Basic Background Info

Birth: May 5, 1948
Location: Aston, Birmingham, England
Band: The Bill Ward Band, Black Sabbath, England's Glory, Max Havoc, The Rest, Method 5, Mythlogy, Polka Tulk Blues Band, Earth
Genres: Hard Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Producer



Like so many drummers, Bill Ward banged on boxes as a young child. Bill Ward finally played real drums when he was seven years old and played his first gigs as a teenager. During this time, Bill Ward met Tony Iommi and was immediately struck by Tony's playing and described him as "the best hard rock guitar player in the world." Tony and Bill played together in Mythology. A few years later, Bill met Geezer Butler during an all-night performance. Bill Ward said, "Geezer was brilliant on stage." Shortly after, Bill encountered the impressive Ozzy Osbourne. "I've never met any other person / singer who can digest an idea and spit it out with such passion, honesty, and pure balls as Oz." Tony and Bill soon joined Geezer and Ozzy in Polka Tulk Blues. They renamed themselves Earth before reinventing themselves as Black Sabbath in 1969.

In 1970, Black Sabbath's self-titled debut commenced an impressive rise to fame for the pioneering British heavy metal band. Just months later, their second album, Paranoid, received rave reviews form critics and fans. Throughout the next ten years, Black Sabbath pushed the boundaries of heavy metal music while constantly touring and recording. Bill Ward played with Black Sabbath after the band ousted Ozzy Osbourne in 1978 and with his replacement, Ronnie James Dio. However, Bill Ward left the band in 1981 and played in Max Havoc for a couple years.

Bill Ward returned to Black Sabbath in 1983, recorded Born Again, and then left. Bill Ward performed with England's Glory in 1985 and the following year Bill created the Bill Ward Band.

Bill Ward reunited with Black Sabbath, including Ozzy, in 1997. Although he took a brief break following a mild heart attack in 1998, Bill quickly returned to Black Sabbath and has remained with the band since then.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1970 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
1970 Paranoid Black Sabbath
1971 Master of Reality Black Sabbath
1972 Volume 4 Black Sabbath
1973 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath
1975 Best of Black Sabbath, Vol. 2 Black Sabbath
1975 Cameo Roles Rinky Dink & The Crystal Sets
1975 Sabotage Black Sabbath
1976 Technical Ecstasy Black Sabbath
1976 We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll Black Sabbath
1978 Dean Friedman/Well Well Said the Rocking Chair Dean Friedman
1978 Never Say Die! Black Sabbath
1980 Heaven and Hell Black Sabbath
1980 Live at Last Black Sabbath
1982 Rumpled Romeo Dean Friedman
1983 Born Again Black Sabbath
1985 Ward One: Along the Way Bill Ward
1986 Black Sabbath Greatest Hits Black Sabbath
1992 Retrospective: The Best of the Knack The Knack
1994 Lost at the Carnival Jim Beard
1994 Nativity in Black: Tribute to Black Sabbath Various Artists
1994 Push Bill Evans
1994 Words Leni Stern
1995 Blue to the Bone Blues By Nature
1996 It's About Time George Russell/Living Time Orchestra
1996 Sabbath Stones Black Sabbath
1996 Under Wheels of Confusion: 1970-1987 Black Sabbath
1997 Ozzman Cometh: Greatest Hits Ozzy Osbourne
1997 Truly Jim Beard
1997 When the Bough Breaks Bill Ward
1998 Reunion Black Sabbath
1999 Lyre in a Windstorm Bruce Graitsch
2000 Iommi Tony Iommi
2000 Soul City Limits Holiday Band
2000 Turn It Up! The Holiday Band
2002 Ozzman Cometh: Greatest Hits Ozzy Osbourne
2002 Symptom of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
2003 Southern Soul Revue Holiday Band
2003 Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology Ronnie James Dio
2004 Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978 Black Sabbath


  • In 2000, Black Sabbath received their first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for "Iron Man" from their Best of Black Sabbath Album. Other nominees for the Award included Ministry, Motorhead, Nine Inch Nails, and Rob Zombie.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Tama
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Tama

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