Basic Background Info

Birth: 1985
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Band: Chiodos, Fascious
Genres: Emocore, Emo, Punk-Pop, Alternative Metal, Punk Revival
Instruments: Drums, Bass Guitar
Occupation: Musician


Although Chiodos drummer Derrick Frost currently calls San Antonio, Texas home, he spent most of his life on the road or abroad. With a father in the Marine Corps, Derrick Frost spent his youth in Spain, Germany, and Japan.

Derrick Frost lived in Germany for about eight years and adopted the European obsession with soccer. He stated in an interview, "When I was younger, I was really big into sports. I had tons of trophies and my thing was that I played soccer for eleven years." Derrick Frost played on a German team and said that it was really enjoyable right until he entered high school. "The whole mentality of win, win, win, made me lose interest." Disillusioned with sports, Derrick Frost began participating in bands as a drummer in ninth grade.

Derrick Frost credits his father for introducing him to music because he always played classic rock at home. His mother, on the other hand, preferred Kenny G and other smooth jazz-type artists. Derrick also calls the band Less Than Jake an inspiration.

During his initial foray into music in the ninth grade, Derrick Frost also started writing lyrics. While in a ska band, Derrick Frost wrote a song about a girl he knew "who kissed like a fish. It was called 'Fish Lips.' Pretty good title, huh?"

After he graduated from high school, Derrick Frost tried to make it in Los Angeles as a drummer. When things didn't pan out for him, he returned home to San Antonio. Before long a mutual friend introduced him to singer Craig Owens. Derrick Frost and  Craig Owens corresponded via instant messenger about Derrick potentially joining Chiodos. Derrick Frost took a thirty-eight hour bus trip to Detroit to audition for the band. Impressed by his thunderous rhythms and excellent sense of timing, Chiodos invited Derrick to join them and he eagerly accepted.

Flash forward seven years later, and Chiodos is one of the biggest and most successful musical acts in the world, supported by a wildly-growing and dedicated fan base. Their most recent album, Bone Palace Ballet, debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200. At the same time, Derrick was reluctant to let success go to his head. Derrick Frost admitted that the Bone Palace Ballet was released during one of the lowest selling weeks for all music across the board in recent history. And, in the drummer's opinion, not a single one of Chiodos' music videos are up to snuff. Still, there is no denying that Chiodos seems to be an unstoppable force and Derrick Frost is an integral part of that force.

As for how he would like himself to be remembered: "I think I'd like to be remembered as somebody who made a difference. I think everyone wants to be remembered for that, but just someone who was easy to connect to as fans. If kids maybe needed someone with a smiley face, or just for it to be easy for them to easily approach me and say, What's up? How are you doing?'"


Album Year Album Name Album Band
2002 The Best Way to Ruin Your Life Chiodos
2003 The Heartless Control Everything Chiodos
2005 All's Well That Ends Well Chiodos
2006 All's Well That Ends Well CD/DVD Deluxe Edition Chiodos
2007 Bone Palace Ballet Chiodos
2008 Penumbra Fascious
2014 Devil Chiodos


  • Though Derrick Frost lived in Germany for eight years, he does not speak German.
  • In March 2007, Derrick was arrested for running across the hood of a car, sometimes called 'Ghost Riding The Whip'). The car in question happened to be a police car.. When asked about what he was thinking during his brief incarceration, he replied, 'I wish I had more weed, man.'
  • In addition to the various inspirations for his band's special brand of high density rock, Derrick also likes to listen to Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Fergie.
  • If he could write a song with any musician dead or alive, Derrick said he would write one with Jimi Hendrix. "I would be like, 'Damn, Jimi that sounds so good.  When did that happen?'"
  • Derrick used to play the saxophone and trumpet.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Mapex
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Iron Cobra Pedals, Drum Workshop Beaters
Heads: Remo
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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