Basic Background Info

Birth: May 17, 1968
Location: Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.
Band: Segueway, Flaming Hemorrhoids, Course of Empire, Dr. Tongue, Pearl Jam, Green Romance Orchestra, Hairy Apes BMX, The P.O.S.
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


David Abbruzzese was born in Stamford Connecticut, but grew up in Mesquite, Texas. When he was little, David Abbruzzese would smack his dad's tackle boxes in an attempt to mimic drumming sounds. While living at home, the only thing in his bedroom (besides a bed) was his drum set. He dropped out of North Mesquite High School to form a band called Dr. Tongue, a three piece funk-influenced band that played the Dallas and Denton area.

In 1991, David Abbruzzese got a call from friend Matt Chamberlain, whom Dave knew through the Texas music scene. Matt was preparing to leave a band called Pearl Jam, and he wanted to secure a replacement before he split. David Abbruzzese went to Seattle, Washington to meet the band. Though David's musical tastes didn't exactly mesh with the band's deep grunge tones, Dave chose to fill the seat behind the drum kit on August 23, 1991. David wasn't sold on the idea of drumming full-time with Pearl Jam until after his second show. He promptly went down to a local tattoo shop and had Jeff Amentís stick figure drawing from the 'Alive' single tattooed on his left shoulder. Over the next three years, David recorded and toured with Pearl Jam. Though he drummed on the Vitalogy album, David quit the band before the albumís release in August 1994.

David Abbruzzese got the chance to bring his own songs to life and play the role of producer with the Green Romance Orchestra. The album, Play Parts I & V, was released on September 30, 1997, by Free Association Records, which Dave himself founded in 1996.

Afterward, David Abbruzzese worked with HairyApesBMX. He mixed, produced, and engineered their 2000 album, entitled Out Demons. Dave also lent them a hand behind his drum kit on their Midwestern tour.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1992 Course of Empire (On "God's Jig") Course of Empire
1992 Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Select Tracks) Pearl Jam
1993 Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams (Select Tracks) Pearl Jam
1993 Judgment Night: Music From The Motion Picture ("Real Thing", w/ Cypress Hill) Pearl Jam
1993 Vs. Pearl Jam
1994 Vitalogy (Select Tracks) Pearl Jam
1995 In From The Storm: Jimi Hendrix Tribute (ìIn From The Stormî) Assorted Artists
1995 In From The Storm: Jimi Hendrix Tribute ("Burning of the Midnight Lamp") Assorted Artists
1996 12 Hits and a Bump Iguana Records ("Sweet Thang") Nicklebag
1997 Alter Native Gold Pony Canyon Stevie Salas
1997 Play Parts I & V Green Romance Orchestra
1997 Feedback Lizard Group "Sweet Thang" Nicklebag Mas
1998 Chicago Cab: Soundtrack Loose Groove ("Hard to Imagine") Pearl Jam
1998 The Sometimes Almost Never Was Pony Canyon Stevie Salas
1999 Movie Music: The Definitive Performances ("State of Love and Trust") Pearl Jam
2000 Wild and Wooly: The Northwest Rock Collection Sub Pop, Live ("Even Flow") Pearl Jam
2000 Out Demons (Select Tracks) HairyApesBMX
2003 Lost Dogs ("Hard to Imagine" and "Dirty Frank") Pearl Jam
2004 Riding Giants: Soundtrack Milan ("Go") Pearl Jam
2004 Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003 Epic (Select Tracks) Pearl Jam
2006 Friends With Privileges ("Pop That Thang") Bernard Fowler
2006 Be What It Is (Select Tracks) Stevie Salas
2007 The Sun and the Earth, Vol. 1 (Select Tracks) Stevie Salas


  • Dave has been a DW drummer since the Pearl Jam Vs. Album.
  • He has his own line of signature Pro-Mark drum sticks.
  • Dave suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Percussion: Rhythm Tech
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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