Big Drum Bonanza with Virgil Donati and Thomas Lang

Your in for a treat! Virgil Donati was here at the DC studios to join Thomas Lang for the Drum Bonanza. Not only does Virgil show us some great double stroke exercies around the kit, but he plays a few drum solos as well. And best of all he is joined by the amazing Chris Coleman on Bass and later Anthony Crawford, an amazing Bassist, shows up so all three drummers can jam out to some killer beats!

Chapter Marks

1. Virgil starts off playing a song
2. Thomas Lang begins interview
3. Virgil demonstrates some double stroke exercises and different ways to apply them to the kit
4. The Audience asks some questions
5. Chris Coleman asks Virgil to play Alien Hip Hop
6. Virgil answers more questions from the audience
7. Chris Colman on Bass! He joins Virgil in a Jam session
8. Anthony Crawford joins in to play Bass while Virgil, Chris and Thomas all jam on the Drums!