Jonathan Moffett's Drum Hero Danny Seraphine on DC LIVE with Cobus Potgieter

1. Opening solo with Jonathan Moffett
2. Jonathan Moffett, Danny Seraphine and Narada Michael Walden phone call
3. Cobus Potgieter joins the interview and gets a drum lesson
4. Jonathan Moffett and Danny Seraphine Drum Jam


Drummer, producer and songwriter Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett has worked with the biggest names in the industry (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Elton John and more). In this show he honors one of his own personal drum heroes, Danny Seraphine. They discuss how Danny influenced Jonathan's playing, perform a drum jam, give newcomer Cobus Potgieter a lesson, and take a surprise call from Narada Michael Walden.