Al Velasquez Master Class: Beginner to Intermediate Drum Lessons

Al Velasquez Free Beginner Drum Lessons

Beginner to Intermediate Drum Lessons

These beginning lessons will teach you what you need to know so you can play your drums for fun, play along with records or play with a band. They are a great way to prepare you for private instruction and future Drum Channel lessons. For more advanced study on subjects in this beginner course, we will suggest other lessons on Drum Channel at the end of each lesson. Remember the more you learn, the more fun it will be and on Drum Channel you can learn from The Best Drummers in The World.

Al Velasquez has an outstanding reputation for teaching and mentoring young students preparing them for college and a professional career. He was recommended to us for this series of lessons by Gregg Bissonette.

Lesson 1 - Holding The Sticks, Free Bounce, Single Strokes

Lesson 2 - Basic Rock Beat, Single Strokes, Dynamics

Lesson 3 - Double and Press Rolls

Lesson 4 - Rock Beat with 8th Notes, How To Play Hi-Hat, Doubles Around Drums

Lesson 5 - 5-Stroke Roll and Paradiddle

Lesson 6 - 5-Stroke Roll and Paradiddle on Drumset

Lesson 7 - Triplets with Accents and Paraparadiddle

Lesson 8 - Triplets, Shuffle and Paraparadiddle on Drumset

Lesson 9 - Rock Beat w/ 16th Notes

Lesson 10 - Paradiddle Fills, Paradiddle Grooves

Lesson 11 - Bar Counting and Review

Lesson 12 - Articulation

Lesson 13 - Accents

Lesson 14 - Pedal Technique

Lesson 15 - Double Bass

Lesson 16 - Songs Have Form