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Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: David Becker, Valerie Gallagher, Suzanne Somers, Beach Boy Family and Friends, Andy Sheppard, Deborah Henson-Conant, David Becker, Joe DiOrio, Herb Ellis, Barbara Dennerlein, Suns of the Dead, Frank Gambale
Genres: Jazz
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Instructor, Producer



Los Angeles-based Bruce Becker is a jazz drummer, producer, and teacher. Bruce Becker has worked with artists like Suzanne Somers, Beach Boy Family and Friends, Andy Sheppard, Deborah Henson-Conant, David Becker, Joe DiOrio, Herb Ellis, Barbara Dennerlein, Suns of the Dead, and Frank Gambale.

Bruce Becker began his drumming studies in 1977 under the instruction of drummer Freddie Gruber, the same man who helped Neil Peart, Steve Smith, and Dave Weckl perfect their individual techniques and styles. Bruce Becker not only reaped the benefits of Gruber's close personal instruction for eight years, but he was also watched Gruber teach other pupils. Gruber mastered evolving and changing his teaching style simultaneously with the evolution of music and constant innovations in drums. This adaptability served Bruce Becker well in his career and in 1982, Becker became a drum teacher himself.

From 1992 to 1997 Bruce Becker relocated to Europe. Bruce Becker spent a lengthy amount of time traveling and conducting a series of Clinics and Master Classes with Gruber in Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands. Becker demonstrated techniques on the drums as Gruber lectured. Shortly after relocating to Europe, Drum Department at The American Institute of Music in Vienna, Austria, appointed Bruce Becker as their Head. Becker's conceptual approach to music is best defined as Balance plus Motion equals Emotion.

In addition to his lengthy teaching career, Bruce Becker is also a founding member and drummer of The David Becker Tribune. They have recorded and co-produced seven critically acclaimed albums. The David Becker Tribune has performed throughout the world for more than two decades. Bruce Becker has also lent his drumming talents to German Hammond Organ sensation, Barbara Dennerlein and Belgian Blues legend, Luke Walters Jr. As a producer and drummer, Becker has worked with numerous Los Angeles based pop artists.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1986 Long Peter Madsen David Becker
1989 The Narada Collection Various Artists
1989 Third Time Around David Becker
1991 In Motion David Becker
1994 The Six String Various Artists
2000 Within Reach Valerie Gallagher
2001 David Becker Tribune: Germerica Various Artists
2001 Germerica David Becker
2004 Where's Henning? David Becker


  • Aside from his albums and live performances, Becker's drumming can also be heard on Entertainment Tonight, The Weather Channel, 94.7 the Wave, United Airlines, a 7-Up commercial and HBO's "Real Sex."
  • Bruce and David (of David Becker Tribune) are brothers.
  • "Bruce's many years studying with the now legendary 'guru,' Freddie Gruber, has gained him the ability to not only become a wonderful player, but has also helped him as a teacher to construct a very effective and easy to understand curriculum for the student to develop at their own pace, with all of the fundamental aspects of Freddie's natural approach to drumming being applied. Highly recommended!" - Dave Weckl

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