Jammit - Find Out All About it Parts 1-3

Live from Musicians Institute we filmed a show titled "New Musical Immersion - Technology To Master It Faster". The evening featured Scott Humphrey, Don Lombardi, Terry Bozzio, Chad Wackerman, Steve Stevens, Stephen Perkins and ended with a special one on one interview with legendary engineer Eddie Kramer. This three part series from that special evening teaches you about the revolutionary educational tool for musicians called Jammit. Scott goes through the specifics of how it works in part one and in parts two and three there is a roundtable with everyone discussing the importance of playing along with tracks and their own careers. In DC TV under drum jams, see an amazing duet played by Terry and Chad. In DC Shows, see the one on one interview with Scott Humphrey and Eddie Kramer sharing great stories about his career with The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and many others.

Jammit- Find Out All About It Pt. 1

Jammit- Find Out All About It Pt. 2

Jammit- Find Out All About It Pt. 3

Terry Bozzio & Chad Wackerman Jam At M.I.

Interview with Eddie Kramer