Big Drum Bonanza with George Kollias and Thomas Lang

George Kollias from Nile joins Thomas Lang for the Big Drum Bonanza!Get ready to learn a lot from this show, George does a fine job answering questions to help fellow metal drummers and shows many examples for practicing and warming up. Check out his awesome perfomances as well!

Chapter Marks

1. Drum Jam with Jon Dette, George Kollias, and Thomas Lang
2. Thomas begins interview with George Kollias
3. George shows some of his double bass patterns from level 1-3 and Thomas joins in later
4. Audience asks George questions
5. George brings out his prototype pedal and explains how it helps his playing
6. George shows and explains his warm up routine
7. George shows different blast beat patterns with his right hand
8. George plays a Nile song and also treats us to a song he created himself
9. George graciously answers some last questions before the end of the show!