Roundtable Discussion with Jim Keltner, Matt Chamberlain, Ralph Humphrey and Thomas Pridgen

Killer show – do not miss this roundtable. There’s no shredding and no chops, but this amazing group of drummers are definitely in a deep groove as they tell you what’s happening. Straight talk, inspirational and educational. Hang with the best drummers in the world.

1. What is the importance of Jazz? How will your understanding of jazz influence your playing regardless what your style of music may be.”

2. Watching Elvin Jones play with Coltrane was a life-changing experience for Jim Keltner and he discusses the beauty of individualism and appreciating everyone’s talents.

3. Music is in your head and heart. Matt discusses imagination and life in the studio versus live. They all talk about how to prepare for working in the studio. Matt tells his horror studio story

4. Is it the drummer’s job to keep the time? They tell it straight. There is a Jeff Porcaro story and how they think of time and feel, which makes this an unbelievable lesson.

5. They discuss their favorite tracks and Thomas discusses how records are made with ProTools then have to be learned live. Thomas also breaks down life on the road with his new band The Memorials.

6. Thomas in the group discussed the new age of YouTube and Facebook, and having to play live to make a living as a musician.

7. Matt and Ralph discuss the importance of composing along with playing drums. They all discuss the importance of learning the digital world along with being a great drummer in a band.

8. Comments from all answering the question, “Any advice you have for young drummers starting out?”