Basic Background Info

Birth: May 17, 1949
Location: Sevenoaks, Kent, England
Band: Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Earthworks, Patrick Clahar, Steve Hamilton, Mark Hodgson, Eddie Gomez, Ralph Towner, David Torn, Pavlov's Dog, UK, Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin, Dave Stewart, Al DiMeola, Flash Fearless, Steve Hackett, Steve Howe, Abolute Elsewhere, Roy Harper, Peter Lockett, Patrick Moraz, Anette Peacock, Peter & The Wolf, Mark Ramsden, Spiro Gyra, The Roches, Chris Squire, Kazumi Watanabe, Rick Wakeman, Jasmaaladeen Tacuma, John Wetton and more
Genres: Rock, Jazz, Progressive Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician



William Scott Bruford, better known as Bill Bruford, was raised on Jazz. At the age of thirteen, Bruford asked for and received his first drum kit. As an amateur he took lessons from Lou Pocock of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Under the influence of the older jazz loving pupils Bill Bruford began to seriously study jazz drumming.

In 1968, Bill Bruford's started performing as a professional drummer. Between high school and University, Bill Bruford decided to pursue drumming in the ever-expanding music industry. In response to an ad in a local music newspaper, Bill Bruford, Jon Anderson, and Chris Squire formed the band Yes. In October of that year, Bill Bruford left the band to continue his studies and attended Leeds University where he studied Economics and Sociology.

His college career was short lived, however. Bill Bruford withdrew from University to pursue a full time career as a musician. During 1969 Bill Bruford performed 187 live shows with Yes and they released their self titled debut. Bill Bruford played in Yes until 1972, and he recorded six albums with the band. Although tension between the band members escalated, Bill Bruford's departure from the band still surprised everyone. They briefly reunited in 1991, but it didn't last long.

Bill Bruford then worked with King Crimson, and he recorded and toured with them until the 1974 break-up of the band. From there, Bill Bruford worked with Gong, National Health, Genesis, and UK. In 1978, Bill Bruford was ready to write and perform his own music and he formed his own band simply called Bruford. He recorded four solo albums between 1977 and 1980.

By 1980, King Crimson made a comeback and provided Bruford with an outlet for his use of electronics in developing melody. They recorded a few albums, before taking another hiatus until picking things back up in the late 1990s.

For two years, Bill Bruford worked on an improvisational project with Swiss pianist, Patrick Moraz, who became a neighbor of Brufordís in the Surrey Hills. The two released one album together of simple acoustic piano and drums with a definite jazz influence.

In 1986, Bill Bruford created Earthworks, an electro acoustic jazz group, with Django Bates and Iain Ballamy. With Earthworks, Bill Bruford developed his drumming melodies in the jazz genre. USA Today named their self titled debut in 1987 "third best jazz album of the year." Three other successful albums followed through the 1990s.

The reincarnation of King Crimson in the mid to late 90s proved to be quite a hit. The band toured the world and performed 120 concerts and released both studio and live albums. Earthworks reunited in 1997, and they toured internationally and releaed the live album A Part and Yet Apart.

In the new millenium, Earthworks released the live album B.L.U.E. Nights and added celebrated jazz guitarist Larry Coryell for the summer jazz festival season. Earthworks recorded its seventh album The Sound of Surprise. In the spring of 2002 Earthworks simultaneously released a live album from London called Footloose and Fancy Free as well as a full-scale DVD from New York entitled Footloose in N.Y.C.

