Basic Background Info

Birth: December 31, 1979
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Band: My Chemical Romance
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Emo, Indie Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Sound Engineer


Chicago native Bob Bryar (born Robert Nathaniel Corey Bryar) is best known as the drummer for My Chemical Romance. However, Bob Bryar has been drumming since he was a young boy, playing in both his school marching and jazz bands. Bob Bryar attended college in Gainesville, Florida, where he earned a degree in sound engineering. While in school, Bob Bryar worked as a drummer at Disney World. Bob Bryar returned to Chicago and worked as the in-house sound technician at the House of Blues. Bob left the House of Blues to work as a sound technician on tour.

Bob Bryar hooked up with My Chemical Romance while working with The Used. Following former drummer Matt Pelissier’s abrupt resignation, Bob Bryar filled in before becoming a permanent member. Bob Bryar's first gig was on tour while supporting the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album. The relationship was a good one, and Bob’s band mates praised his hard work.

While filming a music video with My Chemical Romance for “Famous Last Words” in 2006, Bob’s leg was severely burned by torches on the set. A year later, Bob suffered from wrist problems that left him unable to control his fingers. He temporarily left the band to undergo treatment.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
2006 Black Parade My Chemical Romance
2006 Life on the Murder Scene My Chemical Romance
2008 Black Parade Is Dead! My Chemical Romance


  • When My Chemical Romance asked Bob to join them as their drummer, he was actually out of practice. Bob had to re-teach himself how to play while simultaneously learning the band’s repertoire.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: C&C
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Drum Workshop and Tama
Sticks: Vic Firth

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