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Birth: July 22, 1947
Location: Gilmer, Texas
Band: The Eagles
Genres: Rock, Pop
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


In addition to his enviable success as the drummer for the Eagles, Don Henley has developed a prosperous career as a solo artist.

Don Henley lived in Texas for most of his young life, where he attended both Stephen F. Austin State University and North Texas State University. Don Henley's band, Shiloh, recorded an album in Los Angeles in 1970 (Kenny Rogers produced the album).  While in Los Angeles, Don Henley was recruited to support Linda Ronstadt with Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner.

The supporting group soon became a band of their own--the Eagles. The Eagles were an immediate and consistent success, both in the recording studio and on the live concert stage.  Their first self-titled album achieved gold status within eighteen months. They continued to record outstanding albums that sold millions of copies for the next ten years. Henley provided the backbone of the rhythm section, backup vocals, and he also wrote a great deal of the music for the band.

When the Eagles split up in 1980, Don Henley began his remarkable solo career. Don Henley's first album, I Can’t Stand Still, was certified gold and featured a Billboard #3 single, “Dirty Laundry.” Henley’s next solo album, Building the Perfect Beast, established him as a bona fide solo artist. The wildly popular singles (“Boys of Summer,” “All She Wants to Do Is Dance,” “Not Enough Love in the World,” and “Sunset Grill”) kept the album on the charts for more than a year.

In 1989, Don Henley released his next amazing commercial success, The End of the Innocence. On the charts for three years, the album sold more than three million copies and unleashed the tracks “The End of the Innocence,” “Heart of the Matter,” “New York Minute,” “How Bad Do You Want It?,” and “The Last Worthless Evening.”

Don Henley put his solo career on hold to reunite with the Eagles in 1994 for an international tour. The Eagles returned to commercial success with the release of Hell Freezes Over, an MTV concert released as both a DVD and CD. While the Eagles took another break, Don Henley his next solo album, Inside Job. He returned to the recording studio with the Eagles for their seventh studio album, Long Road Out of Eden, in 2007. The Eagles launched a world tour in support of the new album in spring 2008. 


