian
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1996 Jazz Anthology: 1941 Various Artists
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1996 Krupa Live Gene Krupa
1996 Lady Day's 25 Greatest: 1933-1944 Billie Holiday
1996 Let Me Off Uptown† Anita O'Day with Gene Krupa
1996 Let Me Off Uptown Anita O'Day
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1996 Masters of Jazz, Vol. 3: Big Bands of the 30s & 40s Various Artists
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1996 Original Historic Recordings Gene Krupa
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1996 Stardust Jack Jenney
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1998 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert 1939, Vol. 2 Benny Goodman
1998 Complete Jazz at Philharmonic on Verve 1944-1949 Various Artists
1998 Gentleman of Keyboard 1934-1957 Teddy Wilson
1998 Gold Collection† Benny Goodman
1998 Golden Age of Hollywood Various Artists
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1998 Introduction: His Best Recordings 1927-1931 Red Nichols
1998 Introduction: His Best Recordings 1935-46 Roy Eldridge
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1998 Martinique Various Artists
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1999 History of Jazz Drumming, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1999 History of Jazz Drumming, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1999 I'm in the Mood for Swing Various Artists
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1999 Jumpin' Jive† Various Artists
1999 Key Largo Anita O'Day
1999 Knockin' on Wood Red Norvo
1999 Legendary Cleo Brown Cleo Brown
1999 Let Me Off Uptown: The Best of Anita O'Day Anita O'Day
1999 Live at the New School Gene Krupa
1999 Lost Chords: 1915-1945 Various Artists
1999 More Fabulous Swing Collection Various Artists
1999 Original Scat Man Leo Watson
1999 Original Sounds of New York City Various Artists
1999 Plays Henderson, Vol. 2 (1936-41) Benny Goodman
1999 Real Kings of Swing Various Artists
1999 Rock N Roll Boogie Various Artists
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1999 Swing Time, Vol. 2† Various Artists
1999 Swing With... Various Artists
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1999 Swingdance, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1999 Swingsation Sampler, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1999 Swingsation Benny Goodman
1999 That Swing Thing, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1999 Ultimate Anita O'Day Anita O'Day
1999 Vol. 2: 1941-1942 Anita O'Day
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1999 Jazz Hits† Various Artists
2000 1931-1935 Benny Goodman
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  • Gene Krupa is considered the father of modern drums because he convinced H.H. Slingerland of Slingerland Drum Company to create tunable tom-toms. Gene's invention turned out to be a huge success, and Gene continued to endorse Slingerland drums until his death.
  • In addition to helping invent the modern drum, Gene Krupa also helped developed the modern symbol with Avedis Zildjian. Gene developed the hi-hat cymbal.
  • In the summer of 1943 in San Francisco, Gene Krupa was charged with a bogus drug charge. He was charged with ninety days in prison and served eighty-four of them, before having the charges dropped. Gene received tremendous support against these fake charges, and many supporters of Gene claimed the charge was induced by people who opposed his style.

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Drums: Slingerland
Cymbals: Zildjian
Heads: Slingerland
Sticks: Slingerland

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