Lesson Plans

To help you organize a practice routine, we have bundled
some of the lessons from our library into general categories
depending on your goals, you can also study in our complete
library of DC Lessons that can make you a pro.

Gregg Bissonette Drum School Gregg Bissonette Drum School

Gregg Bissonette's Drum School is about adding to your drumming vocabulary and improving your versatility. The idea is not only to learn Gregg's interpretation of these classics, but for you to put your "spin" on them so your vocabulary becomes part of your style.
Kuns The Essential Styles with Adam Kuns

This lesson plan is designed to systematically show you styles that are key to being successful in today's music industry. Adam will take you through a myriad of styles and grooves with which to fill your stylistic vocabulary. He will address the most popular grooves in idioms such as Pop, Latin, Funk, Rock, Jazz and much more!
Val Sepulveda Beginner Lesson Series with Val Sepulveda

This lesson plan is designed to get you from square 1 to playing with a band on the drum set. This series focuses on some key grooves and will teach you essential musical elements needed to perform with confidence and accuracy on the drum set.
Show Thumbnail Rock - Latin - Jazz

These are some lessons from intermediate to advanced that cover many genres of music. You can then go through all lessons in the 6 learning centers and you will be on your way to becomming a pro.
Show Thumbnail Technique Rudiments

This is a list of DC rudiments and the way great drummers use them. You can start by practicing the sticking patterns. To master them, you should go over all lessons in Technique - Rudiments- Hands which is one of the most unique of the 6 learning centers.
Show Thumbnail I Have Not Played Before - I Am Ready To Rock

In this lesson plan Chad Smith will teach you how to play basic rock beats and fills plus there are 16 beginner lessons to get you started that are also a great review of the basics.
Show Thumbnail I Want To Get Back Into It - I Want To Get Better

This is one of our most asked questions, so we have taken beginner to advanced lessons from the 6 learning centers to put this lesson plan together. It will help you build your speed, endurance and add to your drumming vocabulary.