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1970 Shiloh Shiloh
1971 Linda Ronstadt Linda Ronstadt
1972 Eagles Eagles
1972 Windmills Rick Roberts
1973 Desperado Eagles
1973 For Everyman Jackson Browne
1974 Good Old Boys Randy Newman
1974 Greatest Hits Conway Twitty
1974 Heart Like a Wheel Linda Ronstadt
1974 Late for the Sky Jackson Browne
1974 On the Border Eagles
1974 Souvenirs Dan Fogelberg
1975 One of These Nights Eagles
1975 So Long Harry Truman Danny O'Keefe
1975 So What Joe Walsh
1975 Trouble in Paradise Souther-Hillman-Furay Band
1976 Black Rose John David Souther
1976 Hard Candy Ned Doheny
1976 Hasten Down the Wind Linda Ronstadt
1976 Hotel California Eagles
1976 Pretender Jackson Browne
1976 Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) Eagles
1976 Warren Zevon Warren Zevon
1976 You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind Joe Walsh
1977 Little Criminals Randy Newman
1977 Nether Lands Dan Fogelberg
1977 Simple Dreams Linda Ronstadt
1977 Terence Boylan Terence Boylan
1978 Best of Joe Walsh Joe Walsh
1978 But Seriously, Folks... Joe Walsh
1978 Dane Donohue Dane Donohue
1978 Twin Sons of Different Mothers Dan Fogelberg/Tim Weisberg
1979 Best of Rick Roberts Rick Roberts
1979 Christopher Cross Christopher Cross
1979 Kid Blue Louise Goffin
1979 Long Run Eagles
1979 Restless Nights Karla Bonoff
1979 You're Only Lonely John David Souther
1980 21 at 33 Elton John
1980 Against the Wind Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
1980 Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School Warren Zevon
1980 Eagles Live Eagles
1980 For the Working Girl Melissa Manchester
1980 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Linda Ronstadt
1980 Hits! Boz Scaggs
1980 Man's Best Friend Livingston Taylor
1980 One More Song Randy Meisner
1980 Suzy Terence Boylan
1981 Bella Donna Stevie Nicks
1981 Innocent Age Dan Fogelberg
1981 Nothing But Time Blue Steel
1982 Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Eagles
1982 Envoy Warren Zevon
1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High Original Soundtrack
1982 I Can't Stand Still Don Henley
1982 Wild Heart of the Young Karla Bonoff
1983 Another Page Christopher Cross
1983 Trouble in Paradise Randy Newman
1983 You Bought It: You Name It Joe Walsh
1984 Building the Perfect Beast Don Henley
1984 Home by Dawn John David Souther
1984 Midnight Mission Carla Olson
1984 Playin' It Cool Timothy B. Schmit
1985 Dog Eat Dog Joni Mitchell
1985 That's Why I'm Here James Taylor
1985 Vision Quest Original Soundtrack
1986 About Last Night Original Soundtrack
1986 Color of Money Original Soundtrack
1986 Fahrenheit Toto
1986 Like a Rock Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
1986 Quiet Normal Life: The Best of Warren Zevon Warren Zevon
1987 City Down Casselberry-Du Pree
1987 Sentimental Hygiene Warren Zevon
1988 Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm Joni Mitchell
1989 End of the Innocence Don Henley
1990 Tell Me the Truth Timothy B. Schmit
1991 Can't Buy Your Way Northern Lights
1991 Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks Stevie Nicks
1992 Amused to Death Roger Waters
1992 Essential John Waite
1992 Hearts in Armor Trisha Yearwood
1992 Leap of Faith Original Soundtrack
1992 Life Is Messy Rodney Crowell
1992 Patty Smyth Patty Smyth
1993 Duets Elton John
1993 Get a Grip Aerosmith
1993 Greatest Hits Rodney Crowell
1993 I'm Alive Jackson Browne
1993 Starbox Boz Scaggs
1993 Suspending Disbelief Jimmy Webb
1994 Big Ones Aerosmith
1994 Bluest Eyes Storyville
1994 Hell Freezes Over Eagles
1994 Randy Newman's Faust: Words & Music Various Artists
1994 Unplugged Collection, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1995 Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits Don Henley
1995 Kermit Unpigged Kermit & Friends
1995 Leaving Las Vegas Original Soundtrack
1995 Randy Newman's Faust Randy Newman
1995 Souvenirs/Captured Angel/Nether Lands Dan Fogelberg
1995 Special: The Best of Carla Olson Carla Olson
1995 Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen Various Artists
1995 Wave of the Hand: The Best of Carla Olson Carla Olson
1996 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (An Anthology) Warren Zevon
1996 It Takes Two Various Artists
1996 Michael: Music from the Motion Picture Various Artists
1996 Misses Joni Mitchell
1997 Bridge School Concerts, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1997 Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits: Little Did He Know... Joe Walsh