Bill Bruford has also performed with the Buddy Rich Orchestra, Kazumi Watanabe, Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe, David Torn, The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Akira Inoue, Al Di Meola, Tony Levin, and Pete Lockett. Bill Bruford also did a series of clinics in Europe and America in 1993 and continued his work as an active clinician. Bill Bruford made a highly acclaimed appearance at PASIC that same year and was voted into the Modern Drummer Magazine's Hall of Fame.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1969 Yes Yes
1970 Time and a Word Yes
1971 St. Radigund's Spirogyra
1971 Yes Album Yes
1972 Close to the Edge Yes
1972 Fragile Yes
1972 Old Boot Wine Spirogyra
1973 Bells Boots & Shambles Spirogyra
1973 Larks' Tongues in Aspic King Crimson
1973 Six Wives of Henry VIII Rick Wakeman
1973 Yessongs Yes
1974 Atmosphere King Crimson
1974 Red King Crimson
1974 Starless and Bible Black King Crimson
1975 At The Sound of the Bell Pavlov's Dog
1975 Fish out of Water Chris Squire
1975 Flash Fearless Vs. the Zorg Women, Pts. 5 & 6 Various Artists
1975 HQ Roy Harper
1975 USA King Crimson
1975 Yesterdays Yes
1976 Beginnings Steve Howe
1976 In Search of Ancient Gods Absolute Elsewhere
1977 Seconds Out Genesis
1977 When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease Roy Harper
1978 Feels Good to Me Bill Bruford
1978 U.K. U.K.
1978 X-Dreams Annette Peacock
1979 One of a Kind Bill Bruford
1979 Steve Howe Album Steve Howe
197 Max Weinberg Presents: Let There Be Drums, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1980 Bruford Tapes Bill Bruford
1980 Gradually Going Tornado Bill Bruford
1981 Classic Yes Yes
1981 Discipline King Crimson
1982 Beat King Crimson
1982 House of Bass: The Best of Jamaaladeen Tacuma Jamaaladeen Tacuma
1982 Keep on Doing The Roches
1982 Three Sides Live Genesis
1983 Music for Piano and Drums Bill Bruford
1983 Renaissance Man Jamaaladeen Tacuma
1983 Scenario Al di Meola
1984 Music for Piano & Drums Patrick Moraz
1984 Three of a Perfect Pair King Crimson
1984 Timecode Patrick Moraz
1985 Flags Patrick Moraz with Bill Bruford
1985 Noise: Live at Frejus '82 King Crimson
1985 Three of a Perfect Pair: Live in Japan King Crimson
1986 Cloud About Mercury David Torn
1986 Master Strokes: 1978-1985 Bill Bruford
1986 Spice of Life Kazumi Watanabe
1987 Angels in the Architecture Various Artists
1987 Compact King Crimson King Crimson
1987 Earthworks Bill Bruford's Earthworks
1987 King's Road, 1972-1980 John Wetton
1988 Cymbiosis: Jazz Sampler, Vol. 2, No. 1 Various Artists
1988 Spice of Life Too Kazumi Watanabe
1988 Up From the Dark Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
1989 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Anderson/Bruford/Wakeman/Howe
1989 Dig? Bill Bruford's Earthworks
1989 In the Big Dream: A Video Compilation Anderson/Bruford/Wakeman/Howe
1990 Complete National Health
1990 Door X David Torn
1990 Gramavision 10th Anniversary Sampler Various Artists
1991 Abbreviated King Crimson King Crimson
1991 All Heaven Broke Loose Bill Bruford's Earthworks
1991 Classical Connection, Vol. 2 Rick Wakeman
1991 Frame by Frame: The Essential King Crimson King Crimson
1991 Turbulence Steve Howe
1991 Union Yes
1991 Windham Hill Records Guitar Sampler, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1991 Yesyears Yes
1992 Go Between New Percussion Group of Amsterdam
1992 Great Deceiver (Live 1973-1974) King Crimson
1992 Yesstory Yes
1993 Concise King Crimson King Crimson
1993 Evening of Yes Music Plus Anderson/Bruford/Wakeman/Howe
1993 Peter & The Wolf Various Artists
1993 Symphonic Music of Yes Bill Bruford
1993 Very Best of Yes Yes
1994 Affirmative: The Yes Solo Family Album Yes
1994 Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich Various Artists
1994 Evening of Yes Music Plus Yes
1994 Peter & The Wolf Peter & The Wolf
1994 Stamping Ground: Bill Bruford's Earthworks Live Bill Bruford's Earthworks
1994 Three Sides Live Genesis
1994 VROOOM King Crimson
1995 B'Boom: Official Bootleg - Live in Argentina King Crimson
1995 Dinosaur King Crimson
1995 HQ Roy Harper
1995 Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream King Crimson
1995 THRAK King Crimson
1995 Walking on Air King Crimson
1996 Missing Pieces National Health
1996 Schizoid Man King Crimson
1996 Supernatural Fairy Tales: The Progressive Rock Era Various Artists
1996 Thrakattak King Crimson
1996 World Diary Tony Levin
1997 Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich Various Artists
1997 Genesis Files Steve Hackett
1997 Heavenly Bodies Bill Bruford's Earthworks
1997 If Summer Had Its Ghosts Bill Bruford
1997 Jazz Fusion, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1997 Watcher of the Skies: Genesis Revisited Steve Hackett
1998 Absent Lovers: Live in Montreal 1984 King Crimson
1998 Friends & Relatives Yes
1998 Live at the Jazz Cafe ProjeKct One
1998 Night Watch King Crimson
