Basic Background Info

Birth: June 16, 1948
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Band: OM
Genres: Electric Jazz, Fusion
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Lucerne, Switzerland, native Fredy Studer is a self-taught drummer and percussionist. Known worldwide for his uncompromising drive, Fredy Studer’s rock-oriented style is rife with improvisational twists. His experience spans thirty years and every possible genre.

When he was twenty-four years old, Fredy Studer, Christy Doran, Urs Leimgruber, and Bobby Burri created the ban OM with aspirations to create “electric jazz—free music.” Their unique take on fusion approached jazz from a rock & roll direction. Fredy Studer also played with the Franco Ambrosetti Quartet, the Frank Ambrosetti/George Gruntz Quintet, and Percussion Profiles.

In the 1980s, Fredy Studer performed in Bruninghaus/Stockhausen/Studer, the Red Twist & Tuned Arrow, Singing Drums, Charlie Mariano-Jasper van’t Hof Group, and Bourquin/Francioli/Studer. He also played with Robyn Schulkowky.

Fredy Studer continues working with various quartets and quintets, highlighting his skills. Currently, Fredy is involved with Koch/Schutz/Studer. This trio specializes in hardcore chamber music. Fredy Studer is also working with various female musicians in unique duos (Robyn Schulkowsky, Jin Hi Kim, Joëlle Léandre, Dorothea Schürch and DJ M. Singe). Fredy frequently perform solo concerts, works as a freelance drummer, and conducts clinics for learning drummers.

Fredy Studer is well-known for incorporating improvisation into his drum sequences.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1977 Percussion Profiles George Gruntz
1979 Om with Dom Um Romao Om
1981 Friegweht Rainer Bruninghaus
1984 Continuum Rainer Bruninghaus
1984 Singing Drums Pierre Favre Ensemble
1989 Piazza di Luna Andre JaumÈ Quintet/Tavagna
1991 April Works Peter Scharli
1991 Chockshut Koch-Sch¸tz-Studer-Demierre-Marti-Wittwe
1991 Music for Two Basses, Electric Guitar and Drums Doran/Studer/Burri/Magnenat
1992 Cactuscrackling Christoph R¸timann/Fredy Studer
1992 Essentials [Intuition] Various Artists
1992 Plum Island Charlie Mariano
1993 Seven Songs Fredy Studer
1994 Half a Lifetime Fredy Studer/Christy Doran
1995 Hardcore Chamber Music Hans Koch/Martin Sch¸tz/Fredy Studer
1995 Play the Music of Jimi Hendrix Doran, Studer, Minton, Bates, Ali
1996 Duos 3-13 Fredy Studer/Jin Hi Kim/JoÎlle LÈandre/D
1997 Earth Bound Herman B¸hler/Bonnie Barnett/Fredy Stude
1997 Fidel Koch-Sch¸tz-Studer & MĖ™sicos Cubanos
1997 Heavy Cairo Traffic Hans Koch/Martin Schutz/Fredy Studer
1998 Conduction #70: Tit For Tat Lawrence Butch Morris
1998 Duos, Vol. 1-2 Fredy Studer/Robyn Schulkowsky
2000 Roots and Wires Hans Koch
2001 Duos 14-20 Fredy Studer
2005 Duos 21-27 Fredy Studer/Ami Yoshida
2005 Jimi Christy Doran/Erika Stucky/Fredy Studer/
2006 A Retrospective Om
2006 Für 2 Kontrabässe, E-Git, Drum Bobby Burri
2007 Live Im Schiffbau Various Artists
2007 Nemo RÈmi Charmasson Trio
2009 Pangram Jasper van't Hof
2009 Donaueschinger Musiktage 2007: War Zones Elliott Sharp
2012 The Nile: Song of the Rivers Hamza el Din
2013 Robyn Schulkowsky: Armadillo Robyn Schulkowsky


  • Fredy recently founded a new band with Joana Aderi, Joy Frempong, John Edwards, and Daniel Sailer. The band is as yet unnamed. The band's first performance took place on April 12, 2008.
  • Modern Drummer said of Fredy: "By balancing improv and discipline, European jazz-and-beyond drummer Fredy Studer has created a drum world of his own."

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Gretsch
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Sticks: Vic Firth

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