Basic Background Info

Birth: April 18, 1953
Location: New York City, New York
Band: Pat Metheny Group, Mahavishnu Orchestra
Genres: Jazz, Pop, Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Writer, Arranger, Producer, Teacher


Danny Gottlieb was born on April 18, 1953, in New York City. He is known as one of the worldí' most flexible freelance drummers and has played with hundreds of different bands and artists. Danny Gottlieb graduated from the University of Miami in 1975 with a bachelor's degree in music. Shortly after graduation, he began doing session work in and around Miami Beach, Florida.

After sharpening his skills as a session artist in Miami, he was invited to join Gary Burton's Quartet with guitarist Pat Metheny. The gig would prove to be Danny's portal to stardom because Pat was about to form his own group, in which he would invite Danny Gottlieb to drum. Now gaining amazing exposure, Danny's stellar drumming skills got him noticed by all manner of artists and bands. Musicians like Sting, David Byrne, and Herbie Hancock all wanted Danny to play with them. For Danny, it was all a dream come true.

Danny Gottlieb owes much of his success to his mentors and teachers, such as the famed Mel Lewis and Joe Morello. He has studied on and off with both throughout the entirety of his professional career--nearly thirty years! Their influence on him has been very noticeable in Danny's playing style, technique, and ability.

Danny Gottlieb is married to Beth Gottlieb who, much like Danny, is both a performer and teacher. Together, they have two sons who are aspiring to become drummers like their father. Danny is currently a member of the University of North Florida jazz faculty and also teaches at the University of South Florida and Rollins College.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1973 Chiaroscuro Christmas Various Artists
1976 Passengers Gary Burton
1977 Watercolors Pat Metheny
1978 Pat Metheny Group Pat Metheny
1979 Say It with Silence Hubert Laws
1979 Live on Tour Pat Metheny
1979 Pat Metheny Live in Seattle Pat Metheny
1979 Blue Asphalt (bootleg) Pat Metheny
1980 Sands of Time Gil Goldstein
1980 Wrapped in Your Cloud Gil Goldstein
1980 American Garage Pat Metheny
1981 Plays the Music of Chick Corea Andy LaVerne
1982 Elements Elements
1982 Star Climber Mitch Farber
1982 Travels Pat Metheny
1982 Offramp Pat Metheny
1983 Living in the Crest of a Wave Bill Evans
1983 Visit with the Great Spirit Bob Moses
1983 Elements Egan - Gottlieb
1984 Comin' and Goin' Jim Pepper
1984 Mahavishnu Mahavishnu Orchestra
1984 Contemplacion Pedro Aznar
1984 Islands Scott Cossu
1985 Cielo e Terra Al di Meola
1985 Soaring Through a Dream Al di Meola
1985 Alternative Man Bill Evans
1985 Blown Away Elements
1985 Mosaic Mark Egan
1985 Skin Dive Michael Franks
1986 Bud & Bird Gil Evans
1986 Farewell Gil Evans
1986 10th Avenue Patrick Williams
1986 Blue Note '86 Various Artists
1987 Tirami Su Al di Meola
1987 Adventures in Radioland John McLaughlin
1987 Last Session Sting
1987 From the West T Lavitz
1988 They Cannot Know Dino Betti Van Der Noot
1988 Bass Jonas Hellborg
1988 Axis Jonas Hellborg
1988 Heretic Michael Zilber
1988 WQCD: Cool Sounds of CD 101.9, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1988 WNUA 95.5: Smooth Sounds, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1988 KBLX - The Quiet Storm Various Artists
1989 Liberal Arts Elements
1989 Innervoices Richard Stoltzman
1989 Moonstone Toninho Horta
1989 Novus Sampler '88 Various Artists
1989 GRP: On the Cutting Edge Various Artists
1990 A.S.A.P. Bill Washer
1990 Play Mozart Central Park Kids
1990 Tennessee Waltz David Matthews
1990 Beyond Words Mark Egan
1990 Party in the Basement Pete Levin
1990 Gliding Stan Samole
1990 Windham Hill: The First Ten Years Various Artists
1990 Ain't Life Grand Warren Bernhardt
1991 Electricity Bob Brookmeyer
1991 In the Shade Dade
1991 Cool Running Jeremy Wall
1991 You Wish Lee Ann Ledgerwood
1991 Hearts of Fire New York Voices
1991 Brasil Richard Stoltzman
1991 Standards of Living Tom "Bones" Malone
1991 Beyond the Groove: Contemporary Jazz on The Move Various Artists
1991 GRP Digital Sampler: On the Cutting Edge Various Artists
1992 Best of Al Di Meola: The Manhattan Years Al di Meola
1992 No JAMF's Allowed Contempo Trio
1992 Far East, Vol. 1 Elements
1992 Beyond Another Wall: Live in China George Gruntz
1992 Galactic Age Haru
1992 Stepping to the New World Jeremy Wall
1992 Youkali Jim Hall
1992 Secret Story Pat Metheny
1992 Salt Lake Pat Metheny
1992 Repertoire Patti Dunham
1992 Masters in This Hall: The New Age of Christmas Too Pete Levin
1992 Retrospective Scott Cossu
1992 Inside Out The Connection
1993 I'll Be Back Ali Ryerson
1993 Walkin' into the Sun Cliff Carter
1993 So Close Dina Carroll
