Basic Background Info

Birth: February 24, 1969
Location: Miami, Florida
Band: Mana
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Songwriter


Alex Gonzalez was born on February 24, 1969, in Miami, Florida. Alex Gonzalez was born to parents of Cuban and Colombian descent. At the young age of four, Alex developed an interest of music. Alex Gonzalez would listen to the radio and play along to the music with his mother’s pots and cardboard boxes from the local supermarket. Alex Gonzalez's interest in playing along to the music was noticed by his kindergarten teacher, who sparked his interest in a career in drumming. Alex Gonzalez's teacher gave him a red sparkle drum kit as a gift, and Alex began playing immediately.

As a young drummer, Alex Gonzalez was influenced by popular drummers such as Ringo Starr, Terry Bozzio, Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland, and Manu Katché. Alex Gonzalez saw the Beatles playing live on television and told himself that for the rest of his life, he wanted to be doing what Ringo was doing. Alex Gonzalez was also inspired by Led Zeppelin, impressed by how Zeppelin played and how solid John Bonham's drums sounded. Alex Gonzalez also cites Keith Moon as the first rock drummer that stood out to him as much as the other members of a band. Alex noticed the amount of energy and personality Moon played with. Alex Gonzalez credits a lot of his style and success to his role models from when he was growing up.

In 1985, Alex Gonzalez joined the Latin rock band, Mana. Alex joined at a time when Mana was relatively unknown and turned the band into a Latin American sensation. In turn, Alex Gonzalez's rise to fame resided with the band. Mana began playing in the United States in 1993, and has had notable success in growing their fan base outside of Latin America.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1996 Puros Corridos De Tierra Caliente El Mariachi Tepalcatepec de Michoacan
1997 Suenos Liquidos Mana
1997 Mexico Y Su Musica Folklor Inolvidable El Mariachi Tepalcatepec de Michoacan
1998 Oye y Canta Various Artists
1999 West Coast East Side Sound Various Artists
1999 MTV Unplugged Mana
2000 Rancheras de Mis Idolos Tatiana Bolanos
2000 Grammy Nominados: 2000 Various Artists
2001 Esencial de Mana Mana
2001 Grandes Mana
2001 Sereno Miguel Bose
2001 Todo o Nada Benny
2002 Edicion Especial Gira Miguel Bose
2002 Revolucion de Amor Mana
2003 Esencials: Sol Mana
2003 Esencials: Eclipse Mana
2003 Esencials: Luna Mana
2003 Tributo a Jose Alfredo Jimenez XXX (Producer) Various Artists
2005 Land of 1000 Dances: Complete Recordings (Producer) Cannibal & the Headhunters
2006 Paupers Peasants Princes & Kings (Engineer) Various Artists
2007 Amar Es Combatir Mana
2007 Ultimate Santana Santana
2007 El Tren De Los Momentos Alejandro Sanz
2013 Maldita Historia De La Tierra


  • Alex Gonzalez is a big fan of modern day bands such as Green Day, blink-182, and the Foo Fighters.
  • Alex Gonzalez's nickname is "El Animal."
  • Alex currently lives in Mexico.
  • In 1997 Modern Drummer magazine named Alex Gonzalez the best drummer in Latin America.
  • Alex Gonzalez's band Mana won numerous awards including Grammys for Best Latin Rock Album and Latin Billboard Music Award's Album of the Year.
  • "It's important to listen to all kinds of music because it gives you a bigger picture of what's happening in music and a better perspective on how you can fit in." -Alex Gonzalez

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Percussion: Latin Percussion
Sticks: Vic Firth

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