Basic Background Info

Birth: July 4, 1983
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Band: The Academy Is..., Last Place Champs
Genres: Alternative, Punk, Emo, Rock, Pop
Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Bass
Occupation: Musician


In 2004, Andrew 'The Butcher' Bishop Mrotek was working as a butcher at a Pick N' Save in Milwaukee when he was approached by The Academy Is... to replace former drummer, Mike DelPrincipe (though some sources say he auditioned). His former band, Last Place Champs, had disbanded due to differing interests, and Andrew Mrotek agreed to join up.

Andrew Mrotek is a quadruple threat: in addition to his expert drumming, he also plays guitar, bass, and occasionally sings. Andrew Mrotek's body is covered in an extensively intricate network of tattoos, many of which he designed himself. Andrew's ink is readily viewable by fans because he often appears shirtless on stage while touring--and boy, does he love touring. Band mate William Beckett once quipped approvingly of Andrew Mrotek's reluctance to wear clothes, 'The Butcher is almost always naked because he doesn't care. He probably has the best style out of everyone on Warped Tour.' 

Although a relative latecomer, Andrew Mrotek seems to get along really well with the rest of the band. No doubt personality was a big factor in The Academy Is...'s decision to recruit him. Andrew Mrotek has an unmistakably prominent presence and is known for being a crack-up on and off the stage. Andrew Mrotek's antics can be seen by fans on the band's popular video podcast, The Academy Is... TV or TAITV.

Of his band and himself, Andrew Mrotek says that they, 'do not fit the mold of the generic rock star. If you can survive as a band without doing anything to your image, then you know your music stands for itself.'


Album Year Album Name Album Band
2002 The Code Last Place Champs
2005 Almost Here The Academy Is...
2006 From The Carpet The Academy Is...
2006 Snakes on a Plane: The Album Various
2006 Sound of Superman Various
2007 AOL Sessions Under Cover Various
2007 Myspace Tribute To The Smashingpumpkins Various
2007 Santi The Academy Is...
2008 Warped Tour 2008 Compilation Various
2008 Fast Times at Barrington High The Academy Is...


  • According to an MTV interview, Andy has a twin brother “who is equally as handsome.”
  • In the same interview, it was revealed that Andrew is an amateur break dancer with apparently professional level moves.
  • Andrew designed many of the banners for the Sleeping With Giants Tour.
  • The other band members of The Academy Is... dubbed Andrew 'The Butcher.' Personally, he was surprised that the moniker has lasted as long as it has. 'Everyone in Milwaukee still calls me Andy.'
  • Ironically, while he worked as a butcher for Pick N' Save, Andrew became a vegetarian and remained one until he caught mono while touring. He gave up because he realized he 'had to eat' in order to remain strong on stage.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: SJC
Hardware: Drum Workshop

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