Basic Background Info

Birth: September 30, 1963
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Band: Sugar, Quick Hooks, Mercyland
Genres: Rock, Punk
Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Piano
Occupation: Musician, Engineer, Producer, Mixer, Songwriter


Dave Barbe was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 30, 1963. The son of two big band musicians, Barbe was introduced to music very early on. Leaving Atlanta after high school, Dave Barbe moved to Athens, Georgia, in order to pursue his degree at the University of Georgia. It was during this time in Athens that Dave Barbe began to occasionally play live guitar at clubs. Dave Barbe took the stage several times with punk band and local favorites, Bar-B-Que Killers.

In 1985, Dave Barbe went on to form his own group, Mercyland, and performed as the bassist and co-lead singer. Additionally, Dave Barbe was also the group’s main songwriter. When the group later disbanded in 1991, Dave Barbe went on to front a group called Buzz Hungry.

Shortly after the formulation of Buzz Hungry, John Keane approached Dave Barbe with an offer to tutor him in both music production and engineering. It was during this time that Dave Barbe was also presented with an offer from Bob Mould to join his band, Sugar. These two offers greatly shaped the course of Dave Barbe’s career and resulted in him leaving Buzz Hungry behind.

Having accepted Mould’s offer to join Sugar, Dave Barbe went on to play only one track, “Company Book,” on a proper full album release. Despite only performing on one track, Dave Barbe did contribute several songs—a few of which came from his work with Buzz Hungry.  Other songs were performed live and/or released as B-sides, such as in the case of “When Diamonds are Halos,” which was recorded as part of a BBC Radio Session.

In 1994, Dave Barbe decided to leave Sugar behind in order to be closer to his wife and three children. Since leaving Sugar, Barbe’s main musical concentrations have been production and engineering. Dave Barbe has produced such artists as Son Volt, Drive By Truckers, and Kelly Hogan. Barbe currently works as an engineer at Chase Park Transduction, an Athens Studio he co-owns with several other local area musicians/producers/engineers.

