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Birth: January 21, 1956
Location: New York City, New York
Band: Berlin, Color Me Gone, Dokken, Sugar Ray, The Strokes, Kelly Clarkson, Paul McCartney, Fiona Apple, Marilyn Manson, Barbara Streisand, Mya, Stevie Nicks and more
Genres: Rock, Pop, Metal
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Enginner



Rob Brill is best known for his time as the drummer for the band Berlin. He performed with Berlin from 1982 until 1987, when tensions regarding the direction of the band resulted in the breakup of the band.

In 1988, Rob, fellow Berlin bandmate John Crawford and Mark Christian formed the band The Big F in Los Angeles. They released a self titled debut album that year under Elektra Records. The aggressive rock sound of the album had a dark, anti-commercialism feel. The band remained relatively unknown, especially compared to glam bands that were dominating the scene at the time. The Big F disbanded in 1995.

A talented and well-known drumming engineer, Rob has worked on many albums with an array of artists in a variety of different genres. From Etta James to Dokken, Kelly Clarkson to Marilyn Manson, his experience practically spans the entire music industry.

While he continues with session work, Rob also has started a new band, called Hyperialeeze.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1984 Color Me Gone Color Me Gone
1984 Love Life Berlin
1986 Count Three & Pray Berlin
1987 Great Dirty World Gowan
1988 Can't You Take It Standing Up Nicole Graham
1989 Best of Berlin 1979-1988 Berlin
1989 Big F The Big F
1993 Is The Big F
1993 Patience Peregrine The Big F
1995 Gas Gustavo Santaolalla
1995 Love That Smile off Your Face Noah Stone
1996 Bug Alley (Asst. Engineer) Gary Hoey
1996 That Thing You Do (Engineer) Original Soundtrack
1997 2000 Year Old Man: In the Year 2000 (Asst. Engineer) Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks
1997 Angelica (Asst. Engineer) Angelica
1997 Wilsons (Asst. Engineer) The Wilsons
1998 Celebracion De los 25 AÒos de Juan Gabriel en Bellas (Mix) Juan Gabriel
1998 Daughters of the Celtic Moon (Asst. Engineer) Lisa Lynne
1998 December (Asst. Engineer) Kenny Loggins
1998 Following Footsteps (Asst. Engineer) Jeff Jarvis
1998 Human Being (Asst. Engineer) Seal
1998 Life, Love & the Blues (Second Engineer) Etta James
1998 Love Shouldn't Hurt (Engineer) Various Artists
1998 Mechanical Animals (Asst. Engineer) Marilyn Manson
1998 Spacey and Shakin Pete Droge
1998 Tributo a J.A. Jimenez (Asst. Engineer) Various Artists
1999 Erase the Slate (Asst. Engineer) Dokken
1999 Fast As You Can (Asst. Engineer) Fiona Apple
1999 Heart and Soul: New Songs from Ally McBeal Featuring (Engineer) Vonda Shepard
1999 Heart of a Woman (Asst. Engineer) Etta James
1999 Into the Pink (Mixing Asst.) Verbena
1999 Jump Start (Engineer) Simon Says
1999 Love Like Ours (Asst. Engineer) Barbra Streisand
1999 Other Sister (Asst.) Original Soundtrack
1999 When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a KingÖ (Asst. Engineer) Fiona Apple
2000 Erase the Slate (Mixing) Dokken
2000 Fear of Flying (Engineer) Mya
2000 Hard Daze (Asst. Engineer) Blue by Nature
2000 Individuality (Can I Be Me?) (Asst. Engineer) Rachelle Ferrell
2000 Invincible Summer (Mixing) k.d. lang
2000 Makana (Mastering) Makana
2000 Quiet (Asst. Engineer) Phil Driscoll
2000 Summerfling (Mixing) k.d. lang
2001 Bad Ronald (Asst. Engineer) Bad Ronald
2001 Blocc Movement (Mixing) Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo
2001 Fear of Flying (Engineer) Mya
2001 Mejor de Mi Vida (Recording Asst.) La Banda el Recodo
2001 Trouble in Shangri-La (Engineer) Stevie Nicks
2001 When Things Go Wright (Engineer/ Mixing)) Turnedown
2002 Androgynous Jesus (Transfers) Must
2002 Learning From Falling (Engineer) Lamya
2002 Letting Go (Engineer) Earshot
2002 On a Rolling Ball (Engineer) The Gabe Dixon Band
2002 Rip It Off (Engineer) Stroke 9
2002 Trampoline Records Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Various Artists
2003 Back in the World (Mixing) Paul McCartney
2003 Escape from Cape Coma (Engineer) Twisted Method
2003 Everything Will Never Be OK (Engineer) Fiction Plane
2003 In the Pursuit of Leisure (Engineer) Sugar Ray
2003 Leave a Whisper (Engineer) Shinedown
2003 Skywatching Pete Droge
2004 Erase the Slate (Mixing Asst.) Dokken
2004 Leave a Whisper (Engineer) Shinedown
2004 Schmack! (Programming) Steriogram
2004 Two (Engineer) Earshot
2004 Walkie Talkie Man (Programming) Steriogram
2005 Best of Sugar Ray (Engineer) Sugar Ray
2005 Go (Programming) Steriogram
2005 In Red Square [DVD] (Engineer) Paul McCartney
2005 In the Remote Woods (Engineer) Foreign Born
2005 Mile High Alex Woodard
2005 What I Really Mean (Asst) Robert Earl Keen, Jr.
2006 Blocc Movement (Engineer) C-BO
2006 Coachella [DVD] (Asst. Engineer) Coachella
2006 Crap Attack (Engineer) We Are Scientists
2006 Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (Engineer) We Are Scientists
2006 Nothing but Time Garth Reeves
2006 Phantasmagore (Engineer) Deadsy
2006 Smooth and Soulful: 20th Century Masters (Asst. Engineer) Various Artists
2006 With Love and Squalor (Engineer) We Are Scientists
2006 You Only Live Once (Engineer) Strokes
2007 My December Kelly Clarkson
2008 Bringing Back the Funk (Asst. Engineer) Brian Culbertson


  • It is said that Gavin Rossdale originally did the vocals for The Big F.

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