1997 Michael Original Soundtrack
1997 My Time: The Anthology (1969-1997) Boz Scaggs
1997 Portrait: The Music of Dan Fogelberg from 1972-1997 Dan Fogelberg
1997 Songbook: A Collection of Hits Trisha Yearwood
1997 Tribute to Jeff Porcaro David Garfield & Friends
1998 Enchanted: The Works of Stevie Nicks Stevie Nicks
1998 Greatest Hits Patty Smyth
1998 Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman Randy Newman
1998 Now, Vol. 40 Various Artists
1998 Rocktober Various Artists
1999 Kuschelrock, Vol. 7 Various Artists
1999 Linda Ronstadt Box Set Linda Ronstadt
1999 Terence Boylan Terence Boylan
2000 3 for One Linda Ronstadt
2000 Coyote Ugly Original Soundtrack
2000 Inside Job Don Henley
2000 New Moon Shine/Never Die Young/That's Why I'm Here James Taylor
2000 Road to El Dorado Elton John
2000 Selected Works: 1972-1999 Eagles
2001 Best of Randy Newman Randy Newman
2001 Earl Scruggs and Friends Earl Scruggs and Friends
2001 Get a Grip Aerosmith
2001 Honest as Daylight: The Best of Carla Olson (1981-2000) Carla Olson
2001 Inside Out Trisha Yearwood
2001 Pretender/Running on Empty/Lives in The Balance Jackson Browne
2002 American IV: The Man Comes Around Johnny Cash
2002 C'mon, C'mon Sheryl Crow
2002 Country Bears Original Soundtrack
2002 Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon Warren Zevon
2002 Good Old Boys Randy Newman
2002 O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits Aerosmith
2002 Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors Tim McGraw
2002 Together: 38 All Time Classic Duets & Collaborations Various Artists
2003 Complete Geffen Recordings Joni Mitchell
2003 Complete Greatest Hits The Eagles
2003 Coyote Ugly/More Music from Coyote Ugly Original Soundtrack
2003 Desperado/Hotel California/The Long Run Eagles
2003 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
2003 Hole in the World Eagles
2003 Randy Newman's Faust Randy Newman
2003 Sentimental Hygiene Warren Zevon
2003 Very Best Of Eagles
2003 Wind Warren Zevon
2004 Beginning of Survival Joni Mitchell
2004 Bruce Hornsby + Friends Bruce Hornsby
2004 Classics Danny O'Keefe
2004 Collection James Taylor
2004 Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon Various Artists
2004 Essential Rodney Crowell Rodney Crowell
2004 Grammy Nominees 2004 Various Artists
2004 Very Best of Jackson Browne Jackson Browne
2005 Eagles Eagles
2005 Farewell Tour: Live from Melbourne Eagles
2005 Kid Blue/Louise Goffin Louise Goffin
2005 Ladies of Country: Reba McEntire/Trisha Yearwood Various Artists
2005 Tribute to Jeff Revisited David Garfield
2005 Windmills/She Is a Song Rick Roberts
2006 Hits! Boz Scaggs
2006 Home Free/Souvenirs Dan Fogelberg
2006 Last Man Standing Jerry Lee Lewis
2006 Reconsider Me: The Love Songs Warren Zevon
2007 Border Town: The Very Best of J.D. Souther J.D. Souther
2007 Captured Angel/Nether Lands Dan Fogelberg
2007 Devil's Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of Aerosmith Aerosmith
2007 Eagles Live Eagles
2007 Envoy Warren Zevon
2007 Four Decades of Folk Rock Various Artists
2007 Long Road Out of Eden The Eagles
2007 One More Song/Randy Meisner Randy Meisner
2008 Columbia Collection Karla Bonoff
2008 Revolution In Sound: Warner Bros. Records - The First 50 Years Various Artists
2008 I Know That Name Paul Carrack
2008 I Don;t Want to Hear Anymore Paul Carrack
2009 The Very Best of Don Henley Don Henley
2009 The First 50 Years: The Greatest Duets Kenny Rogers
2009 The Collection: That's Why I'm Here/Never Die Young/JT James Taylor
2009 I Know That Name: In Concert Paul Carrack
2010 Original Album Series Warren Zevon
2010 Linda Rondstadt/Haert Like a Wheel Linda Rondstadt
2011 Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
2011 This Is Country Music Carole King
2011 The Essential Aerosmith Aerosmith
2011 Original Album Series Randy Newman
2011 Anniversary Celebration Randy Travis
2012 Hard Candy/Prone Ned Doheny
2012 The Studio Albums 1972-1979 Eagles
2013 Latest & Greatest: Soft Rock Ballads Various Artists
2014 Prizefighter: Hit After Hit Trisha Yearwood
2014 Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne Various Artists
2014 Duets Linda Rondstadt


  • Don's middle name is Hugh.
  • According to Don, he was born during a terrible storm.
  • Actor Kirk Douglas appeared in the video for "Garden of Allah." Kirk Douglas played the devil.
  • Don inducted The Byrds into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Before she was famous, Sheryl Crow once sang backup for Don.

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