DC Audition - How to Join the Contest

How to Enter:

  1. Download the file "JohnWackermanContest.zip" containing the Audio Tracks and Drum Transcription.
  2. Download Contest Files

  3. Film yourself playing drums to the piece. When filming yourself playing, you will be judged on talent, not on video or audio quality. You can use headphones to hear the piece while playing and film your playing. It’s not important for the finalist judges to hear the background track. Also, remember that it is not necessary to know how to read in order to enter this contest. The download includes the drum part transcription along with the MP3 audio track and you can choose to just memorize the drum part MP3.

  4. Once you've finished editing your video, made sure it's less than 15 minutes, smaller than 2GB in size, and in an acceptable format, you're ready to upload it.
  • Click the Upload link at the top of any YouTube page.
  • Click the "Browse" button to browse for the video file you'd like to upload to our site. Select the file you want to upload.
  • Click the 'Upload Video' button to start the uploading process.
  • As the video file is uploading,

    enter the Drum Channel Contest Tag "dcjwaudition"

    (do not enter quotes) in the relevant field.
  • Click the 'Save changes' button to save the updates you've made to the video file.

Please note: your video must meet our uploading requirements: no larger than 2GB. If your video does not meet these requirements YouTube will not allow it.

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