Basic Background Info

Birth: 1974
Location: Dallas, Texas
Band: Opiate for the Masses, Revolting Cocks
Genres: Rock, Metal, Goth Metal, Post Grunge, Alternative Metal
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Chris Antonopoulos may have learned to play the snare at middle school and high school band practice, but he learned to rock in his parents' garage. Chris Antonopoulos would slip on his headphones and listen to bands like Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Pantera, Exhorder, and Ministry. Before long, he was playing along with the drum tracks by ear.

Chris Antonopoulos left his parents house while he was still a teenger and worked as a drum tech for several bands. In addition to touring, practicing, and getting a feel for life on the road, Chris also worked as a bartender to help pay the bills. When Chris Antonopoulos was twenty-one, he joined Lone Star Trio, a rockabilly band that toured a lot and released one record. In 1996, Lone Star Trio reorganized themselves as a pure rock band called Strap and played together for about a year.

Chris Antonopoulos also drummed for Bob Zilla's rap-rock hybrid band, Hellafied Funk Crew. Chris and Bob played with Vanilla Ice for two years before parting ways. In 2003, Chris joined Opiate for the Masses. Having already seen Chris play, the band met with him to extend an invitation to join up. Chris accepted.

To witness an Opiate for the Masses performance is a high-octane, intense experience. Chris says, 'It's amazing to see all of us give every ounce of energy and passion on stage. It really is insane.' Chris admitted that, 'I always push myself to take the four of us to the next level of performance.' Chris attributed his own on-stage presence to his early interest in 1980s glam rock musicians. Now that Chris Antonopoulos has been performing with Opiate for a while, his stage persona comes very naturally. But when Chris Antonopoulos first started he 'would try to incorporate moves [he] saw in kung fu movies or movements [he] would use in baseball practice. Basically [Chris would] try to make every motion fluid and artistic in some way. Without being contrived.' 

During his first tour with Opiate, Chris Antonopoulos became fast friends with Ministry's Al Jourgensen. Al later asked Chris's wife, Anna (who also played in Opiate), to play bass in his project, Revolting Cocks. Chris eventually joined Revolting Cocks on drums in 2006. RevCo is a hard-hitting American industrial band created in 1985, and they well-known for their perverse lyrics and raunchy live shows.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1993 21 Songs Lone Star Trio
2001 Bi-Polar V-Ice
2008 Manifesto Opiate For The Masses


  • ìI really dig Messuggah, Korn, Mudvaine, Rammstein, Defftones.î
  • Chrisís influences include Terry Bozzio (ìIt all starts with Terry Bozzioî), Shannon Larkin, Tommy Lee, Tommy Aldridge, and Dave Lombardo.
  • Chris's Opiate stage name is "Seven."

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Pacific Drums and Percussion, Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Pacific Drums and Percussion, Drum Workshop Heads: HeadFirst Custom
Sticks: Vic Firth

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