Morgan Agren with David Elitch

Morgan sits down with David Elitch for an interview, jam and Q & A. He opens with a wild solo, talks about how he started playing drums and discusses how he went from playing in a Frank Zappa cover band to actually meeting Frank and playing with him. Check out Morgan's Secrets From The Pros #101 and #102 located under Lessons.

Chapter marks:
1. Morgan opens with a solo on his unique kit, basically three kits in one. He then seques into a very musical ending.

2. Morgan explains how he got started, coming from a musical family, playing his first job at age 7. He builds the story of his career that lays the ground work for his dream playing with Frank Zappa.

3. Morgan goes from playing in a Frank Zappa cover band to meeting and playing with Frank.

4. Questions from our live chat covering a variety of subjects.

5. With Morgan on his three bass drum kit and Dave for the first time with his concert tom set, they play an amazing duet, all improvised and very musical.