1998 Sometimes God Smiles Various Artists
1999 21st Century Schizoid Man King Crimson
1999 Above the Clouds: Saxophone & Organ Mark Ramsden & Steve Lodder
1999 Beat Club, Bremen, 1972 King Crimson
1999 Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
1999 Cirkus King Crimson
1999 Collectors' King Crimson, Vol. 1 King Crimson
1999 Concert Classics, Vol. 4 U.K.
1999 Deja Vrooom King Crimson
1999 Live at Cap D'Agde, 1982 King Crimson
1999 Monkey Business: 1972-1997 John Wetton & Richard Palmer-James
1999 On Broadway: Live in NYC 1995 King Crimson
1999 Part, And Yet Apart Bill Bruford's Earthworks
1999 ProjeKcts King Crimson
1999 VROOOM Sessions, 1994 King Crimson
1999 X-Files: A 20 Year Retrospective Brand X
2000 B.L.U.E Nights Bruford, Levin, Torn
2000 Beginner's Guide to Projekcts King Crimson
2000 Beginners' Guide to the King Crimson Collectors' Club King Crimson
2000 Collectors' King Crimson, Vol. 2 King Crimson
2000 ConstruKction of Light King Crimson
2000 Discipline: Live at Moles Club, 1981 King Crimson
2000 Genesis Archives, Vol. 2: 1976-1992 Genesis
2000 Heavenly Bodies: A Collection Bill Bruford's Earthworks
2000 Live in Central Park, NYC '74 King Crimson
2000 Nashville Rehearsals, 1997 King Crimson
2000 One Peter Lockett's Network of Sparks & Bill
2000 Recollections: The Very Best of Rick Wakeman Rick Wakeman
2001 Collectors' King Crimson, Vol. 4 King Crimson
2001 Hats Off Roy Harper
2001 Live in Berkeley, CA 1982 King Crimson
2001 Live in Mainz 1974 King Crimson
2001 Rock de Chambre Jean-Phillipe Goude
2001 Sound of Surprise Bill Bruford's Earthworks
2001 Sound of Surprise Bill Bruford's Earthworks
2001 Upper Extremities Bill Bruford
2001 Vrooom Vrooom King Crimson
2001 Yes Highlights Yes
2002 Footloose and Fancy Free Bill Bruford's Earthworks
2002 Footloose in New York City Bill Bruford
2002 Fragile Yes
2002 In a Word Yes
2002 USA: 30th Anniversary Edition King Crimson
2003 Close to the Edge Yes
2003 Collected Works of the Roches The Roches
2003 Collectors' King Crimson, Vol. 7 King Crimson
2003 Emergent Gordian Knot
2003 Fragile Yes
2003 Time and a Word Yes
2003 Yes Yes
2004 21st Century Guide to King Crimson, Vol. 1: 1969-1974 King Crimson
2004 Collectors' King Crimson, Vol. 8 King Crimson
2004 Drum Nation, Vol. 1 Various Artists
2004 Every Step a Dance, Every Word a Song Bill Bruford/Michiel Borstlap
2004 Genesis Revisited Steve Hackett
2004 In Concert In Holland Bill Bruford/Michiel Borstlap
2004 Inside Yes 1968-1973: A Critical Review Yes
2004 Live in Philadelphia, PA, 1982 King Crimson
2004 Music for the World, Vol. 1 Various Artists
2004 My Mama Never Taught Me How to Cook Annette Peacock
2004 Random Acts of Happiness Bill Bruford's Earthworks Featuring Tim
2004 Ultimate Yes Yes
2004 USA King Crimson
2005 21st Century Guide to King Crimson, Vol. 2: 1981-2003 King Crimson
2005 Bill Bruford's Earthworks Live: Stamping Ground Bill Bruford's Earthworks
2005 Bruford Tapes/An Introduction to Summerfold Bill Bruford
2005 Dig? Bill Bruford's Earthworks
2005 Earthworks Bill Bruford's Earthworks
2005 Feels Good to Me Bill Bruford
2005 Gradually Going Tornado Bill Bruford
2005 Live in Heidelberg, 1974 King Crimson
2005 One of a Kind Bill Bruford
2005 One of a Kind Bill Bruford
2005 So Who's the Bass Player: The Ox Anthology John Entwistle
2005 Starless and Bible Black 30th Anniversary Edition King Crimson
2005 Word Is Live Yes
2006 Cirkus: The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson King Crimson
2006 Coat of Many Colours World Drummers Ensemble
2006 Collectable King Crimson, Vol. 1 King Crimson
2006 Condensed 21st Century Guide to King Crimson: 1969-2003 King Crimson
2006 Earthworks Underground Orchestra Bill Bruford
2006 Fragile Yes
2006 Introduction to Summerfold Bill Bruford
2006 Introduction to Winterfold Records Bruford
2006 Live at the Wiltern, 1995 King Crimson
2006 Live In Munich, 1982 King Crimson
2006 Return to the Dark Side of the Moon: A Tribute to Pink Floyd Various Artists
2007 Collectable King Crimson, Vol. 2 Live in Bath 1981 King Crimson
2007 Collector's Box, Vol. 3: 1972-1974 King Crimson
2007 Collector's Box, Vol. 4: 1981-1982 King Crimson
2007 Definitive Rock Collection Yes
2007 Fish out of Water Chris Squire
2007 Great Deceiver, Vol. 1 King Crimson
2007 Great Deceiver, Vol. 2 King Crimson
2007 Greatest Hits Yes
2007 Live in Kassel, 1974 King Crimson
2007 Rock Goes to College Bill Bruford
2007 Video Anthology, Vol. 1: 2000s Bill Bruford
2007 Video Anthology, Vol. 2: 1990s Bill Bruford
2008 Collectable King Crimson: Live at the Shepherds Bush King Crimson
2008 In Two Minds Bill Bruford/Michiel Borstlap


  • Bill formed both Summerfold Records and Winterfold Records in 2004

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Drums: Tama
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Tama
Heads: Evans
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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