Basic Background Info

Birth: June 14, 1960
Location: Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Band: Syd Lawrence Orchestra, Level 42
Genres: Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Blues
Instruments: Drums, Keyboards
Occupation: Musician


As a young child in Yorkshire, Gary Husband studied classical piano and theory under Fanny Waterman. Gary Husband began studying the drums before he was ten years old and as a teenager, Gary excelled with both instruments. Gary Husband joined the Syd Lawrence Orchestra in 1976 as its youngest drummer. At this time, Gary Husband also composed jingles and theme music, accompanied jazz musicians, and freelanced in an array of genres.

Gary Husband relocated to London, where he worked with Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia, The Jim Mullen/Dick Morrissey Band, the Gary Boyle Band, and Jeff Clyne’s Turning Point.

In 1979, Gary Husband began performing with Allan Holdsworth. The duo regularly performed until 2000. During that time, Gary also played with Billy Cobham, Andy Summers, Zakir Hussain, Gary Moore, Juicy Lucy, Gongzilla, Jack Bruce, Jim Mullen, Julian Joseph, Julian Siegel Quartet, Tim Garland, Randy Brecker, Bob Berg, Splint!, Geoff Keezer, Alan Skidmore, Ron Sexmith, Brian Houston, and Jimmy Nail. Gary also drummed with Level 42, the jazz/funk/pop act, for many years.

The Gary Husband Trio is a contemporary piano-led (by Gary) spin on jazz music, with Gene Calderazzo (drums) and Mick Hutton (bass). Gary also plays drums, guitar, and charango with the trio. Most recently, Gary recorded and performed on both drums and piano with John McLaughlin.

In addition to performing on the drums and piano/keyboard, Gary Husband created an instructional drum video and frequently offers drum clinics and master classes around the world.



Album Year Album Name Album Band
1985 I.O.U. Allan Holdsworth
1985 Metal Fatigue Allan Holdsworth
1986 Atavachron Allan Holdsworth
1987 Sand Allan Holdsworth
1988 Staring at the Sun Level 42
1989 Fait Accompli Level 42
1989 Level Best Level 42
1989 Secrets Allan Holdsworth
1991 Guaranteed Level 42
1991 Southern Reunion Foster & McElroy
1992 Wardenclyffe Tower Allan Holdsworth
1993 Traveler Billy Cobham
1994 Cities of the Heart Jack Bruce
1994 Hard Hat Area Allan Holdsworth
1995 Operation Stackola The Luniz
1996 Live at Wembley Level 42
1996 Thrive Gongzilla
1997 Dark Days in Paradise Gary Moore
1997 Sitting on Top of the World Jack Bruce
1998 Blue Thunder Juicy Lucy
1998 Skin Fever: The Drums Project on the 4 Various Artists
1999 Different Beat Gary Moore
1999 From the Heart Gary Husband
1999 It's a Curious Life Anthony Hindson
2000 Tadpoles in a Jar Jimmy Nail
2001 Billy Cobham Billy Cobham
2001 Blues and Beyond Dick Heckstall-Smith
2001 Guaranteed/Forever Now Level 42
2002 From Clarksdale to Heaven: Remembering John Lee Hooker Various Artists
2003 Animation Jim Mullen
2003 Collection Level 42
2003 East Village Sessions Bon Lozaga/Rowe/Husband
2003 Greatest Hits Live Level 42
2003 Live in Glasgow Jim Mullen
2003 Somewhere in the Hills Jim Mullen
2003 Ultimate Collection Level 42
2004 Call Alan Skidmore
2004 Late Flower Steve Topping
2004 Live at Montreux, 1990 (+1997) Gary Moore
2004 Then! Live in Tokyo Alan Holdsworth Group
2004 Undercover Various Artists
2005 Against the Clock: The Best of Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth
2005 Jazz Collection Various Artists
2005 Live in Concert and the East Village Studio Gongzilla
2005 Running in the Family/Staring at the Sun Level 42
2005 Things I See Gary Husband
2005 Think Like This Jason Smith
2006 Goodbye Svengali Ray Russell
2006 Industrial Zen John McLaughlin
2006 Meeting of Spirits Gary Husband
2006 Retroglide Level 42
2007 Essential John McLaughlin John McLaughlin
2007 Tipping Point Jason Smith
2007 World Machine Level 42
2008 Seven Moons Jack Bruce/Robin Trower
2008 The Complete Diray of a Plastic Box Gary Husband
2008 Mahavishnu Re-Defined: A Tribute to John McLaughlin Various Artists
2008 Can You Follow Jack Bruce
2009 U-Turn Sebastiaan Cornelissen
2009 Seven Moons Live (DVD) Jack Bruce
2009 Live @ Belgrade John McLaughlin
2009 Hotwird: Gary Husband's Drive Gary Husband
2010 To the One John McLaughlin
2010 The Definittive Montreux Collection Gary Moore
2010 Dirty and Beautiful Vol. 1 Gary Husband
2011 The Baskervilles Reunion Affinity
2011 Now Here This John McLaughlin
2012 Dirty and Beautiful Vol. 2 Gary Husband
2013 Now Alex Machacek
2013 Compass Point Billy Cobham
2014 The Boston Record John McLaughlin
2014 Tales from the Skeleton Coast Billy Cobham


  • Percussionist Evelyn Glennie and drummer Terry Bozzio commissioned Gary to compose a piece for a recent collaboration.
  • Gary recently worked with Turkish keyboardist Aydin Esen.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Pearl
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Pearl, Drum Workshop Pedals
Heads: Remo
Percussion: Latin Percussion 
Sticks: Pro-Mark

Pics & Clips