1993 What's Wrong with This Picture? Fred Miller
1993 Remembering North Kenneth Sivertsen
1993 Mann to Mann Mann Brothers
1993 Live at Tros-Sesjun (The Netherlands) Pat Metheny
1993 Sergio Salvatore Sergio Salvatore
1993 GRP Christmas Collection, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1994 Portraits in Silver Ali Ryerson
1994 Life's a Lesson Ben Sidran
1994 This Is Michael Gerber Michael Gerber
1994 Points of View Nando Lauria
1994 Tune Up Sergio Salvatore
1995 Far East, Vol. 2 Elements
1995 Right as Rain Helen Schneider
1995 Finger Painting Joe Beck
1995 Moritat Manhattan Jazz Quintet
1995 Wild Indian Summer Matalex
1995 Stan Samole Stan Samole
1995 Jazz to the World Various Artists
1996 Untold Stories Elements
1996 Family Thing Movie Soundtrack
1996 Novo Brasil Nando Lauria
1996 Stranger Things Have Happened The Prodigal Sons
1996 Little Magic in a Noisy World Various Artists
1996 New Spirits in Jazz Various Artists
1997 Brasil: Quiet Devotion Ali Ryerson
1997 Stan Getz in Chappaqua Andy LaVerne
1997 Shootin' Pool at Leo's Doug Munro
1997 Tribute to Gil Gil Evans
1997 Signs of Life Jeff Ciampa
1997 3 Trios NguyÍn LÍ
1997 Strange Fruit Sting
1997 Paint It Blue: Songs of the Rolling Stones Various Artists
1997 Wouldn't It Be Nice: A Jazz Portrait of Brian Wilson Various Artists
1997 Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook (Concord) Various Artists
1997 Bass Talk, Vol. 4: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bass? Various Artists
1998 Starlight Fritz Renold & Bostonian Friends
1998 8.97 Knut Vaernes
1998 Maiden Voyage Nnenna Freelon
1998 Santa Rita Richard Niles
1998 Open Sky Richard Stoltzman
1998 Dreamsville Sherri Roberts
1998 Blow! Jazz Trumpet Virtuosos Various Artists
1998 Feels Like Sunday Morning: Smooth Jazz Various Artists
1999 Lights, Camera, Passion: Jazz & Italian Cinema Anita Gravine
1999 Jazz Not Jazz Hue & Cry
1999 Out of This World Loren Schoenberg
1999 Tales of Love Neil Sedaka
2000 Honey Man Gil Evans
2000 Gold Collection Gil Evans
2000 From Belo to Seoul Jack Lee
2000 One Day in October Kenneth Sivertsen
2000 Rainbow Mountain Lew Soloff
2000 North from Riverside Open Door
2000 Blow! Jazz Trumpet and Saxophone Viruosos (2 CD) Various Artists
2000 This Ain't No Tribute Blues Cube Various Artists
2001 Madcap Chuck Owen
2001 Global Excellence George Gruntz
2001 75th Birthday Concert Gil Evans
2001 Live at Umbria Jazz, Vol. 2 Gil Evans
2001 Live at Umbria Jazz, Vol. 1 Gil Evans
2001 In Harmony's Way Jeff Berlin
2001 Freedom Town Mark Egan
2001 Mysterious Ways Michael Whalen
2001 Live at the Baked Potato, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2001 Live at the Baked Potato, Vol.1 Various Artists
2001 New York City After Hours Various Artists
2002 Storytellers Various Artists
2002 Suncoast 2002: By the University of South Florida Various Artists
2003 Revisited Al di Meola
2003 Anthology Ben Sidran
2003 Dreams of Peace Stanley Jordan
2004 Here We Are Chuck Owen
2004 Awakening Corey Christiansen
2004 Rarum, Vol. 18: Selected Recordings Eberhard Weber
2004 Magic of a Flute George Gruntz
2004 John McLaughlin Montreux Concerts John McLaughlin
2004 Dreams of Peace Novecento
2004 Senor Juan Brahms Richard Drexler
2004 Wouldn't It Be Nice: A Jazz Portrait Of Brian Wilson Various Artists
2005 Gospel for J.F.P. III Jaco Pastorius
2005 Live East/West: Birdland/Yoshi's Jacqui Naylor
2005 House of Mirrors Jeff Ciampa
2005 Thelonious Bach's Lunch Jeff Laibson
2005 Jazz Collection Various Artists
2006 Tiger by the Tail George Gruntz
2006 Lumpy Jazz Jeff Berlin
2006 Spell Kristin Lomholt
2006 As We Speak Mark Egan
2006 Jazz Hits, Vol. 1 MB3
2006 Wildcat Muriel Anderson
2006 More or Less Jazz Two Various Artists
2007 Waiting for You... Alex Clements
2007 Intelligent Design Andy LaVerne
2007 Live at Montreux 1974/1984 Mahavishnu Orchestra
2007 Featuring Novecento Novecento
2007 Deacon Blues Pete Levin
2008 Tell Me a Bedtime Story: The Big Apple Mark Egan
2008 Gloria Gaynor's Christmas Gloria Gaynor
2009 The Comet's Tail: Performing the Compositions of Michael Brecker Chuck Owen
2009 Cielo e Terra/Soaring Through a Dream Al di Meola
2009 Bridging the Gap Ed Metz Jr.
2010 Jump! Pete Levin
2011 The Blue & Green Project Jack Wilkins
2012 Joy Steve Curtis Chapman


  • Danny Gottlieb has appeared on five Grammy Award winning albums.
  • Danny Gottlieb has been on the covers of Modern Drummer, Down Beat, Drums and Percussion, and Drum Scene magazines.
  • He has appeared on a startling 300+ albums to date.

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Drums: Premier, Basix, Eames
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop Pedals and Hardware
Heads: Remo
Electronics: KAT Products
Sticks: Hot Sticks Drumsticks

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