Basic Background Info

Birth: November 14, 1951
Location: Washington D.C.
Band: Angel, Cherry People
Genres: Metal, Rock
Instruments: Drums, Percussion
Occupation: Musician


A self-taught drummer, Barry Brandt got his start in the heavy metal band, Angel. Formed by guitarist Edwin “Punky” Meadows and bassist Mickey Jones (previously of the band Bux), Angel consisted of Brandt on drums, Frank Dimino on vocals, and Gregg Giuffria on keyboard.

Angel got started in 1974. By 1975, they had caught the ear of Gene Simmons, who convinced Kiss record label Casablanca to sign the band. Their self-titled debut album was released a few months later, and though it sounded similar to Kiss, they were able to distinguish themselves in a number of small ways. The band released several albums throughout 1970s. With an amazing sound and a stunning image, the band gained popularity in the rock scene with such hits as “Tower” and “Don't Leave Me Lonely.”

By the early 1980s, the music scene was changing. With record sales low throughout the entire music industry, Casablanca dropped Angel in 1981.

Barry Brandtand the rest of the band went their separate ways to work on various personal projects. In 1992, Mercury Records released the Anthology album, which documented the legacy of Angel’s music from 1975 to 1980.

Barry Brandt teamed back up with Dimino in 1992 and resurrected Angel to record In The Beginning. The album was Angel’s first release in twenty years, and Dimino’s vocals had chanced noticeably. Punky contributed guitar tracks on some of the songs, and Felix Robinson played bass. The album, released in 1999, went virtually unacknowledged since it was never released on a major label.

Barry Brandt and Dimino are the only remaining original members of Angel.  With the addition of Steve Blaze (Lillian Axe) as the new guitarist, Randy Gregg (Thin Lizzy and Garlic) as the new bassist, and Michael T. Ross on keyboards, Angel has toured the world and plan to release a new album in 2008.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1975 Angel Angel
1976 Helluva Band Angel
1977 On Earth as It Is in Heaven Angel
1978 White Hot Angel
1978 Rock Rolls On Michael Bruce
1979 Sinful Angel
1980 Live Without a Net Angel
1987 Nothin' But Trouble David Della Rossa
1992 Anthology Angel
1999 In The Beginning Angel
2000 Angel: The Collection Angel
2001 Angel: Live In Sweden... Angel
2006 The Singles Collection, Vol 1 Angel
2006 The Singles Collection, Vol 2 Angel


  • Barry Brandt and Frank Dimino are the only original members still left in Angel.

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