Dave Barbe also has an all-star solo band in Athens, sometimes called the Quick Hooks.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1981 Deep End Swimming Pool Q's
1991 Green Little Pill Insane Jane
1992 Changes Sugar
1992 Copper Blue Sugar
1992 Good Idea Sugar
1992 Helpless Sugar
1992 Lefty's Deceiver The Jody Grind
1992 March 16-20, 1992 Uncle Tupelo
1992 Killing Floor Vigilantes of Love
1993 Funzo's Knuckle Room La Brea Stompers
1993 Name Your Regions Porn Orchard
1993 Pushing Rope Seersucker
1993 Beaster Sugar
1993 If I Can't Change Your Mind #1 Sugar
1993 If I Can't Change Your Mind #2 Sugar
1993 Whatever Makes You Happy Sugar
1993 Building Our House Three Walls Down
1993 Born to Choose Various Artists
1993 Conmemorativo: A Tribute to Gram Parsons Various Artists
1993 Refuel Various Artists
1994 Fried Like a Man Buzz Hungry
1994 Weirdo Five-Eight
1994 Spillage Mercyland
1994 Fire in the Hole Picasso Trigger
1994 T'ain't Ep Picasso Trigger
1994 Believe What You're Saying Sugar
1994 File Under: Easy Listening Sugar
1994 Gee Angel Sugar
1994 Your Favorite Thing Sugar
1994 Zontar Sessions The Woggles
1994 Gallery [Barfly] Various Artists
1994 Ain't Life Grand Widespread Panic
1995 At the Hands of Our Intercessors Buzz Hungry
1995 Love Sorrow Hatred Madness Dashboard Saviors
1995 Elfin Magic Hayride
1995 Low Budget Stunt King Martians
1995 Who's the Hottie Mount Shasta
1995 National Lampoon's Senior Trip Original Soundtrack
1995 Another Reason to Fast Smoke
1996 My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment of What My Lov Harvey Milk
1996 Mood Elevator Jack Logan
1996 Whistle Only Dogs Can Hear Kelly Hogan
1996 Daily Dose Prozak
1996 Rock*A*Teens The Rock*A*Teens
1996 In Terminus GA, 1997 Union
1996 Five Ring Circus Various Artists
1997 When the Red King Comes Elf Power
1997 Cry The Rock*A*Teens
1997 Killing Floor [Bonus Tracks] Vigilantes of Love
1998 Macha Macha
1998 Macha [Bonus Disc] Macha
1998 Wide Swing Tremolo Son Volt
1998 Baby, A Little Rain Must Fall The Rock*A*Teens
1998 Hempilation, Vol. 2: Free the Weed Various Artists
1999 Alabama Ass Whuppin' Drive-By Truckers
1999 Sleep With the Fishes Dropsonic
1999 See It Another Way Macha
1999 Why Do Lonely Men & Women Want to Break Each Others' Star Room Boys
1999 Burn It Down Thumb Attack
1999 Tom Collins Tom Collins
1999 Athfest '98 Various Artists
1999 Scattered Various Artists
2000 Antbox Adam Ant
2000 American Diesel Machine American Diesel Machine
2000 Louisiana Truckstop Barbara Cue
2000 Good Nurse Five-Eight
2000 Pleaser Harvey Milk
2000 Once Upon a Time [EP] Kahimi Karie
2000 Is Slackdaddy
2000 Glands The Glands
2000 Future History of a Sunhine Fix The Sunshine Fix
2001 Complete Radio One Recordings Adam & The Ants
2001 Stag Amy Ray
2001 Comet of the Season David Barbe
2001 Carriage on the Hill Dodd Ferrelle
2001 Southern Rock Opera Drive-By Truckers
2001 Big Nothing Dropsonic
2001 Handle With Care Johnny Jenkins
2001 Because It Feel Good Kelly Hogan
2001 Now It's Overhead Now It's Overhead
2001 Ride Seaworthy
2001 Elementary School Talent Show Soundtrack Mind
2001 Say You're a Scream The Four Corners
2001 White Knuckle Ride The X-Impossibles
2002 Burn and Shiver Azure Ray
2002 Night Rock Bandway
2002 Lamb Lost in the City Cordero
2002 Always Almost There Dodd Ferrelle
2002 Belle Dropsonic
2002 Asleep in the Well Faith Kleppinger
2002 Conscious Contact Jerry Joseph/The Jackmormons
2002 This World Just Won't Leave You Alone Star Room Boys
2002 Start the Panic The Agenda!
2002 Making Singles, Drinking Doubles Various Artists
2003 Essential Adam Ant Adam Ant
2003 I Want Candy: Anthology Bow Wow Wow
2003 Decoration Day Drive-By Truckers
2003 I Saw a Bright Light Nineteen Forty-Five
2003 Pacific UV Pacific UV
2003 Symptom and the Sick Paper Lions
2003 Dear Everybody The McCoys
2003 March 16-20, 1992 [Bonus Tracks] Uncle Tupelo
2003 AthFest 2003 Various Artists
2003 Seka Sister, Vol. 3 Various Artists
2003 Sk8erboy Rock, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2004 Dirk Wears White Sox [Bonus Tracks] Adam & the Ants
2004 Rhythm Oil Barbara Cue
2004 Hot Streets Celing Fan
2004 Dirty South Drive-By Truckers
2004 Exorcist [Bonus CD] Ill Ease
2004 Kevn Kinney's Sun Tangled Angel Revival Kevn Kinney's Sun Tangled Angel Revival
2004 Dis/Location Seven Mary Three
2004 Textures of Tomorrow The Hal al Shedad
2004 Under the Influence: A Jam Band Tribute to Lynyrd Sky Various Artists
2005 This Band Makes Me Feel Acetate
2005 Prom Amy Ray
2005 Body of Song Bob Mould
2005 Body of Song [Deluxe Edition] Bob Mould
2005 Murder of Love Dodd Ferrell & The Tinfoil Stars
2005 Live at the 40 Watt: August 27 & 28, 2004 Drive-By Truckers
2005 All in Good Time Johnny Jenkins
2005 Retrospective: 1995-2000 Son Volt
2005 Snake in the Grass Southern Bitch
2005 Wear N' Tear Tishamingo
2005 New Music from New West Various Artists
2006 Faces Blueground Undergrass
2006 Blessing and a Curse Drive-By Truckers
2006 Strong Medicine Southern Bitch
2006 Athfest 10 Various Artists
2006 Uncut Playlist April 2006 Various Artists
2007 Scene of the Crime Bettye LaVette
2007 Things You Are Hank Vegas
2007 Sirens of the Ditch Jason Isbell
2007 Jupiter Waits Jupiter Waits
2007 Hardwire Healing The Dexateens
2007 Porcelain Empire The Winter Sounds
2007 Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Various Artists
2007 Make Some Noise: The Amnesty International Campaign t Various Artists
2008 Brighter Than Creation's Dark Drive-By Truckers


  • Barbe recently produced a charity track for R.E.M. with the original lineup.
  • He is the President of the Athens-Clarke County Little League baseball league and has managed his sons' (Winston and Henry) all-star teams to several city championships.

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